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So the first thing on the list is kieran: tinney is back in arsenal training and the gunners heavily missed. Kevin’S alien, the first priests picture against hibernian, as they struggled in that left back area. Where seattle college snatched was given an opportunity to impress mclaughette. But there were many occasions where he was out of position and we really understood as also fans how much it meant to bring in a top class player, like karen cena from celtic for around 25 million pounds. And that was a huge improvement from what we had previously in the form of sierra classic match and kieran saying being back in the awesome squad will only mean that says: mclaughlin we’ll have a better option in that position, and even though we had a poor start To our pre season, fixture with hibernian, who needs to have a huge performance against rangers, so that the awesome fans are still happy with the squad and they can see which players are showing how much they care about this football club. As you can clearly see that karen cena was someone that caught his holiday short to be in training with arsenal and really wanted to play in scotland against his fellow rivals, rangers and steven gerrard’s rangers are not a bad team either, given the fact they have top Players as well even one of our own players in the form of glenn kamara, so they have a decent score now. I think it would be a great competition for kevin taylor to start in, as we will see that that left back area is an interesting supposition for mclaughlin, as that is a position that he has added a new play in the form of nuna savares as well, And kerentini, for me, is someone that has always impressed has always shown his capabilities, and he has shown that he is a world class talent, even though he hasn’t worked out for him in the year of 2020, with scotland he’s still a top class talent.

So the next thing on the list is thomas party and ciara cluster thatcher’s press up competition, and we can clearly see that thomas party and sierra cluster having a press up competition over here, as you can clearly see that cia collapses a very muscular human being. As you saw what he did when he saved mesut ozil when he was getting robbed and that’s, something that he had class that was known for as soon as he joined. The gunners is the fact that he has a very good physique and you can see him challenging thomas party in a press up competition and training. This could mean two things it could be in that class and has challenged thomas party to a press up competition or both of them may have failed in a certain circumstance in training and both of them have a press up competition as a punishment and that’s, something That both these players are doing, but thomas party on the right is someone that needs to have a huge season going into this new season. Because for me in the preseason fixture against bernie and when he came on in the second half, i think he looked very decent. He had some moments. He had a very important moment with that free kick as we all criticized him for his shooting outside the box. When that deadpool situation, he had a very good chance, he hit the crossbar and it was a very good shot because the goalkeeper stood still.

He couldn’t do anything about it. But thomas party, for me, is someone that will move into this new season. For me, in his first full season, he’s had everything that could go wrong in an awesome show. We know how good he is. We know how much he bought him for we know what he’s done. Atletico, madrid, he wasn’t able to replicate it in the first full season, but now he’s got a new season into the new season. He’S got a full season of adaptation to the premier league. He knows what he likes to play. What it’s like to play in the english league? He knows the players around him. He knows what the talents are around him. He knows what the weaknesses are of the squad, so hopefully moving into the squad. We’Ll see a new thomas party and someone that really excels in awesome shirt. So the third thing on the list is joe willock is back in arsenal training and joe bullock was someone that was a surprise to not see given opportunity in the first game against hibernia. But that was heavily due to the fact that he had a grain injury and it was a mild growing injury and it was good that they had an instant where they thought let’s give him a little bit of rest due to precaution and throw it wasn’t. Given the opportunity and mclaughlin was even questioned about joel willock is his future at austria is his future at newcastle? United? Where does his future lie in an awesome shirt he said, is under contract with arsenal for a lot of years, so he’s someone that could be sold in the summer transfer window as newcastle united, are very, very interested in signing and bringing back joe willock to the Club and trying to sign him on a permanent deal, but for me, joe would be like is someone that has the opportunity to impress in pre season and mclaughlin stated that he’s someone that is one of our own he’s someone.

That is one of our players and he’s someone that’s going to remain in an awesome shirt moving into the new season and giving him another chance to impress mclartessa. But mclaughlin knows that he’s someone that also needs to watch out, because the creativity is something that we have been lacking in an awesome, shirt and that’s, something that we need in moving into the new season because that’s something that we lacked heavily at the start of The new season um in the previous season, so we need to do that much more creativity. We have the opportunity to have much more rest, but does he suit in an awesome show because against newcastle united when he plays for unicorns united, most teams are pretty much very attacking. So he has an opportunity to counter attack, but when he isn’t also sure he has the opportunity to have a lot of position, but will he be effective in having the position lazy, someone, someone that is more of a counter attacking player? So the final thing on the list is luna: savares is set to make his debut versus rangers, because this is an opportunity for him to impress mccloth that’s uh and the reason why he didn’t play in the game. Was he burning him? Because the final paperworks weren’t finished, like certain things and requirements that you need to do when you’re on austin play, they didn’t finish that so he wasn’t officially an also player to play against the burnian, so nina.

Savaras now has the opportunity to make his debut to show what he’s capable of showing what everyone is talking about, showing why olson have signed him for that price tag and nina soros has opportunity now to play into that left back row, because he has the opportunity To rotate with me, with um kevin cheney and with the camera training, just returning from uh returning to training and nina zoro is pretty much someone that’s been training in the last week, he’s someone that could be starting ahead of seat killer snatch and for me, i Think this is the decent game for nunes overalls, to start, because it’s going to be a very interesting game because both teams want to attack both teams want to score goals and in terms of nuno savaras, we can see that his characteristics are he’s. A very quick player he’s, someone that loves to get across it and loves to get into the attacking side of the game and that’s, something that keeps he had class next is decent as well, but his defensive defensive ability is just poor in my opinion, and i Think we have a huge upgrade even on side class snatch as a number two left back to kevin c and e with the form of lunar survivors, and i think that nunes survivors will be a great addition for mclaughs it’s, his first team and hopefully you’ll get The opportunity to play rangers moving into the next fixture so nina savaras for me, is someone that could be a great addition, but it could also be addition where we failed to make the right move, and so hopefully it works out in an awesome shirt for nina Savaras because we do know that we have had failed signings before so, mclaughlin has been training his players hard in training, but now, hopefully you get the victory over rangers.

In my opinion, i know it’s a pre season fixture, but i think we need to get the right momentum moving into the new season.

What do you think?

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