Severe thunderstorm watch, Thunderstorm, National Weather Service, Tornado, Flash flood watch Joe's Detailed Forecast – July 10, 2021

That could change, though, as we get into the next couple of hours as another round of severe storms could be on the way they’ve had warnings on them. Severe storm warnings and tornado warnings and they’re heading mainly down to western kentucky, but here’s the alerts map right now, it’s all quiet. The severe thunderstorm watches that were out for southern illinois have expired at this time and sex. In fact, a lot of them kind of were already wiped off. Pretty early let’s check out a couple of alerts, though in fact the uh severe not severe, i should say the flash flood advisory or the flood advisory from vanderbilt had actually just expired, so it’s no longer there, however there’s a flash flood warning down for portions of Hopkins county and all of muhlenberg county – and it does include the city of madisonville and, of course, every city there in muhlenberg county – and that goes until four o’clock in the morning overnight. Hours and more rain is on the way too. For those counties they can only exacerbate those issues. So let’s take a look here at live first morning, doppler radar – and we do have some lightning taking place down here with these storms that are moving in in fact, there’s a lot more lightning with these and what’s. Actually, showing up here on the doppler at this time, sometimes a system refresh has to kick all the lightning bolts back in there, but there’s a lot of lightning associated with that, and this is all moving to the east.

As i loop the radar, you can see all the lightning now there. It is now it’s popped back in for us, so you can see a lot of lightning is associated with this. It is moving over to the east at this time. So a heads up to seabree is up to madisonville uh central city you’ll be getting here the next couple of hours as it moves to the east. So i do think this will kind of affect a lot of the counties down here along the west kentucky parkway. So let’s look at a little closer kind of show. You what’s going on here nothing in dixon just yet, but it will be in dixon here, a relatively soon already getting some rainfall down in madisonville looks like we may be getting the rain right into sturgis, but more will be on the way here to sturgis. In the morgan field relatively soon, but all the heavier rain that we had earlier today, that’s all worked its way out of here. Still some lingering showers here at the intersection of the west kentucky parkway and i 165 down in ohio county, but otherwise it’ll be more moving in later on, but outside right now, it’s dry on the diamond valley, federal credit union, camera 69 degrees in evansville, humid. Dew point is 67, with a southwest wind there at nine 66 over in carmine 69 morgan field 68 in dixon, so pretty much bet the mid to upper 60s and lower 70s right now across the tri state on storm tracker, the shades of blue that you see Here indicating some of that heavier rainfall and also some pretty strong storms, so nothing severe, but even our storm tracker system here is indicating those are some pretty strong storms that are out there with us at this time.

As for the slight risk, it continues on until seven o’clock tomorrow morning and all severe weather factors are in play, damaging wind, large, hail and a tornado cannot be ruled out either. Then, at seven o’clock tomorrow morning it will change over to a marginal for all the counties you see here in the darker shades of the green tail city, owensboro down towards henderson and webster county and all points down to the south and east. So, as you see here on future tracker, it does bring those storms that i just showed you on first morning, doppler into our area by about 12 to 1 o’clock to evansville, owensboro down to calhoun and mclean county and working its way to the east. So we’ll be affecting muhlenberg and ohio counties as well and really kind of weakening into the overnight hours, and then our sunday will be some pop up showers and thundershowers. Future tracker really really excited this evening about getting lots of sunshine in here later, in the day on sunday, the models still hold off. They keep a lot of clouds with a little bit of sunshine here for our sunday, our sunday night, more spotty showers, maybe some rumbles of thunder then for our monday same situation continues on with more scattered showers and thundershowers right now, nothing there is looking severe so Low 80s, the next couple of days mid 80s back by tuesday and wednesday, small rain chances there 90s, unfortunately back on thursday and the rain chances begin to ramp up on friday and saturday.

So noah has been a very active day in the weather center. Several warnings and uh looks like it may be getting active here relatively soon. Hopefully, nothing severe, but i’ll be here watching it. Yes, we know you will be here and i see humidity every single day, joe. Oh my gosh, i know all right keep the fan. Keep that ac crank it down all right joe.

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Severe thunderstorm watch, Thunderstorm, National Weather Service, Tornado, Flash flood watch g

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