Thunderstorm, Severe thunderstorm watch, National Weather Service, Connecticut y Sunday with a chance of showers

It will not be a repeat of last week. We won’t have thunderstorms each and every day and then have a tropical storm. On friday, we basically picked up one to two months worth of rain last week between six and ten inches of rain, mostly cloudy today, with a few scattered showers. A couple of light showers this morning and then again later on this afternoon, especially this evening into tonight, and most of it would be in western connecticut storms monday afternoon into monday evening, depending on where the warm front gets hung up and then cool and dry on Tuesday, put a question mark here because if that front gets hung up off to our south it’s cool and dry. But if it stays kind of in southwestern, connecticut parts of the state could be very warm and humid. And but by the middle and end of the week it gets warm and humid and as a result of the front, getting hung up tomorrow monday tomorrow, there is the chance that we could have a marginal risk of strong to severe thunderstorms with the usual damaging winds. Vivid lightning and heavy rainfall so we’ll be watching that carefully, for you dew points moderately humid right now in the 60s, so it is humid out there upper 60s to near 70 this morning. So this week, even though i’m telling you it’s not a repeat performance as far as heavy rain every single day, these dew points are going to stay in the oppressive region upper 60s to lower 70s.

That is because we have a subtropical ridge that just doesn’t want to quit, and by thursday friday we could have heat indices up into the 90s so 89, but that could be a little bit warmer by the time we get to the event what’s going on here. Why do we get the tropical storm already and why are we dealing with so much humidity and showers and thunderstorms? We have two competing weather systems. We have a trough in the middle of the country that’s a little bit unusual, dipping down this far south and you could see all this rain dropping down and then kind of circling the base of the trough and coming right back at us. Meanwhile, we have the subtropical ridge here, and this ridge usually is a little bit further south and east this early in the summer season, but not this year, it’s really showing its force and it’s only going to back up again by the middle and end of the Week and if this continues into the august and september, but talking about it, we got to be careful here that we don’t get any hurricanes coming up because that’s when the hurricane season really gets uh going so surface reflection here, warm front, cold front, low pressure. This will be going to our west and that’s, where this front gets hung up tomorrow, so let’s time it all out. First of all, let me get to the radar. After giving you a dissertation on weather, you can see live doppler, showing a couple of scattered light showers and a little bit of mist and drizzle has been reported here and they tend to break apart by time.

They come into our direction. So this model has a good handle on that so let’s time it out so get a couple of light sprinkles and then, during the day you don’t see much in the way of rainfall and by this afternoon this evening you could get clipped up in northwestern connecticut And then, overnight into tomorrow morning, i’m going to watch for a couple of stronger showers come down that northwest flow aloft, and then during the afternoon. This is what we’re going to have to be watching for rachel. Last week, every single day, she’s going to have to do it again tomorrow, watch for strong to severe thunderstorms depending on where that front gets hung up, and then it just goes right through the region by the evening and that may cool us down beach and boating. Cloudy temperatures in the 70s waves one foot water temperature in the 60s high tide around one o’clock at guilford, again chance for a shower today. Showers tonight, three day forecast and let’s. Just keep going let’s do the seven day and you can see we get hot and humid by the end of the week, angela well check back in sam.

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Thunderstorm, Severe thunderstorm watch, National Weather Service, Connecticut EWS CENTER Maine Weather Video Forecast