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, So again. Storm is near big run, that’s near romola, it’s, moving into Clinton County around beech, Creek and mill Hall and lock Haven right now.. If you are in the path of this storm., Think about your safety, think about what you need to do., the the storms are not only. Producing the the potential tornado here., But we also have other factors in the Logan is here with me right now: Logan. These Storms and all of a sudden, it got really humid this afternoon, yeah, it sure did, and then we end up with these torrential downpours yeah exactly that warm front lifting through that’s, giving us the setup that we are looking for for the potential for the severe weather. As we already have that here, especially in central Pennsylvania, we’ll jump over the links, one Josh, the show you are reflectivity model. This is indicating where some of the heavier rainfall would be. gtgt That’s, currently falling in the severe thunderstorm warnings. Also the tornado. This is our velocity is kind of shows you the direction of the winds that would particularly spin and the storm, and you can kind of see where we have that couple of here right around big run. So you are, you: have those greens that’s where the winds are essentially going towards the radar which is located currently in state College.? We also have the Reds, which are indicating that the winds are moving away from the radar with that that’s.

When we start to see an indication that there is that potential for tornadoes possible specially with this cell, so kind of highlight the here, if I can just kind of draw out – and we can maybe wrong one here – we go right over actually Josh right over here. It’S all right here right in front of me, so I can call that right out right there right there, okay and this areas right here, is kind of where we would be thinking that potential for that tornado or could be forming at this time. So right, where that couple of days where those greens and those Reds kind of go right together right around big run, so some roads right around it would be Marsh. Creek Road, which is state 10 ’02., Also saw Mill road that you’re in the path of the storm and Hill drive. Also, you want to get to your safe place at this time, and storms continue to push off to the north and east and it’s moving around. I think 20 miles per hour. Currently at this time, so that that is a pretty good, So that is certainly good news., So the weather will go downhill, quickly. gtgt, But at the same time we think we’ll see improvement. Pretty quickly. Heaviest rain. Now is monument to bear swamp. And big run. Romola, as you heard Logan mention, that is also with the heavy rain we can bounce back over to links to and give you the kind of normal perspective that we have here.

. This is something where Risa saying every night on television. Will will go to the the Chroma key here and be able to point out some of the things that that we do have here with this storm. You see a lot of flashing. The yellow is the severe thunderstorm watches or excuse me, a severe thunderstorm warning.. The red flashing box is tornado warning.. The storm itself that that has the tornado warning is right here: it’s right around big run. And It’s. These tornadoes have a tendency to develop on the southwestern flank of a thunderstorm and that’s. Where it is, you see the little inflow, not touch. OK.. We have that little inflow notch into the storm. That’s, where storms typically are. Rotating Logan was pointing that out to a couple of minutes, ago. Followed the box here., So you see the flashing red box that gets into parts of beech Creek.. So this is getting closer and closer to beech Creek and then it will likely continue to move off towards the somewhat east northeast and that will place and into mill Hall and lock. Haven. cedar Springs on the. Southern part of this storm, but it but it’s pretty close., So mill Hall, lock Haven.. You are in the path of this storm. At right now. For the moment we just have this. Heavy rain and then just some nasty weather. Through the northern part of Clinton, County. Glenn union renovo. This is still pretty nasty.

: Wind rain, hail. It’s, just no longer. Potentially. Putting rotating in and showing a tornado Logan. Yeah. I speaking of that severe thunderstorm warning Josh that one right there for Centre County Clinton, County. gtgt – That was also very impressive to where we don’t have a tornado warning, in effect. So still, if you’re in the path of that storm., The storm is the heaviest especially to the east of twin hollows. As you can see right around birch and spruce, you can see some of those pockets of that purple showing up, and that is a pretty strong indication of some very heavy rainfall.. The potential for some hail. Even some gusty winds with this storm and taking a look at the loss of like Josh mentioned. We don’t currently have a tornado warning there., But you can still kind of see that little couple, a kind of trying to show up where those great greens and Reds are placed they’re, so we’re still looking for the potential for some very damaging out winds, possibly with The storm kind of zoom into this picture here for that particular severe thunderstorm warning right. Around Walker, Hicks wrote or Hicks road. Yeah, actually Hicks road you’re in the path of the storm, so deathly want to take precautions there, along with that storm that we currently with that tornado warning here and it looks like Josh 100 looking at the velocity isn’t as Strong, as what kind of was just a few a few minutes, so it does look to be a touch weaker, but I still see a little just north of beech Creek.

gtgt. One of the issues that we run into with these radars is the prop when we’re scanning, these thunderstorms is the actual proximity to the the radar site, and sometimes that can have an impact on our ability to see within that thunderstorm.. So those are things that we’re, certainly mindful love. It.

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