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You want to avoid using bathrooms tubs showers, anything like that and stay away from appliances like dishwashers or anything that’s plugged into the outside plumbing wiring. Those are not good. Also, you know what’s really popular. Now, john, a lot of people have those electric beds, electric sofas chairs. They have to be unplugged from the wall. You may not realize that, but if you’re dealing with severe thunderstorms and you’re dealing with 104 lightning strikes within a 30 mile period, which is what we had a couple nights ago and i’m pretty sure we’re having the same kind of effect with this line, that’s moving Through you want to be careful, uh do not use landline phones. A lot of people john asked the question. Oh, i can’t use my cell phone – oh no, your cell, phone’s, fine, yeah, but it’s the landline phone that you got to worry about because it’s plugged in to the wall and it’s plugged into other wiring. So you want to be careful all right. Can we go back to max once we can look at those locations? Yeah we’ve got we’ve got a little track on this thing again. It’S moving off towards the east at about uh 25 miles per hour, or so so here are some of the communities in locate. Locales that are in the path of this thing, so muncie creek, as mentioned that’s, going to be on top of you in just a couple of minutes time.

So you’re really going to be making a dash uh the warrior run high school again. That looks like it’s going to be south of this uh tornado looks like that’s kind of lifting a little bit more to their north, so we’re going to keep our eyes on that. But again, if you’re near there, you should still be tornado. Sheltered. As we like to say, you got to respect the polygon if you’re anywhere within this polygon at all the red shading that you see on your screen, you’re going to be heading towards that tornado, shelter again so we’re just uh. You know this thing is getting ready to cross right up and over uh 180 uh looks like it’s going to be. You know just to the uh just to the south of another state route there just off to the north, so let’s say it’s, just southwest of hughesville actually moving up towards montgomery muncie area. Let me just zoom in on this yeah there’s muncie, creek, it’s, actually just left of muncie creek. I want to go ahead and just put on something here: real fast got the lightning detection on and we’ll go back to this john. Can you zoom in on that one right there it’s just a little bit closer sure we can get a little closer inspection than this absolutely so i’m thinking if we zoom in on here yeah. This is the area yeah, so it’s going ready to cross one over uh 180.

It looks like it’s just south of 405. it’s coming right into the muncie creek area and we’ve got uh. You know: we’ve got a camera of course, curt out there in the williamsport area. If we want to take that and just show folks uh what we’re seeing through the lens um, we are seeing occasional flashes and there you go right on cue it’s. Actually, the third time in the last uh two days, kurt i’ve, said, and we go to a camera shot we’re seeing all sorts of lightning strikes goes back to what you were saying about lightning being a big killer. So uh you can see all sorts of flashes. A lot of cloud to cloud here at this point, not a lot of cloud to ground doesn’t mean that it’s not happening we’re, just maybe not seeing it in this particular shot. But i want to jump over to max too real quick if we can uh tdog and i just kind of highlighted the area that i’m talking about here, this purple area, it is just west of muncie creek, so it’s going to be moving through the muncie area. This is creating damaging wind. You can see where my toursville is and, of course, as you know, john, this is my old stomping ground from decades ago, but there’s hughesville right there and this this whole system is heading in that direction right there and when we talk about these tornadoes, we talk About damaging winds, we talk about, hail, that’s, something else john.

You pointed out earlier today, when you were doing one of your post. Walnut size hail with these storms as they went through and then, of course, damaging winds. Everyone thinks you know, oh you know it had to be a tornado. It had to be well a lot of the times we get these storms, yes, we’re seeing rotation in them, but winds mix down, and we can certainly see straight line winds and other problems with these storms. So if you see there on max max uh, can we jump to max two real, fast, okay, okay, we’re on max two all right and that just gives you an idea, i’ll back it out just a little bit and there it is, and you folks get ready. Uh la porte do shore in those areas i know it’s, not the heaviest populated in our area, but that’s going to be moving through, and you know john. Whenever we get a tornado warning like this, we always hear from people like back in williamsport jersey shore. What about us? Why aren’t you talking about us, we understand you guys are getting severe weather right now, but our primary focus is on what could be a funnel cloud on the ground and if that’s the case, then we have some some problems there for people in eastern lycoming county John yeah sure, and if we go back to max one, i just kind of want to point out, because we do have a large swath here of various severe thunderstorm warnings.

I mean these things extend all the way through sullivan county into western bradford county, and unfortunately, these are also areas that have been exceptionally hard hit by flash flooding from last night and now you’re getting additional exceptionally heavy rain moving into that area. So this is a dual threat, just like we had last night. Of course, we’ve got the severe weather threat that’s playing out now that tornado, worn storm far northern reaches of northumberland county also includes portions of lycoming, county and montour counties included in on this, but you’ve also got that threat for flash flooding and again it’s not going To take a lot of rainfall tonight to create additional flash flooding concerns, especially in some of those hard hit areas of last night like to wanda like new albany and then points even up and down 220.. We had reports last night of some potential road washouts with that. So you know we’re going to be heads up with not only the tornado warning threat. Milan ulster shashik went hard hit last night, more heavy rain, moving into that neck of the woods, but, of course, we’re not breaking into your regularly scheduled programming here 905 on a tuesday because of flash flooding we’re breaking in because we have a tornado, worn storm and Again, that includes southern lycoming county northern montour in northumberland counties and this thing on the books, at least for another 10 minutes or so so, certainly a lot to watch with this.

I want to zoom right back in on that tornado, worn storm, get a check on things, so looks like there could be some decent sized hail curve. Probably right over the lycoming county mall looks like there could be some some decent sized hail in that neck of the woods, and i can tell you from living out there. You know the mall itself there’s, so many businesses around that mall there’s restaurants, there’s all kinds of stores like a movie theater, so a lot of people a lot of parking, a lot of people getting in and out of their cars and yeah we’re zooming in there. On hail estimates and oh golf ball, size hail, that’s what doppler’s showing right now i mean not unheard of in this area, but certainly not something that we see very often. Typically, we see the p dime quarter sized hail, but you start getting into golf ball. Size hill that’s a little big for our area. As a matter of fact, we were just talking about um. You know years ago, when i was down in texas, i actually saw baseball sized hail at a baseball game, so brandy picture all right. All right, yeah let’s get the picture up, there we’ve got, and this is what uh makes storm coverage so handy. This is from brandy. This is some storm clouds over uh, where, where she’s at this is clinton county rex town, so this line has already moved through that particular area uh.

So it looks like this line is east of that. But this is what kind of the sky and you can see the turbulence there too kurt with you know the different layers and textures of the clouds, really good indication of the upward and downward motions within these thunderstorms and, of course, that’s. What you need to create things like tornado warnings, which is you know exactly what we’re looking at here on our tuesday night 906 and still under that tornado warning officially for uh. You know officially on the books here for what another uh nine minutes, or so nine minutes yup and uh that’s the area right there. That john was talking about uh that’s, the area we’re watching also too. The other thing i want to point out and t dog: can we jump to max two here. I just wan na show eastern light coming county where these storms are going through. The rainfall that came through there so i’m sure that there’s going to be some areas here, you can see a couple that i’ve highlighted up there in the northern tier get ready. You got another round of this coming and then eastern lycoming county, where the tornado warning that we have right now is moving through. You can see the accumulated rain there and then also up in parts of wyoming and lackawanna counties. We can see some rain coming there. Let me just zoom in on the area that again we’re focused on here, and this is where this is why we go on the air it’s.

Because of these, these tornado warnings – and i talked about it before i mentioned it during the thing, it does not mean that there’s not a tornado just because it’s caught on doppler there’s a good chance that it could be, it could be developing into a tornado. So that’s, why you know we we watch these very closely on doppler and uh. You know, john. We talk about you know, 25 years ago spotting these these tornadoes with funnel clouds. Well, yeah, you had to have a funnel cloud, but guess what a lot of these tornadoes slipped through the cracks, because there was nobody to spot them. State police people outside so now, it’s different! Because now we have uh the tools, the doppler radar being able to see these and uh how’s our velocity on this one is: it is it getting? It looks maybe a little weaker if we go back on over to max1, maybe a little bit weaker, but you know still we’ve got a decent club couplet and this thing is uh kind of heading uh towards uh, 442, 118, so we’re getting up towards uh, yeah Hughes phil and i think clarkstown area too, if i’m not mistaken, so clarkstown yeah that’s, going to be in that neck of the woods too i’d be real heads up there. So again, you’re going to be in that tornado shelter. At this point, clarkstown hughesville a potential tornado heading in your general direction. Now so again, that’s going to be the lowest level of your home it’s, going to be away from windows you’re, taking your helmet down there you’re also going to either crank up your television set as loud as it will go or you’re going to take your phone With you down there, because if you can hear our voice, you know what you’re going to be in pretty good shape, so uh, again we’re just kind of keeping grab your phone ahead of things yeah and just go on wnep and you can.

You can watch us live from your phone if you don’t want to leave your tv on upstairs. You know that mobile app is great. We always talk about it with the weather and the news and whatnot so yeah. That looks like it also the pensdale area, john, that could be going that’s, pensdale’s just north of hughesville, so yeah we’re going to watch that very very closely and that then it moves up into picture, rocks unityville all of those areas, um yeah! So you folks eastern lycoming county, basically, if you’re following along 220 there, you really want to be careful. These storms are moving through and they’re moving through at a pretty good clip. Um east at about 25 miles per hour. Is the the latest not seeing any additional info here kurt in the uh in the chat you know? Usually, when we get these uh, you know tornado warnings, we’ll start to find some updates, as we go along nothing officially here, just yet the only thing i’m actually seeing in the chat right now, a new flash flood warning and that’s going to be for, like coming Sullivan and tioga counties and that’s going to go until midnight that’s that area we were just pointing out with the doppler estimated rainfall. So let’s go back over to max 2 for a second here. If we could dan – and one thing i want to mention – and it happens, a lot – we we’ve seen it many many times where we’re following these clusters of storms, single cells, whatever it might be, that we’re we’re, looking at on radar like right now, multiple cells on Radar but a lot of times, john, as you know, the tornado warning ends up getting extended.

So you just follow that line and then even though it’s supposed to expire at 9 15. Now suddenly we have a tornado warning for parts of wyoming or sullivan county. It follows right in that line with that cluster of storms. Matter of fact, we just got a severe weather, severe thunderstorm warning um. That should be the watch that they’re just continuing northwest bradford yeah. It just popped up on our thing and that’s uh in case you’re, wondering at home. You hear that little cow sound well that’s uh that that’s john slow away, that’s john’s he’s got those notifications, so when it comes on because all i hear during severe weather is native vermonter right, so i mean we’re going to get the vermont sounds in there. But look i mean the reason we do. It is actually because everyone’s got the different text tones that are coming through and everyone’s kind of sounds the same needed something unique. So why not choose a cow, moo and uh that that’s? What we got going on so we’ve got this tornado warning. It goes for another four minutes: we’ll jump back over to max one. If we could dan, the man and uh just show folks where this is uh currently located, so it looks like it’s crossing over muncie creek as we speak, but you know, as we always like to do too. We’Ve got to give folks, maybe just a little bit of a heads up where you might be severe clear.

So you know in the williamsport area, in montgomery you’re severe clear from this tornado warning right now, so it’s, okay to kind of emerge. But you know the muncie matches clarkstown and hughesville that’s, where we need to really be heads up right now and uh. You know that that’s, just where you’re still under the gun, that’s, where this potential tornado is heading right now, just giving you a larger perspective here. Can we go to max two and there’s those areas that john john was just talking about yep right there, so john pointing those out, yeah sure so uh so again, some of those areas that not under the tornado warning you know, trout, run williamsport and uh down To what du bois town right, uh in good shape, there also uh, you know just a couple of other communities to throw out montgomery again it’s to your east uh. You know montoursville it’s off to your east, loyal sockets to your east, so those communities not under a tornado warning so you’re clear from this, but again we’ve got a variety of other severe thunderstorm uh warnings out there right now, a big line i mean look. It goes from state college i’m moving it just so. People at home can see all the way up into upstate new york and look at the tremendous amount of cloud to ground lightning associated with this. So, even though you might not be under the area where there’s a tornado warning, you still have the potential for damaging winds, hail flooding, because these downpours, i mean dew points today, john we’re, in the mid 70s, which is some of the highest dew points.

We get all year yeah, i mean we see that you know maybe once a year, and we had that today, some good news, just kind of looking at some of the uh. The velocity here, kurt uh looks like that. That couplet is certainly spreading out and uh and it’s looking weaker too. So. This gives us hope that in two minutes time a will get you back to regularly scheduled programming b, uh that this tornado warning won’t be extended further. So it looks like this thing spun up pretty quickly and uh it’s also appears to be kind of spinning itself out pretty quickly too. So let me just switch here real quick, so that it’s actually expired here. The watches and warnings there there you go uh that’s that’s, the latest so we’re, seeing that one yeah we got about a minute left, no it’s expired, the tornado warning yeah. This thing this thing is expired. Now: it’s, uh, it’s, weak and below uh uh tornado status. Still a bunch of severe thunderstorm warnings out there and occurred, of course, also these flash flood warnings and watches that are still up there tonight too, and the one thing i want to mention follow that line that red line we were talking about it earlier. You may in fact see some more tornado warnings as this system moves to the east right now it looks like it’s dying out, but you never know it’s the weather and we’re going to continue to keep an eye on it again.

We’Re going to get you back to your programming now we’re sorry to break in, but we want to keep people safe, that’s, our job, absolutely we’re here for everyone, whether you’re in a highly populated area or rural area, we’ll, be here all night tracking. This line and we’ll be back if there are any additional tornado warnings.

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