Thunderstorm, Severe thunderstorm watch, National Weather Service, Tornado g in Clinton, Centre Counties

If you do know, anybody in this area make sure you are reaching out to them, making and making sure they’re getting to safety. Heavy heavy rain associated with this, as well as some of the icons you’re. Seeing on your screen frequent lightning and hail the hail that hail icon, you’re, seeing right over renova, we were on air for that tornado warning about a half hour ago, a little bit farther north in clinton county. But now the tornado warning that we are on air force a little bit farther south in the mill hall area of clinton county but zooming out the rest of the area, so the severe thunderstorm warning that was just issued over sullivan county. This is south of laporte. That icon there that’s hail as well as some heavy rain and within that thunderstorm that we have that severe thunderstorm warning issued for also 60 mile an hour. Wind gusts have been reported within that thunderstorm, so the southern part of sullivan county, the north northern part of columbia county, seeing that severe thunderstorm warning – and that goes until 7, 45, but again we’ve been on the air for the last couple of minutes for the area. Shaded in red, this tornado warning for clinton county, and that goes for a little bit longer, so that tornado warning will remain in effect until 7, 15. and again, the mill hall area being impacted really right now between the next 10 to 15 minutes, as this line Continues to move east, and this has been radar indicated rotation that’s.

The national weather service has issued that tornado warning uh at about 6 50. This evening and again, there is still the potential for more severe weather through the next several hours, as this line continues to to move north and east into our area. So we will be on the air for any additional tornado warnings that may be in effect through tonight, but then we do have the potential for severe weather the next couple of days as well. So the big story this week will be the heat and the humidity and the chance for afternoon storms pretty much every day really through wednesday, so monday, tuesday and wednesday, a very similar trend and similar timing. As today, i think we’ll be dealing with partly sunny dry mornings, very hot, very humid, and then each afternoon we’ll have those showers and those thunderstorms and the the threat within these thunderstorms. The biggest threat would be torrential downpours thanks to that again, very high humidity, but also damaging wind gusts and the the potential for that small hail. So timing, similar to today those storms developing each afternoon continuing into each evening monday, tuesday and wednesday, it does look like thursday is the nicest day of the week. I know i wasn’t able to show that seven day forecast at six o’clock we weren’t didn’t, have that typical six o’clock news, because we were in a different tornado warning, but uh we’ll make sure to get that seven day updated on the web.

As soon as we can, but we are on air for about five more minutes for the severe excuse me for the tornado warning that’s issued for the uh, the south central part. I call it of uh clinton county, and so that goes until 7 15. But if we need to come on air for any additional tornado warnings this evening, of course, we will. We have additional severe thunderstorm warnings, including farther east in the southern part of sullivan county, the northern part of columbia county and within that hail, 60 mile over 60 mile, an hour wind gusts. That storm is producing there so that severe thunderstorm warning in columbia, county sullivan, county northern part of columbia county that goes until 7, 45.. So again, it will be an active night, the next several hours i think, we’ll be dealing with these storms. Continuing that north east movement – and we will come on air whenever we do need to, but this tornado warning remains in effect, just for a couple more minutes for the south central part of clinton county. So again this is radar indicated the national weather service issuing it. Just a little while ago and well before, we leave you within the next about four minutes or so i’ll give you again some tornado safety one last time. So if you do know anybody in this area and they don’t have power because of some of the those damaging wind gusts, we are streaming on the wnep app if you download the app and you go over to weather there’s, also a really good, interactive radar on The app but other things you can do right now getting to the lowest level of your home.

The safest place to be is the basement. If you don’t have a basement, the first level of your home and as many wall, getting as many walls between you and the outdoors as possible, so really the most interior part of your home away from any windows. And you can definitely protect yourself by getting under a table protecting your head, especially of course in tornadic activity in this rotation flying debris is what’s, so dangerous uh. What makes it tornadoes, of course, so dangerous, so that’s goes without saying, with anybody without shelters and especially mobile homes, so mobile homes can be and will be damaged or destroyed within tornadoes damage to roofs windows vehicles also occur not only from wind, but we’re. Also seeing hail so hail damage also likely tree damage also likely within these storms. Again, we are on air for the tornado warning, but there is this long line of storms extending acros from the northern part of the state to the southern part of the state. I think we’ll be dealing with this for the next several hours. So let me show you radar one last time before again. This tornado warning likely expires at uh, 7, 7, 15. So within the next three minutes, or so so, just recapping again, uh hail heavy rain. Frequent lightning associated with these storms, as well as uh so that’s the line that’s extending from wellsboro down into the south central part of pennsylvania. But then we also have the severe thunderstorm warning that’s in effect for sullivan county, the southern part of sullivan county and the northern part of columbia county, so that severe thunderstorm warning goes until 7, 45.

So again, we’ll come on the air whenever we need to. If there are any additional tornado warnings issued this tornado warning for the mill hall area, this part of clinton county that goes just for another minute or so, and we’ll see if it’s extended once this storm continues, that eastward progression there’s also flash flood watches, in effect, Through tomorrow, because the heavy rain associated within these storms and, of course, after last week, with some of the torrential downpours, those thunderstorms, strong and severe storms, we were dealing with last week. Flash flooding is also a big concern, not only today, but for the next couple of days as we have more storms in the forecast, the heat, the humidity that’s, the big story all week long even through the end of the week i mean we’ve got more 90s In the forecast, through the end of the week, so one last time showing you kind of all of our alerts right now, so the area shaded in yellow are the severe thunderstorm warnings that will be the one farther east in sullivan and columbia county. That goes until 7, 45, but the ones in clinton county expire just within the next minute, or so so that tornado warning just about to expire again, we will be on air if there are any additional tornado warnings issued. We’Ll also have your full forecast tonight on wnep2 at 10 o’clock and at 11 on wnep we’ll, bring you back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Thunderstorm, Severe thunderstorm watch, National Weather Service, Tornado kend Weather Briefing

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