Tampa Bay Rays, Atlanta Braves, Kevin Cash POSTGAME REACTION: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Toronto Blue Jays 7/9/21

How well were you seeing the ball tonight uh, and how gratifying was that, especially getting those extra bass hits yeah? It felt good um, seeing the ball. Well, both sides of the plate, the first one i don’t, know how i squibbed it down there, but then the second one i saw pretty good and got a good piece of wood on it. So hopefully i can just keep seeing it well and you know, keep driving runs, though you guys got to manoa after knowing how tough he is and tacked on, runs later in the game. How much fun was it to see the offense? Do that and watch it get done up and down the lineup yeah he got us last time. We knew we had to change our approach. You know, alter and make some adjustments. I think we did a good job of you know attacking the pitches we wanted to go after and seeing it up in the zone and just putting good wood on it so uh. I guess good good adjustment for us all up and down the lineup, and hopefully we can carry it into tomorrow. How would you describe the pitching from shane mcclanahan to this bullpen containing a very tough blue chase? Lineup yeah, i mean it’s, our pitching’s been there all year. I think that’s, our bread and butter is pitching and defense as long as they can. You know, get get us into the into the dugout to hit and keep you know runs off the board.

I think we will be in a good spot, so five wins in a row. How good does that sound, especially after that tough road stretch that you guys have seeing this team play the no the way you know they can yeah? Finally, i mean we all knew that wasn’t us. You know when we were on that little stretch, but it’s good to actually get some w’s and hopefully we can keep going taylor. Congratulations thanks! So much. Thank you guys back to you, kevin let’s start with the offense um. You guys have gone nine innings over two starts with no runs off, but noah got a few runs off of him and just how gratifying was it to get to him and attack on the runs later in the game? Good uh, yeah he’s, a talented young pitcher. We he’s, given us uh plenty of fits. You know. He’S got a a pretty unique fastball that you can tell the guys are scuffling with the timing of it um and then he’s able to break out that slider. Whenever righties or lefties he’s he’s, just a good pitcher uh, and he kept us quiet. And then you know, z gets us going with the hit by pitch, then philly uh double uh, and then he really buckled down made some big pitches. But meadows comes up and comes up with a hit in between simeon and uh grit, chick out in right field and kind of turned the offense around right.

There seemed to kind of get us going, and then there were a lot of guys that followed suit with big hits. G man had had one walls. He had one so really really encouraged with the way the the offense stayed at it and then shane his pitch got a little high early, but he worked himself out of a couple situations. What did you think of his work in four eggs? Look, i thought he was. He was good, i mean. Ideally, we avoid the pitch count going that high, but sometimes you got ta, give the credit to the the the lineup you’re facing uh. They don’t strike out a lot. They they’re they’re, confident in their approach that they’ll see pitches and they just drove his pitch count up. There was a lot of three three ball. Three two counts, a lot of foul balls, uh, stuff wise. He looked fine um it just it did. It got to a point where felt after four and 90 that’s, probably we’re in a territory where we need to pull back a little bit handed over to the bullpen and they were just elite from kitridge springs jp right. There, at the end, just really really strong performances from our bullpen to hold that offense to one run or to no runs when they came in says a lot and then just generally five wins in a row. How good does that sound, especially after that that tough road stretch to see this team get back to playing the way you know they can play yeah very good, i mean look.

We wanted to finish strong going into the break with uh into this half. We played a very good first half uh. We got two games left, but you got to feel better about where we are right now than you know say a week or 10 days ago. Um so just encourage just the whole team effort kevin. You mentioned the bullpen but i’m curious about kitridge, specifically who you’ve gotten out of him really all season and certainly of late. I think he’s kind of 11 now scoreless his era’s under one five yeah i mean the the the pitch efficiency and the pitch quality uh they’re, both kind of coming and clicking at the same time, right now, his velo’s up 95 6 miles an hour he’s, throwing Just some wicked sliders that guys can’t lay off and you really can’t hit him even if you did make contact um, he’s good in whatever role to have a guy like him and look we’ve got a couple down there that are very versatile. Whether it’s ras kit colin those guys that can provide multiple multi innings and be pretty dominant while they’re doing it just helps really shape a bullpen and bringing a group together. Yeah, i mean kid doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it seems like he’s, really been a pretty key guy for you uh. He should get a lot of attention because he’s you. I think he can make the argument that he’s been as valuable as any pitcher.

Uh sitting down there and and fortunately for us, we’ve got a bunch of guys that you could kind of throw that around with and talk about, uh. But i think kit has to be at the top of the list. I know the game got separated but zanino moving up on that flat ball on the left. That was pretty good. It was really big. Yes uh. You know it gets tricky in the corners z. Heads up, you know, obviously not the fastest guy, but saw how t oscar was addressing the ball and how it kind of pulled him back and off balance, and he felt he could take it and it was. It was a big play because it also allowed. You know philly to get up to. Second right and phillips has to drive the ball a little bit lately. Do you see anything different with him? Just got some pitches he can handle the power’s been there. I mean he’s a pretty powerful guy uh, even his out deep fly ball to center. You know the double to to get things going for us uh, but he has been taking pretty healthy, swings um, just another scoreless outing for you through those two innings against a tough lineup. I guess just generally what was what was working and how are you feeling uh felt pretty good um. I think the slider was pretty good tonight. Just trying to attack hitters, i mean nothing’s changing as far as my approach goes just trying to throw strikes early and expand when i can and uh tonight it worked, so we were just talking to cash just about how good you’ve been for them.

This entire season. You mentioned your pitch efficiency, your pitch quality, and that your velo is up. How can you think those things have been to uh? Just your strong first half of the season yeah i mean it’s it’s. Definitely uh it’s helping me a lot i’m just trying to keep it rolling and and take it not to take anything for granted. You know uh just try to treat every outing the same and stick to my approach and and do what has been working for me. So uh you know tonight: uh was good um better than some of my last couple outings. I feel, like i kind of strayed away from my approach a little bit but uh yeah. Today it was good and those strikes and go from there. We’Ve talked about you pitched in every inning like one through twelve, maybe now, and how do you stay ready? Is there a formula you just go down there? Obviously, if you’re not the opener it’s different, but you got another pen just ready from committing to on basically yeah, i mean that’s kind of that’s kind of it. You know i’m i’m kind of i don’t need a lot to get ready, so uh for me and – and i think most relievers are failed. Starters and part of the reason i wasn’t good at starting is because i had too much time to think so. I think it actually works out good for me, uh, not really knowing what i’m gon na pitch so that i don’t have too much time to think about it.

So yeah, i just go down there in the first and you know just wait till the phone rings and says my name, so don’t really put too much thought into it. Just try to be ready whenever they, whenever they call down. For me, you guys have had a pretty good run, some ups and downs, the bullpen during the course of the season, just to feel like you’re, probably back on track right now, a little bit. Obviously the last couple days, yeah i mean uh, you know everyone. We got down there is, is really good and uh. You know when we struggle it. It almost seems kind of like an anomaly at times, just just because of how good we can be um, you know so to get back on track. Yeah is is probably one way to put it, but i think most mostly that’s kind of what we expect out of ourselves. Um, so yeah i mean just to to get back on track, like you said, is good, but you know, i think, that’s kind of all.

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