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You know, i mean it’s, just weather it’s, the weather that’s happening. We are socked in right. Now you can smell the ocean. Like did you notice that, when you got out of the parking lot, you opened the door? The car was like big big smiles smells like an oyster carried in on the raindrops yeah yeah yeah. It smells like a big hunk of seaweed, it’s kind of like rotting away right there. I don’t know when things get, this flies all over it. You know what i’m talking about, though, right, like you, go to the beach and there’s this like clump, the tropical storm brought in a ton of seaweed by the way, like disgusting and todd’s, gotten to the back of his car right now, so he’s been picking it Up he’s going to sell it how’s that breakfast tasting everybody’s salad, anyone those honey nut, cheerios they’re great right now, huh well it’s been a wet gloomy july, nine out of the first 13 days, measurable rain, the entire month of june. We just had nine days of measurable rain and a lot of those were like this much of rain. There really wasn’t much at all, we’ve totaled over four inches in a lot of towns, including portland, 4.71 inches that’s, been the silver lining in all this. We desperately needed rain and boy have we gotten it and there’s more impulses running through the atmosphere right now over the northeast we’re waking up to the fog, the mist, the drizzle and a line of heavier downpours, that’s moving right over marimeeting bay up the river from Richmond to gardiner right now and that extends northbound just came through augusta now, it’s over waterville and fairfield, and approaching clinton and china, lake and china.

So it may be briefly heavy rainfall, but most of the time you’ll be driving around this morning and some fog and some mist and the wipers will just be intermittent not going full blast. Low 60s are our current temps. Look at this air mass in eastern and northern maine. I mean this is super comfortable low 40s for dew points. This is more typical for july, and these numbers, even up here, will be going up over the next couple of days, really uncomfortable air on our doorstep. That lies behind this warm front. This front, won’t, be through until tomorrow morning, it’s kind of slow moving, so it stays. You know gloomy and gray and scattered showers, a little drizzle out there and fog too, for a while tomorrow, though warmer sunnier more typical summer weather for the end of the week, can’t wait a gloomy start: the fog, the drizzle a couple of those downpours, and we Look at the middle of the day, no change at all temperatures struggling again too. With that onshore flow, you know it’s, not strong, but it’s, strong enough to bring in that cooler ocean air. This evening we are going to attempt to brighten things up a little bit. Most of the state has very little of any success. You know from lewiston to augusta to waterville bangor eastbound that includes portland too and the mid coast, but over near the mountains and the new hampshire border, there will be a little sun and temperatures will respond up through the 70s, maybe 80 degrees that’s, where we’re going To see some thunderstorms and they may be a little gusty there, but watch what happens as they move across the state into that cooler.

Maritime air that’s more stable, they kind of fall apart so i’m, not looking at a big severe weather threat for maine this afternoon and evening best chance for any gusty storms would be near the new hampshire border, better chance for some severe weather over in southern new England, our friends down in connecticut mass and western parts of the state too, tomorrow back to sunshine after a foggy start, warm temps near 80., friday is going to be hot 85, especially compared to the recent days where we’ve been in the 60s. Sadly, this front will be stalling over new england this weekend, more unsettled times: showers thunderstorm threat, both saturday and sunday, there’s, the marine forecast, fog, limiting visibility, otherwise, it’d be fine out there. Upper 60s, mostly cloudy scattered showers, warm tomorrow, 82, the humidity spikes we get. The sun back mid 80s on friday with a late evening. Storm and those storm threats are with us through the weekend. Although it turns cooler on sunday. I think the front sinks south of us and we’re going to have you know the winds off the water again. For the early part of next week, warmer by tuesday, back to 80 degrees, okay, a little more sunshine, a little bit more sun back in there, okay let’s hope, that’s, a pattern that continues instead of just a one day thing flix is going to be jammed. I mean it’s going to be hard to watch anything go find yourself, a good show all right.

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