Haskell Stakes, The Kentucky Derby, Monmouth Park, Horse racing Analysis and handicapping preview of the Haskell Stakes from Monmouth Park on July 17th, 2021.

Welcome to our analysis and handicapping preview of the great one. Haskell goes on saturday at monmouth park, a very important race for three year olds and if you are playing the haskell or if you’re, playing the united nations stakes that’s the same day, the united nations goes as the 11th race to haskell is the 12th. We got a great promotion for you now if you bet ten dollars to win on one horse and it wins great, you win, but if you run second or third we’ll give you your ten dollars back, that’s pretty good. That applies to the haskell and the un stakes at monmouth on saturday don’t forget also. We have a thousand dollar haskell handicapping challenge. You can uh participate in that details at forward, slash tournament as i bring in eddie uh old check and eddie you’re fresh off the stanley cup. So now you can concentrate fully on express but selections. Although i have a hunch, you probably do that anyway, but looking at the uh, the haskell. How do we make money on this race and who’s gon na win? Well jeff great to be with you and usually i’m, not covering hockey in the middle of july? So let’s just leave it at that. That won’t happen again here moving forward. We got to get our priorities straight, of course, in july and into august, but you know look i mean everything i think there’s without a doubt goes through hot rod, charlie, but i thought the interesting horse was.

The rail horse was following c again. I i don’t know if run happy can go ahead and get the mile in an eighth year, but for me, it’s all going to be about hot rod. Charlie got to keep an eye on the weather, jeff i’m, going to be heading to monmouth for the haskell. For nbc and looks like there might be some rain later in the day, so keep your eye on the weather and uh. I think that would suit hot rod. Charlie fine, interesting. The blinkers come off for doug o’neill ran an unbelievable race in a belmont, but i think everything goes through hot rod, charlie and i’d be surely happy with uh nine to five or eight to five. If i could get that on hot rod, charlie, because i don’t think it’s a really great deep race, but i think he might end up tracking the rail horse – and i think it ends up being – i don’t want to say a merry go round race, but certainly Hot rod, charlie, i think, has the ability to go ahead and run a mile and eighth all day long and i think hot rod charlie, gets the job done in the haskell. Well, he certainly is training. Well not. He worked without the blinkers recently here at san anita broke off behind a stable mate and then roared on by, and this was a very sharp work. You always have to worry about horses coming out of the belmont, whether that race that he ran was too taxing, but i got ta be honest.

He looks great in the morning. I suspect that he will be very tough and maintain his form in the half, but you mentioned following c eddie inside speed with joel rosario. First time around two turns bred to be a sprinter on both sides of his pedigree. But if he gets loose on the lead, perhaps you’ll take them a very long way. Yeah. I don’t know if he’s going to get that loose on the lead, because i don’t think you want to let joel rosario get that far ahead on a on a sprinter. So called stretching out and and for me here, working with dr post who’s, a very nice source for todd fletcher as well. I i really think that hot rod, charlie, is a horse that can be tactical going to be right on the heels of following c along the rail, and again i mean i go back to it again: just keep an eye on the weather and see how that Track is playing at monmouth on saturday for the haskell, but uh, i agree with you. Loan speed could be certainly dangerous at monmouth. We’Ve seen it over the years, regardless. If the jockeys have to have the uh, the riding crop or not. For me, hot rod, charlie, is a horse but keep an eye on that rail horse. Quick thought on mandalon, who of course may or may not eventually be the kentucky derby, winner, uh and then midnight bourbon.

I mean those two are quality: three year olds uh. How do you think they shape up in this race? Well an advantage for amanda lewin, because he did win the prep for the haskell a couple of weeks ago, on june, the 13th in a pegasus, but mike end up. You might end up tripping out here: jeff, maybe that’s what ends up happening for man to loon, where maybe the rail horse and hot rod charlie really go at it. I don’t think that’s going to be the case, but mandalore might be able to. You know sit the trip there and finish up. You know finish up in behind. If they go really fast, you got ta like man to luna. Of course, lauren drew has been the only pilot on mandalon, so uh, but i’m gon na go everything with hot rod. Charlie up top and look for the rail horse and mandolin to finish underneath, i agree with you a thousand percent, i hope we’re, both right hot rod, charlie in a stocking position following c on the inside on the lead and then in the final furlong hot rod. Charlie goes on by it’s, going to be a great race and have a good time and stay dry in new jersey, eddie.

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