Tampa Bay Rays, Atlanta Braves, Kevin Cash POSTGAME REACTION: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Atlanta Braves 7/16/16

Motor kept saying get meadows to the plate, get meadows to the plate and i think the eighth inning with martin there and he really came through and then he came through again off chavez. You know falls behind. 3 0 takes a pitch and then meadow’s ready to you know, lace, the ball to right and then joey wendell’s hustle play to get the and he was the tying around at that point in the eighth yeah i mean it sounds pretty big we talk about. I mean joey always gets down the line. We we’re fortunate we’ve got a group of guys that always do that. They just bust it right out of the box and put pressure on the defense, and you know that ball looked like it hit off the plate or hit hard something uh and joey’s, certainly fast enough to beat it out. That was a big big big moment. Kevin good collectively for the team and then maybe individually for pete to kind of reverse the way things have been going and extras. Yeah uh pete was outstanding. He falls behind 2. 0 comes right back, makes big pitches garcia um. If that was a hurdle we needed to jump across, you know i’m glad we did it because he’s so important to our bullpen. We need him pitching in some of the biggest moments of these games and he certainly came through made his pitches and come up with peterson. Who we all know, is a very, very talented, hitter uh looks to get ahead, gets a ground ball.

Wander makes a great play and over then whistler two to get you the two innings to get to extras, especially against the top of their lineup. In the ninth pretty impressive yeah. We generally don’t draw it up that way, but i think he had 13 pitches after his first inning and felt like you know he was still a pretty good matchup. You know they had seen a lot of power early on um and certainly from ras and then and then and then with whis, throwing his breaking ball slow him down a little bit and he really picked us up with the two innings of work. Did you see anything from wandering his late at bats? I mean the triple to get things going in the seventh and then the the single and kind of the middle of the rally in the eighth. Well, i mean what we’ve always seen. Look, i think, wander’s fine, um, he’s, really talented. He can make adjustments before the game in game a little tinkering here. There um love that you know he hit the ball to right down the right field line and just again busted out of the box. That’S not a for sure triple, but he forced it. The issue and his speed got him there kevin. I know it seems like it was a while back but uh. What did you see from waka? It looked like. He really just had two pitches that he wanted to have back yeah.

I i think that’s fair, i mean look. I i think the whole i thought walked through the ball. Well, there’s, one at bat to have back it’s the the 02 to 4, 2 walk to albies um and i think he’d be the first to say that when you’re talking about a guy like freddie, freeman who’s one of the best players in our game – and you Know you give them an opportunity to come up there. Excuse me to riley to come up there and and do the damage freeman did it on the back side. But ultimately you know with that teeth of their lineup, and i know they’re missing another really big player. Uh we got to do everything we can to prevent the the free passes, but walk competed like he always does um. I don’t think anything came easy, but he certainly made big pitches uh for most of the night. Kevin cash was pretty exuberant after the game saying this was a really big win for a lot of reasons i mean he’s, usually a you know, win as a win kind of guy. Did it feel that way to you too, and to the players? Yeah i mean you know to battle back like we did as um yeah. It felt like a big win um and i mean gosh just contributions all throughout the lineup, i mean got big pitches when we needed it got uh. You know sound defense when we needed it so yeah.

I would you know. I would echo that i think it was a big win as well and uh you, i mean you’re known for your hustle, but to beat out that ball in the eighth inning that to get the tying running, it seems like a pretty big moment in the game. Yeah, i just i just sniffed a hit in an rbi, so just got down there as quick as i could. No, i mean yeah um austin stole that pitch. So uh you know it was. It was not a hit and run but uh. You know i actually haven’t even looked at it again, but uh looked like there was a little spot that was vacant and uh. I knew it was gon na be a close play um, but thankfully i got in there. I think it was just pure speed if you go back and look at it: okay, yeah that’s. What i was thinking too and then austin obviously played at home for the first time getting a couple of big hits. That, probably you know i would assume you feel good for him. Yeah i mean i told austin uh it was you know one of my favorite games of his all year. I mean we all know he can hit a home run. He can hit extra bass hits but um, you know come up with with two big you know: line, drive singles and the spots that he did. I mean um.

You know that was a great way for him to start out the second half cool. Does it feel like he just has a knack for these things i mean. I know rbi’s are situational to an extent but 61 and 91 games is pretty impressive. Yeah. Absolutely i mean he’s uh he’s been clutch and uh when there’s runners on we, we count and rely on him to drive him in, and you know so far. He’S been very good at it and joey um it’s. I know it’s been a rough go in in extra innings, so when you get down to two outs and you’re still at first and second, you know what what was the feeling in the in the dugout and then after after the big after the big hit uh. How did how were things uh different yeah? I mean uh, especially when you’re on the road there’s a sense of urgency to score first and trust our bullpen and you know like like we did tonight, it always hasn’t. You know it. Hasn’T worked like that um we haven’t been able to execute as well as we did tonight, but um, but yeah i mean i was. I was on deck, so i was preparing for my at bat and you know i knew it was going to be a big moment. If i, if i got to go up there bases loaded, two outs um, you know austin drove in that run for us and, and that was huge, so uh so yeah i mean you know just because we haven’t been successful in in the past and extra innings.

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