I will be uploading this video about three and a half hours before tennocon starts, so i hope to see you there. If you don’t know a lot of tennocon is a stream, you can watch it live on twitch and you should be able to watch. It live on youtube, but you don’t get drops on youtube. You only get drops on twitch other than that. There is an in game relay event stuff like that. You can purchase with real money the online and the in person tickets. Well, in person being the merch pack, no like actual in person event and the digital ticket, mainly getting you, the barrow, caterer relay ticket, but also platinum and other things. So before tennocon starts, let’s go over the page stream schedule. Everything really because hey. Why not unite with fellow tenno from across the origin system for tennocon 2021 join the festivities from home during this fully digital all day event, as we look back on warframe’s past and take a sneak peek at spectacular things to come and yeah watch live, warframe Connect, your warframe and twitch account to get some sick drops like loki, prime and the gunblade additional details will be announced soon. I think there’s no more real details to be announced other than you know tomorrow, when the streams start prepare for the celebration now with the tennocon 2021 digital pack and tennocon 2021 merch pack yeah, i did buy those and i’ll probably do a reveal video on the Merch pack, whenever that arrives, tenno live 2021 teaser and in game relay event.

Old enemies emerge to wage. A new war join us for tenno, live at 5 p.m, et for the first ever gameplay reveal of the new war and experience a special event in game from the tenno live relay open to all tenno. I myself will be streaming when i’m, at least in the tenno live relay and most likely midway or the beginning of tennocon, depending on how i feel right. This is just the tenno live 2021 teaser trailer we’re getting the new war gameplay. You know they just said that we’ve looked at it before i’m, not gon na play this, but let’s look at the tennocon drops, since people were asking a lot about how these work we’ll quickly go over. This watch on twitch from 12 30 et to 5 pm et get the brutal vastalak gunblade when you watch tennocon on twitch for 30 consecutive minutes, with a linked account, pretty simple right starts at 12, 30 pm et. You have 30 minutes at any of this. To this time, to watch so easy tune in to tenno live on twitch at 5 p.m. Et. This is when the tennocon fun stuff starts, and this is when the live tenno live. Tennocon stuff is where they’ll show us new stuff and there will be an in game relay. Add the gilded trickster loki, prime to your arsenal by watching tenno live for 30 consecutive minutes, with a linked account, follow warframe to be notified.

When we go live yep. You can also follow me on twitch popskir. I never stream there yet really, but if i eventually do yeah have fun, i usually stream on youtube, though so sorry experience, the in game. Tenno live relay, join us in the tenno, live relay, starting at 5 pm et for a front row seat to an immersive cinematic experience stay until the end of the show to get the ceremonial tanuki longsword, skin and tanuke armor skin. There you go and then you can link twitch account here and go through that whole setup. Warframe.Com, tennocon, simple right gear up for tennocon 2021, get your digital tennocon pad ready, customize your social profiles join the conversation and more. I haven’t done this. Actually, let me quickly take a look okay clicking on that tennocon page. It pretty much takes you to create a quick badge here. Let me just save that. Ah, there you go and then things like social headers, wallpapers yeah things like that: okay cool enough, not mad, but let’s close out of that tennocon 2021 digital pack. I, as you can see, bought this well, i bought the merch pack as well. Technically i bought the pc only bundle either way you get 475 platinum. You get a tennocon ephemera sigil ship display, armor set emote glyph, look at all that beautiful and you get the barrows relay ticket should have everything sold by baro before or at least before. In this past year i can’t quite fully remember, but i will be making a video on this tomorrow and or streaming.

It we’ll see how everything goes. Then we have the tennocon 2021 merch pack, which has a shirt event: badge lanyard and acrylic charm, merch pack, exclusive glyph, merge pack, exclusive ship display and tennocon 2021 pin yeah. I bought the bundle, though, as you can see, gives you both buy now, all that so yeah they have new merch available. The stream schedule is as follows: like merch is merch right check it out. If you want welcome to tennocon at 12 30, where they go over events, giveaways and more 1pm et, we have the sound of the system pre recorded with rebecca – and you know all these guests. Oh keith, eric george cool cool cool, join us as we pull back the curtain on how your favorite sounds in the origin systems. Okay, they’re going over sounds shocking. Right sounds of the system, then, at 2 pm et live developer q, a okay, simple there. I don’t want to really go over that because what’s the point, you know what it is by the title: 3pm the art of warframe, this one’s pre recorded, hosted by danielle and we go over. I think a bunch of the art of warframe, possibly fan art. Oh no that’s, the next part, sorry, 4, 15 pm et community art show and cosplay contest. This is actually probably going to be pretty hype most likely. I will be streaming by the time the art of warframe starts happening, or at least community art show cause.

I wan na live stream, co stream, antenna live and this community art cosplay contest part because you know that’s, pretty cool and possibly the art of warframe we’ll see how that goes. Anyways we have tenno live at 5 p.m, hosts becca, ford guests, steve sheldon, scott and jeff, and this is where we’ll go over the main things: the biggest reveals, prizes, etc. So i’ll definitely be watching this, hopefully i’ll see you there as well and to top it off, they have charity with the unity project here and sponsors omen and amd ryzen owen, gaminghub yup. So that is today’s schedule for tennocon. I hope to see some of you in the stream, but since i am on youtube and not linked with warframe or anything because youtube, you don’t get any drops from youtube or anything like that, so tough life, it is what it is. So sad, like video subscribe, like favorite check out some of my other videos and check me out if i’m live, if you dislike it dislike cry, run away it’s up to you really.

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