Thunderstorm, Severe thunderstorm watch, National Weather Service, Connecticut, Flood Elsa is gone but our rain chances aren't

They say bye, elsa, no desire to keep you hanging around and we are fine with letting you go i’m fine with it, but i’d be fine with letting go of this rain that we have on going through. The state too, and by the way it’s going over the rain right now, the hockingham river in east hartford that’s, one of the rivers right now in the state that are experiencing some flooding. The river had already previously crested and was starting to go down. But this is not going to help now it’s raining again re aggravating the situation, and it looks like this. Rain wants to move over the same towns over and over again. So, unfortunately, again there could be some more ponding out there on the roads, keep an eye on your basements as we head through the next couple of hours or so that’s, as long as it should last heading through manchester vernon again the hockingham river right there through Tolland all the way through ashford and eastford, and any other rivers that happen to be in the way as well and we’re, also keeping a close eye on these showers southwest of fairfield county, where there have been so many issues today too. But this is kind of the back edge of this stuff, that’s coming through so again, another couple of hours or so should do it, taking a look at max wind gusts right around 40 miles per hour for bridgeport and for greenwich, the peak wind gusts for the Groton new london area was actually only 36 miles per hour in other areas.

Wind. You noticed it a little bit of a breeze, but it was not much of an issue, but rainfall totals really steeled the show this was a storm that was not about coastal flooding or wind. It was about flooding and not just flooding because of the rain that we just saw, but because of the rain that we’ve had each and every day this week, and even last week too, four and a half inches of rain for rocky hill. Only an inch of rain for windsor locks and five inches of rain in stanford darien reported over six inches in some areas, kind of reminded me of a snowstorm where you know you have windsor locks with one inch rocky hill, which is not that far away four And a half inches, so you have these areas that got hit incredibly hard with some heavy rain banding. I almost said snow, banding and other areas that got much less. So this is from tom in southington and it’s kind of hard to see here, but it is a rain gauge filled to the top because he did not empty it since sunday. So since sunday, seven inches of rain has fallen and i just wanted to give everyone a heads up. The weekend is coming up, people are going to want to get outside again and we’ve got rivers that look like this. This is from matthew, cotto, and this is again the hockingham river and it’s brown there’s a lot of dirt that’s running through it right now, and these rivers can be dangerous when they flood like this.

This is from peter martika. This is the kogenchag river in middle field, similar situation, just making sure that the kiddos don’t get anywhere close to that low temperatures tonight dropping into the 60s again a leftover shower or thunderstorm, which may be ongoing for the next couple of hours. Before we end up seeing that fizzle tomorrow is not a bad day, but we see partly cloudy skies. It’S, certainly a lot better than the last few, with severe weather and a tropical storm. But there is a chance for a passing shower i’m, actually feeling a little bit more bullish that most of the state stays dry. Tomorrow, though, high temperatures will be right up around 80 degrees. It will feel like summer. We have the humidity in place. People are getting out and about and hopefully not doing too much cleanup after today. I think sunday will see mostly cloudy skies and still there is a chance for a passing shower or a rumble of thunder, but most of the time will be dry heading into this weekend. High temperatures for your saturday upper 70’s to right around 80 degrees for sunday mid to upper 70’s with more cloud cover. Taking a look at your seven day forecast. I don’t know when we all decided to move to florida but every day, partly cloudy chance for a shower or thunderstorm, partly cloudy chance for an isolated storm, partly it’s. The same thing we’re on repeat here. Moving forward we’ve got this unsettled stretch of weather.

None of these days will be washouts but each day we’re watching the radar around this time. Next week, temperatures are heating up into the upper 80’s to around 90 degrees. Your shoreline seven day heading into this weekend, upper 70’s to around 80 and mid to upper 80s. Coming up in just a little bit, i’ve had a lot of questions from people.

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