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Unbeaten steven jarrett former liverpool player, doing an amazing job as their manager, former rival to ateta liverpool against everton midfield used to be the very very big midfield battle. In the premier league back in the day, so can we get a win this time round? Let’S find out hello, everyone welcome to the channel for everything arsenal and welcome to the match preview and predicted lineup for arsenal’s second preseason game against rangers. The first game against ebania didn’t go according to plan losing the game 2 1, and to be fair. That was our easiest game of this pre season tour. Next up, we have rangers before traveling to us to face inter milan and probably everton and then back home, to face tottenham and chelsea. So that was definitely our easier game and we lost it so which kind of changes should we see in this game? We have to face some rangers, the champions um of scotland, as i said in the intro and so far, they’ve played two games in their pre season tour, the first game. They beat patrick pistol, one nil and in the second game they lost to tron me one nil, so they definitely have a couple of um issues they haven’t sought out. Yet not all their players are back just like us, so we have to get something from this game. We have to try and get a win because you don’t want it to become two losses: three losses in a row.

I know pre season doesn’t matter, but you don’t want um a losing run in pre season going into the season. You need a good run, so we have to try and get something from this game. Obviously this is a former club, as i said and let’s hope. We can get something so which kind of lineup will it go for this time round, which kind of players will we see playing against rangers? So let me put that on screen right now. So again, just like i said against the banyan, it is almost impossible to predict a friendly match lineup but um it’s, easier to predict the second game than the first one and um this time round. I expect eight changes from the starting lineup against ibanyan um in gold, kj hain’t coming for okonkwo and then at the back, bellerin reykjavik, pablo murray and tavares to come in a day before tavares pablo is the only one to keep his position at the back. We have trouble with central defenders right now. We are missing almost everyone and then in midfield thomas parted, to start this time round, niles to keep his position there and then smith throw to play as the number 10. Obviously the rumors, that is getting the number 10. If not confirmed yet and then up front nelson to keep his place, lacquer set up front and pepe on the left side or two route to rotated nelson. On the right side, the only three players to keep their positions from the starting lineup are nelson niles and pablo mai.

That leaves on the bench or cuanco tne who’s back i’m. Pretty sure he wants to play this game against rangers, and that is why his comeback early rivals he used to play for celtic. So he wants to play this game: cedric elneny nicolas snatch, willian, willock, aubameyang, balagan and katya clark and hutchinson, the youngster. So that is the lineup i’m expecting against rangers let’s hope this time round. We can get a victory. We don’t want back to back losses. My prediction for this one: i’m going to go for rangers 2 arsenal, 3 let’s hope we can get the job done.

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Rangers F.C., Arsenal F.C., Ibrox, Scottish Premier League, Mikel Arteta view – Rangers vs Arsenal

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