Thunderstorm, Severe thunderstorm watch, National Weather Service, Flood 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada Smart Trak car ride (Filmed Saturday July 10)

Anybody want jet ski well that’s. Basically, what this thing is right now. This is what you call a free undercarriage, wash see how the ditch is all full. It rains anymore, like this guys, we’re gon na have some look at the ditches what’d. You hit nothing. Somebody else. Did it black white and see what we’re talking about how that’s right you can hide your planes, be careful watch what you’re doing yeah if you’re gon na go through it, don’t drive like a freaking idiot drive like you got some common sense, but keep in mind, Like i said this ain’t no flash flood kinda taking a corvette through a flooded road like underpass and water, was coming into the vehicle and he ate a little section here. Oh it was across it looked like it looks like it’s kind of it’s just wet. I mean up here: oh yeah, look at this see it’s slow. That went up even underneath the word logos and the thing is: we didn’t need that kind of rain that short time it’s just going to run off it’s not going to give the ground any time to absorb any of the water that it needs see. What was she trying to take it out? No me, i didn’t feel nothing warm i’m good. Why don’t you shut the air off and roll down the window. It’S raining, you dip all right, jesus nasty ass! You feel better, and this up here guys we’re not too far from the saint james um.

What happens in this area always flies out right going down that way on down toward the end of the road, and it goes out right there, where the old school used to be at um and that’s along fayette county road, five in wheatman township, which is located In the rural fayette county area, so where we live yeah down there on the corner right go down through there see i’m surprised that’s, not even flooded right there, Music now up here by the school, guys yeah, where that one dude lives at where the old guy Lives, oh, that was the school yeah. It was the school. The old cows were not the council saint james, the old saint james, okay, right up here, st okay right here, as you can see, the water coming out of the ditches and it’s actually moving don’t. Do that at home? No, we are trained what we, what you call, we are trained professionals. Are we no just a bunch of nut? What it’s jobs? If you see no seriously, if you see moving water you’re not supposed to go into it, because you never know how swift that current is moving and it can take you and sweep you down current and you could end up killing yourself or your vehicle, i wonder What it’s like to drive a dirt bike, but since this is on a road there’s, no there ain’t! No up there see right here yeah! This is where one of the common places it always.

This here is one of the very common places here that oh lightning nice bonus got a little uh bonus there in the video, but as you can see that the ground has already become saturated from the rain from last night and then look at that. Okay. So we went over that just a little so like, like we just said back there, don’t try to go through water if it’s moving, but obviously, if it’s on a road like this, there ain’t no uh large water, except for when you go over like there’s little Bridges like right up here, yeah those kind of things if they’re flooded over you don’t want to go through that no go around it. If you can well, if you can’t, then you’re just gon na have to find yourself a place to sleep for the night aren’t. You because you won’t get home i’ve, never seen it go across the road right here without the floor. No, but there’s always three spots up the road from there yeah but that’s. How that’s out of the field up here see like this here yeah this? Never floods i’ve never seen this flood by the creek ain’t, just one of the spots, usually because it’s starting to yeah that’s, not raining there’s, usually three spots up right up here: oh yeah, right there right there’s a little dip right there it’s across right here, ready Because i’ve done that see this one’s not doing it now, because he did the stitches the other day, all right guys.

So you stay safe out there, buddy, if you guys, are in the uh effingham fayette county area here in illinois. Again, several thunderstorm watches are out until 10, o’clock tonight, central daylight time. Um, then the flashlight watches again those are out until seven o’clock tomorrow morning, central daylight time. So keep that in mind.

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