Warframe, Digital Extremes, 2021, Twitch – Baro Ki'Teer Returnes? Exclusive Tennocon 2021 Relay!

We rare really really because wow, okay, i know you rallies – are water frame but she’s, obviously desperate to be in the water. This is normal barrow. This is his normal, bring depending on what platform you are depends where he actually turned up. This is not the barrel we are here to see. Is it he has such a limited quantity of. Brings that i’m interested to see if he’s brought this or not because it’s time to head to the special relay and see the special barrel, because, like every year, there’s two of them could quite possibly be because well that’s happening today. Do not forget on any circumstances. Uh you want to be on this really between 5 p.m, et and onwards. I don’t know how long tenno lives going to last, but during tenno live they will be doing a massive reveal on the relay. So you want to be there then, but barrow is there and it says it’s on earth. So you go to earth and you go to there. I see that there is a ton of tennocon stuff that will be happening here, really kind of expected, tennocon stuff to be plastered all over this thing, but nope what it will be before i even go in there, as you can see, is half of everybody who Plays this game goes running in there um, oh um, why does it say why isn’t, it usually f? Have i just been pressing the wrong k this whole time anyway? This really is special, because during tenno live they will be showing sneak peeks of what they are showing during tenno live.

We can all take guesses as to what it is. They have shown a little bit about the new war, but coming here, you’ll be able to get an armor set a long sword skin and well, if you link you are there, i knew it. If you link your warframe account to your twitch account and watch the stream as well you’ll, be able to get a loki, prime, but being in here is going to be kind of a huge thing and you can see it there. That is what i expected to see outside. That is what is going to make this a special relay. The tennocon logo is basically going to be absolutely everywhere, and there it is with a massive countdown to when tenno live starts. I’M, actually, really surprised. This thing is here because, well i just am um well that’s a resource and a damage, so you know what? Ah, no, you know i want to but i’m not i’m going to save my blessing until tenno live actually start and then kind of do it towards the end of that. But oh look, barrow is here and there is that many people around him. The names have blurred into one massive shadow, uh yeah. Why is this? You may be asking well that’s, because this barrow has something kind of special uh. He has brought everything and it is there. The ketiah moa pet skin is in fact there. So he has in fact brought everything.

There is a few key questions. I know people are going to want answers to before anything else, but when i say everything i mean absolutely everything he has ever sold, he is currently selling. Yes, you do need the digital tickets to be able to come in and buy anything from him, but it’s everything everything he has ever bought brought sorry every weapon, and i mean everyone from the optical vandal that to be fair, the event is ongoing, so do not Buy that from him now, unless you don’t want to do the event, but the event is literally right: there, the zyloxia, the supra, the hawk and all wraith you’re, going to see the prisma machetes. Where is it well actually that’s? A good question did they fix the skin on it and where is it there? There’S the prismas and huh that’s, the machete wraith, so he’s actually missing something because the prisma machete is not here. No there, it is it’s just in the wrong place and they did fix the image of it. It is showing the image of the prisma machete everything he has ever brought. He is currently selling, which includes every primed mod he has ever sold and he should be in order for spelling uh prime smite in the right place, which means i can answer the one question i know so many people are waiting to see if it’s going to Turn up is: is this prime chamber here, uh, hmm gon na have to go with? No, i guess you get away with it and that right there is why i didn’t do it.

Although people will, i will save mine for when the actual tenno live happens and the reason i’m seeing towards the end is so that doesn’t happen, because you have to remember it’s an hour long event, and that was three people just did that blessing. At the same time, they don’t stack. It goes for three hours and only three hours. If you have multiples it’s, actually the affinities at the bottom yeah all mastery rank 30s and 31s legendaries, as in they’re now called, should all know that you can only cast one. They do not stack also, i haven’t been in here for 40 minutes. What that must be from the previous really everything every single thing he has ever brought fireworks pedestal prime, should be in here somewhere noggles everything he has everything the normal barrow has brought this week on console or on pc, because this is everywhere. He has brought absolutely everything to every platform because well, this relay is also live on consoles, as well as pc and on console. He’S brought exactly the same thing: it’s on earth it’s the special tennocon relay the massive timers right there for tenno live. You want to be in here when that starts, because you will be able to get all the sneak peeks and the armor there’s the weapon skin watching and having twitch link to your warframe account means you can get a hold of a free loki, prime and yeah. If you watch between 12 30 80 that’s 12, 30 pm 80, and this starting at five, which has me about an hour out from when i thought that was, i was almost about to miss 10 alive.

Hmm that wouldn’t have gone down well. But if you watch between when tennocon starts at 12, 30 pm 80 and 5 pm 80, with your twitch and warframe accounts linked. If you haven’t re linked since uh february before february, i should say uh, you need to re link the accounts, because when they added the twitch drops 2.0, you had to re link. Then, if you haven’t, you read that because you can get a hold of the new gun blade, that is the free weapon for tennocon of this year. I would have preferred a new moped, but hey i’m, just being picky, and with that i think we’ll leave this off here for at least the next um two hours.

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