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This evening we saw it first in center county, then in clinton county now we’re, seeing the tornado warning going into effect in lycoming county. So this storm has had some intensity with it and you know kind of what we typically see in this area. We see a tornado warning and then it kind of expires, and then you know the storm kind of weakens but it’s interesting to note that we’ve seen this storm kind of hold its intensity within the past hour or two. So we’re going to continue to watch this. As it continues to push off to the north and east at around 35 miles per hour, i want to jump back to links one real, quick. Just give you a general sense. We still have that severe thunderstorm watch, in effect until nine o’clock for most of central pennsylvania out towards portions of schuylkill county, that severe thunderstorm watch goes into effect until 11 o’clock this evening. So do not let your guard down. If you see your county currently listed or shaded yellow right now, also we do have the threat. I want to draw your attention to the potential for rainfall. This is another big concern that we’re watching with the storm flash flood watches are in effect for much of portions of central pennsylvania and across the northern tier around tioga, bradford and susquehanna county. So with this line continuing to push through josh that’s, where we do have the potential to see some very heavy rainfall, alongside with the threats for some gusty winds, hail and even that potential for that tornado currently in lycoming county, exactly sammy let’s go back to our Second, computer i’m going to come to the key too so kind of break things down for you in terms of how this is all set up here we have some heavier rain.

This is a non severe heavy rain, weaker thunderstorm action, but this rain in tioga and bradford counties is really starting to pick up and logan just showed you. The flash flood watch that flash flood watch is in effect because of this heavy rain. This part of the world has had a decent amount of rain in the last couple of days last couple of weeks as a matter of fact so now we’re getting getting these heavier downpours on an already saturated ground, and this is why we have the flash flooding Potential here across the endless mountains and through parts of central pennsylvania too, now we go from this. This non severe thunderstorm action to a rather intense line of rain and thunderstorms. That flashing red box is the tornado warning. You drop a little bit farther south into union and snyder counties, and we are tracking severe thunderstorms right here, so this weather is also pretty nasty as well. This is where we will see the strong damaging winds. 50. 60. 70 miles an hour. Heavy rain hail potential as well, so this means business too it’s. Just the difference between these storms in union and snyder county is the fact that they’re not quite showing that rotating potential just yet logan and josh. So far, we haven’t seen any particular storm reports coming from the national weather service from this storm, since they have been in more rural areas, but now that we’re starting to see them moving a little bit more closer into some towns and even near williamsport.

If you are in the path of the storm, please send us some emails. Pictures letting us know some of the storm reports that you’re currently seeing with this tornado warning. Alongside with the severe thunderstorm warnings that we still have across central pennsylvania, that will greatly help us out kind of see exactly what we’re dealing with with these storms and give us kind of an eye view of what’s going on at the ground, so want to jump Back to links, one we’ll show you exactly once again. This tornado warning goes in effect until 8 15. This evening. This is still for portions of clinton, county and lycoming county, and you can see some of the towns that are still currently affected if you’re just joining us right now, lockhaven you’re in the tornado, warning, youngdale, carlton, jersey, shore, larryville, also ramsey linden, also williamsport you’re. In the path of this storm, we’ll jump back to our actually stay on links, one guys upstairs, but we’ll show you the rotation here and just kind of watching it as we’re still looking to see how it’s kind of holding up – and it still looks like josh. I would say it’s still holding its intensity, so this is a storm that we’re really going to keep an eye on uh. Even after this tornado warning expires. I i would agree with you. I mean it. This has it’s showing it’s it’s holding it’s it’s, holding together yeah um and that that’s a part of the problem.

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