Tampa Bay Rays, Atlanta Braves, Kevin Cash on Shohei Ohtani at All-Star: "We're All Still in Awe" & Vladimir Guerrero Jr. "Special"

Kevin cash who’s got the first question, we’ll start with jesse on your right, kevin kevin. I think vlad has five home runs against you guys this year. So how nice was it to have one uh for your team? It was great everybody’s talking about how good he’s go, how good he is and how good he’s gon na be i’m. Not that thrilled that he’s going to continue to be that good, because he’s in our uh division but look getting to meet him and all these guys so much appreciation and respect and vladi is it’s. Just a it’s, a it’s, a fun talent that we’re all going to get to see for many years. In the second row on your left, uh kevin, the first inning shohei batted. Then he put his bat down grabbed his glove and went and pitched and set him down one two three: what was that moment like for you to see that history happen right in front of you, i’m, just we’re all still and me personally, just in awe of His ability to do that i mean he came in hyped up on this stage gets warmed up, and then i mean to go. Take the bat he was sitting in his chair like get catching his breath uh, but the way he has handled everything uh makes it that much more special watching him interact with the the players and teammates throughout this and handle the media um. It is pretty remarkable.

A lot of questions for kevin uh, ken on your left, kevin kevin. Did you have a plan with eralda’s chapman, whether to use him or not? In this game? Yeah we had talked and decided. He was fine. He went to the back of the list, but um with chappie, i mean if he’s pitching. You know that that good things are happening generally you’re winning the game, but uh the way it slotted i’m glad that it worked out really happy with the pictures and the way it just stayed in order that helped a lot that’s. The most stressful thing did his recent struggles factor into either your decision or the yankees input, none whatsoever, none whatsoever, um he’s, a big game pitcher and directly to your right. How much conversation with chris bassett was there knowing he threw 94 pitches two days ago, over seven innings and um through 24. Today coach went out two out spaces loaded and then he got the strikeout. But what was that conversation? There wasn’t a ton of conversation. We knew he was available to pitch very aware of his workload, but i i also think bass wanted to pitch. He was excited to be here and he he picked us up with an inning and the commish rick kevin. Do you usually find that the team that has a 13 to three strikeout advantage with their pitchers wins the game say that one more time a team that had 13 strikeouts to the other teams, three from their pitchers, that the 13 usually wins the game? I didn’t even know it was happening so fast.

I didn’t know what was going on. I just knew he had the lead and to your left in the cap with vlad. How much do you see his dad’s game in his play now that you’ve got to see him up close and in person just watching senior play a lot? I mean obviously hall of famer. I think it’s, probably most fair, to separate the two they’re they’re they’re, both very talented and lady senior, was very talented and i think vladi guerrero jr is going to probably pave his own way to you know being really special, but they can hit any pitch if There’S one thing similar: they can handle any ball in the zone. Now you’re left mark kevin. What was it like for you to see? Zunino hit that home run pretty special, pretty special for all the rays. Uh everybody that got in z, hitting the home run, joey. Getting a hit making a couple nice plays and kit coming in doing his thing for an inning, uh, great representation for for our organization. I’Ll go with anthony on your right. Then tyler. The american league somehow won eight in a row kevin did you feel the pressure to uh maintain that winning streak? Here? No, i felt the pressure of getting everybody in uh when we worked really hard and q. Our bench coach did a tremendous job. The guys that wanted a pitch and and needed a pitch got in the position players we got nelly in at bat, which was big the only guy that i’m still sick.

To my stomach about is tim anderson. He played two two innings of defense and we left them stranded on deck, but other than that. No there was no pressure of win or lose third row center baby and then tyler in the back, hey kevin. I think jared walsh had not played a single bigly. Getting in left field and hadn’t played right field since like april, so i guess, how surprised were you as he made that play and left play the game? Uh that’s, probably a better question for him, because i don’t think he was too thrilled about going out there. He was a little nervous, but manny picked us up in a big way, almost hit a home run there at the end, but uh look with the way the rosters are picked and selected. You try to you, know, piece it together and be fair to everybody and walsh’s versatility. Uh, i think, is, is part of why he’s you know an all stars. Bat obviously is but being able to play the outfield play. Some first base certainly helps in the back right. Tyler yeah. Did you talk to him before the game like hey, you might be going out to left field uh yeah, oh yeah yeah. We told him he looked at me like. I had two heads, but he said i’m good with it whatever and then once he made the catch uh, we all felt good because he came in and we were.

We were high, fiving, pretty good and also uh. You you, like you mentioned earlier. You play against guerrero all the time, but getting a chance just to be around him in this setting for two three days. What do you? What have you learned about the guy? Just how you know how sincere he is uh you watch a guy from the other side and i mean he’s having so much fun. He is dominating the the american league right now with a bat in his hand and he’s enjoying it. He should be, but the way that he interacted with just you know our staff and everybody um he’s, having a lot of fun. A couple: more back middle gabe, uh, hey kevin uh ohtani mentioned uh. He really appreciated what you did for him this week, either with lobbying. You know for the dh thing and other stuff. What did you come to appreciate most about him and in your couple days around him look we. I appreciate what he’s done for for our game and for our fans. I mean um there’s, a lot of stuff that we’re coming out of, obviously with the pandemic and for his talent to get baseball going again. He’S been a big part of it, so the appreciation goes to him and similar to vladi guerrero jr. I mean these guys have so much on their plate and the way they handle it with such humility class and just go about their business that’s.

Probably the thing that stands out standing in the back right, kyle, kevin, obviously vlady winning mvp but tati soto otani – was all these guys. First, all star games uh. Just what do you make of of all the young talent that was on the field? And do you guys almost feel like you’re, a part of something special all these guys coming together on one field tonight, look baseball’s, certainly trending in the right direction, with all the talent – and you know, it’s, covering many countries and it it. We should feel special it’s. An honor to sit there with those guys and and have simple conversations for two days and then you know you got to go, compete against them after that, but for this uh i think we should all be. I know i am very excited about the talent that we have and the youth that is coming into this game, one last one all right kevin. Thank you so much.

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