Storm, Flood, Flash flood evere Storms Lead to Widespread Flooding in Bucks County, Northeast Philly and South Jersey

The house is gone you’re watching nbc 10 news at 11, i’m, jim rosenfield, i’m jacqueline london bucks county was one of the hardest hit areas. The flash flooding also left a number of drivers stranded when their cars just stalled in that high water, like this scene posted on the citizen app this street looked more like a river on remo crescent road in bensalem and in kensington. These drivers decided to take a chance and plow through the water at b street and indiana avenue. Tonight we have team coverage of the damage left behind and, if we’ll see a repeat of the severe weather tomorrow, let’s begin with nbc 10’s aaron vasheville live near bensalem, where people had to evacuate their homes tonight, aaron to evacuate, jim and jackie. No other way to describe it. It was an absolute mess out here right now, we’re near red lion, road in bristol pike, we’re, basically on the border of bensalem northeast philly torresdale behind me is one of those cars you were talking about. We actually talked to the family, this whole entire area. This intersection, where we are right now it’s hard to imagine, but it was a river water flowing everywhere through here debris all over the place, people telling me they haven’t seen flooding like this in years. Everything around my bed and everything was just full of water and puddles, and she was like we have to go. We have to get out still overwhelmed with emotion as she looked at emergency crews in action, savannah slock had to evacuate her house immediately.

Her family car is now swamped with flood water, near red lion, road and bristol pike, firefighters pulled her to safety, water was coming up and the one of the fire trucks over there came to help us. I can see it in your face. What are you feeling right now: scared i’m shaking Music back and forth for hours from nearby by apartment buildings in bensalem we saw several young kids carried away by emergency crews. The view from sky force 10 gives you a different look at the operation. He sits on this. Look at david’s going he’s going he’s going he’s going the game’s going, the gate’s going onlookers were in awe of mother nature. Tonight the raging waters took down fences and forced some people to evacuate their homes, with whatever they could grab car tire. The tire of the car the whole turn here, we saw car tires floating away and vehicles left stranded everywhere. I grew up here. Man i’ve never seen this. Never the night ended with a happy reunion for margarita rivera and her dog ellie. She came home. The flashing lights, i thought she was dead because she’s little and i live on the first floor, so i thought you’re going to burn her. So thankfully, her dog is ok and folks out here they were rescued safely, so far, no injuries but you’re. Looking at this car right here, you can see the power of that raging water breaking through the windshield, her family.

You saw them in our story, thankfully they’re. Also okay, the red cross tonight we’re told they are helping out folks. They are using snyder middle school and ben salem. Let me repeat that snyder middle school in bensalem that’s being used as a shelter. So if you need any help, you’re advised to go over there for now. We’Re live in bensalem aaron baskerville, nbc 10 news flooding made for a miserable night for neighbors a few miles away in bristol that’s, where nbc 10’s, danny freeman, picks up our team coverage. Danny jim. I just want to give you some perspective here, we’re along green lane. Right now, this is one of the major roads that goes into bristol here in lower bucks county. This underpass right here normally can handle large trucks going through, but tonight closed off, as you can see, just under four feet of water remain and there’s no clearing in sight. So much rain i’ve been here 38 years and never saw so much at once. Lower bucks county absolutely flooded in an instant, it was just unbelievable. My whole yard, the basements flooded the whole yard flooded. A car in the back ray herzog rushed to pump water out of his bristol home with a hose, but he knew the damage had been done. It’S bad it’s, floating all right, it’s, just short and most of it’s, probably all destroyed. They thought it was just a little puddle and she drove through it down to wilson avenue when she heard her daughter and two month old granddaughter were trapped in this car.

I just needed to get to them because the lightning was crazy and i was worried for them. Thankfully, all made it out safe, but still people drove through the flooded blocks, some kids even swimming in the mess, never a good idea. Just all of a sudden. This water rushed in across the river in new jersey, jignesh gozi raced to try and rescue his wife. When her car died in the water, thankfully safe as well, it is really tough. We didn’t expect it. She was rushing home to come home. This road, she’s using it for years and years, never had any issue through the evening neighbors kept helping neighbors the rain eventually stopped and a rainbow even peeked out over the mess, but make no mistake: the cleanup will continue through the night now back out. Here live, if you can believe it. Thankfully there has been some drainage in this area. There were spots that were definitely flooded earlier tonight: they’re, okay, in fact. Just in this spot you see it’s under four feet right now. It was up over eight feet earlier, but again make no mistake. Cleanup still will take a while live from bristol danny freeman nbc 10 news a day and evening many will not forget for a while danny.

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