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Thank you. So much yeah really good! Thank you. I would just start by looking back on saturday if i may, a two nil series done and dusted. I guess that was the perfect thing you could have imagined for when coming into this sort of bubble. This time last week, yeah um, you know to take the series uh two games in uh, um, there’s, obviously massive credit to the team um. You know with such a tight turnaround to to get a group of players together, um to be able to put that all to one side and go out and put in those two performances that we’ve done. Um is just you know, an incredible achievement. Um, you know given what’s happened and for you personally 100 caps on on saturday. How special was it that you got to do that occasion in front of a full house at lourdes um yeah? I mean you know it was a great day to to receive that cap. Um, you know doing it at a special place was um. You know, i obviously feel very, very lucky to be able to receive it that lots um, but i think you know the the most important thing about that day was continuing on the the work that we put in after that first odi, and we managed to do That um and we managed another convincing win so um. You know it’ll be great to look back on the indie career.

You know certain little individual milestones like that. But um you know overall, coming away with a win was the most pleasing thing and i’m, not sure. If it’s the right word to talk about legacy, but we saw when england lost a couple of quick wickets at the top there, maybe in in times gone by, they would have looked to rebuild. But are we seeing owen morgan’s legacy on white ball cricket? The fact that phil and james came out, and regardless of wickets, lost, maintain that positivity, i think so and that’s. One thing that i you know said when we had a wrap up this morning was um. One of the most pleasing things was seeing how the the inexperienced, guys in the teams, reacted to that sort of tricky period we had in the middle um, and that was we were only possible to sort of play like that, because we were ahead of the game On the back of how vinci, um and sulzi played um, you know, sometimes, when you look to rebuild, you can sort of fall behind the run rate and get yourself into a bit more of a tricky situation. But you know the way that everyone came out there and tried to start their earnings in a positive way allowed us to get up to a score and that we might not have sort of thought we could have got to. But you know that partnership at the top between salty and vinci was great and um lewis and bryden.

You know obviously adding those runs. Um were massively crucial to the score that we ended up getting and just going back to the the first odi at the toss. Where he said jokingly, said there’s 11 changes and you couldn’t remember: half the caps you presented now like phil was talking yesterday and saying you’ve made everyone feel relaxed. Was that uh was that at the front of your mind on on thursday or on last week? I think the first odi at the toss just to keep everyone calm and that tone you sort of set the tone really from that sort of interview really yeah. I think so, and i think you know being under morgue’s captaincy for such a long period of time. Now um have an understanding of you know what works well in this environment and i wasn’t at all going to try and change morgz’s mindset towards how he wants the group to feel how he wants the group to play. So i was very conscious that i’m just going to try my best to continue that, albeit you know, morgs isn’t here we’ve got a different team. I just wanted to make sure that making everyone feel as comfortable as possible and and still making sure that sort of letting everyone know that we’re going to continue playing the way that mogs has led us um, and you know i hope that it’s helped in some Way to the guys coming in um and making debuts, and you know taking a bit of nerves and a bit of pressure off their shoulders so um, i hope it’s worked.

I don’t know if it has but um from the results um that we’ve had um i’d. Like to say that it has, and just finally on the football last night you’re, a man who’s, obviously been there and yourself losing major finals to them bounce back and become a world champion. What message do you have for gareth, southgate and the boys? I think you know they’ll be absolutely devastated tonight and last night, obviously no doubt, but what they’ve managed to achieve um you know over this period of time is, is incredible um. You know the nation has been. You know completely captured by what they’ve done on the field. Obviously everyone in the nation would have loved to see um england win, but you know just watching the games. You know you feel a real um. You know connection to the team. The way that garrosh led the way that gareth speaks um, i think he’s been phenomenal in everything that he’s done, and you know us as a as a national team alongside them, you know, albeit different sports um. You know we’re just incredibly proud of what they’ve managed to have done and um. You know they’re such a young team, full of talent that um you know the sky’s the limit for them. So many more years ahead, they’ve got so many more tournaments to go and prove themselves in, but um in my eyes and everyone else’s eyes in this changing rooms. Um they’re absolute legends, already perfect, go out tomorrow.

Thanks thanks scott rory we’ll cross over to you and then george after that, thanks yeah, just just to carry on that theme for just a second ben um thinking back to the 2019 world cup joffra said that you told him. You know these one moment in a final won’t define you is that you know i mean you’ve walked that walk as well as as well as talked it. You know. Is that something that you think those england players will be able to to realize eventually uh. Well, i hope so you know you look at where they’ve gone over the last two three years um, you know the things that they’ve managed to achieve, and you know, as i said, they’re just such a young team at the moment that they’ve got so much more Time on their hands to go out and win trophies for england, um and that’s what they’re probably blessed with as youth. But you know it never has an england team being so exciting to watch um i’ve i’m, not massively into my football like some of the other lads are but i’ve absolutely watched. Every time. They’Ve walked out into the field and they’re just a real, exciting team to watch at the moment. So you know, they’ll be devastating and it’ll probably hurt for you know a few more weeks but um, you know i’m sure once they get over it and have an understanding of what they’re able to achieve that.

Um there’ll be a lot bigger occasions, um to come. For those guys, no doubt talking about exciting to watch uh sake. Mahmoud, has has really been a bit of a thrill in this series. He’S someone who’s he’s, been around the group and he’s traveled he’s been on tours with you guys, but he’s he’s, maybe never quite had had his moment and then these last couple of games he just seems to have just hit a new level. Just a word on what it’s been like to captain him and and see him sort of fly through the gears yeah. I think you know, obviously with what happened with the squad. You know getting wiped out and then having to to come together and pull the new squad together and try to take any pod. Was that what we could and the one positive from it was that we’re able to see um, you know guys come out and play who’ve been on the fringe. Who’Ve been in around the team for a long time, who’ve been in and out, but i think you know saki coming into this team and being the um, the senior bowler has done him the world of good um. He hasn’t been phased by anything. You know he’s been taking the new ball. I’Ve asked him to come back on at crucial times in both games, um and he’s performed really well so um. You know from an injured individual point of view from here missed on him, the world of good um and, from an england point of view, um it’s, another player that lads are going to have to look over the shoulder for because um, you know, it’s very tough To to perform as a player when you’re in and out all the time you get in the odd game here and there, but um these first two games with the responsibility on the shoulders that he’s had he’s come out on top and he’s performed really really well And if you get in babar azam, twice in two innings cheaply, really that’s that’s, no bad sign, will he be eager to to get a third chance? Do you reckon oh 100? Um? You know saki.

He to me. He always seems like he wants the ball in his hand. You know balls him. Two five over spells one six over spell um and he loves every minute of it and i think he just loves being in those situations where you know he’s expected to be the man to come on and change the game and he’s done it every single time. He’S come on the ball for me, this series, so yeah it’s real pleasing, go for george okay good night again ben um. Did you see that we’ve lost a championship game overnight? Uh it’s been uh abandoned uh because of covid. I wondered whether there was any talk yet about uh bubble, head of the india test series in particular, and how you feel about that as a prospect, because presumably um they’ve lost their their novelty value. I won’t quite say: they’ve lost a novelty value, but you know all these things get put in place to to make sure that we stay as safe as possible um and there i’ve got no doubt that things have had to go back to the drawing board. Maybe i’m fortunate enough that you know that’s well above my pay grade and i’d have to worry about that kind of stuff, but um, you know everything that gets done from the medical side of you is always to ensure the safety of the players and and the Backroom staff on on these trips, so um nothing’s, been set in stone about what’s, going to happen in the new series.

Yet um, but everything’s been done in the right way. You sound quite phlegmatic about it, really that if it has to happen you just sort of get on with it. Well, yeah, i mean you sort of have to you know it’s it’s, one of these things where you have to make sacrifices um, but you know at the same time, you also need to to consider um. You know you know welfare as well. As you know, getting people out on the park and because living bubble life is very, very tough um. You know going from hotel to qriket ground on a daily basis. Um. You know it can get to you um. So there is a lot that needs to be thought about um, a from uh keeping everyone as safe as possible, but also making sure that you know we’re. We are being looked after from you know, from the mental side. Um, because you know being in bubbles, is very, very tough. Okay, thank you. Lizzie did you want to go next in the nelly? I’Ll go to you after that, thanks matt, hi ben um. Obviously, because of the circumstances you came back a bit earlier than you were planning to to international cricket has um, have you managed to get to all right, no impacts? Obviously, you’ve got a really intense schedule coming up over the next couple of months, but no concerns um yeah, i mean look, it was very short now it was coming back into the into the team, but you know um, you know, needs must um with this um Music – and you know we’ve, obviously got a hell of a busy summer.

Still, you know, we’ve got the um, the t20s, the 100th and then the indie series and then more winter trips brought t20 world cup ashes. So um, you know there’s a lot of qriket still to come up, but um, you know finger wise. You know there’s still, there’s still a little it’s more annoying me now at this moment um. But you know, as it is with you know: i’ve had finger injuries in the past. They never just turned themselves around quickly, um, so yeah um as frustrating it is. But you know all the medical team are doing a great job of managing it and just making sure we’re doing what we need to do. Thanks hi ben um, uh i’m, just wondering how how sort of desperate you are to play in the hundred there’s been a bit of chat that, because of the sort of coveted situation that test players may actually have to end up being kept away from the tournament. Would that be a frustration for you? If that was the case, are you really keen to get involved? It would be yeah very frustrated to not be able to participate in that um. You know it’s, you know it’s massive event for um for england and we want to be part of that um. You know because we know how big a role players play in you know: making a franchise, competition, big um, and if you know the the test players were unable to play in a competition because of covert.

You know that would be pretty devastating cool. Thank you. Hi ben um the amount of sort of depth we’re, seeing in england’s whiteboard side now um. Do you have any kind of theories about how they’re going to be able to develop such such uh strength and depth, which is very formidable um? Well, i think one thing that’s it’s, probably with how you know vocals thought we’ve been around how we want to play in the media and stuff like that, and you know i think players see that players read that and come in and buy into the the mindset That we have, as a whiteboard group, um and everyone who’s came into this squad. Um against pakistan has um, has lived up to that. You know reputation and the mindset that we want as an england team and you know obviously it’s a different personnel that we normally see out in the field representing england. But um everyone’s gone out there and and tried to to play in the way that we want to be known as um. So for me, that’s that’s such a pleasing thing to have a group of um young players coming out of you know basically county quicker straight to international cricket and they haven’t let the occasion phase them whatsoever. So um. You know, i think the fact of us being vocal about how we want to play. Our cricket has definitely rubbed off um on guys who came into the squad.

I think that sort of strength of depth is also going to drive the the first team guys. You know on even more because they’ve got to do so well just to stay on the team with the players underneath them. Yeah i mean competition for places is, is always a great thing to have um at any level um. So you know when you get a complete jig around and you’ve got. You know a complete new squad come in and put in such good performances. Then you know that only adds to the to the expectations that’s get that gets put onto you know the the main guys shoulders when they come back thanks, tim matt. Did you want to jump? In now, Music yeah cheers hi ben um. We saw owen uh. I read on tweeting how impressive the wins have been after that after the second game. I just wondered whether you’d been in touch with him. Have you been relaying things back from what you’ve picked up in the squad or is it being left to you and all altogether uh? Now he sent me a nice message before the first game. Just said: he’s um, you know he’s there as a sounding board. If ever need to speak to anyone but um, you know, morgs is morgue he’s. You know he’s such a chilled person as you’re, all aware of and has just sort of, let me get on with what’s needed to be done, um, so yeah.

So you haven’t necessarily been his eyes and ears on players. He might not know in the squad. No, no, and has it surprised you all how well you’ve done was thinking about this the other day actually and when the when i got sent through the squad. I read through, and i was like you know, even though this is you know a last minute thing: we’ve still got a seriously strong and talented squad here and i knew we’d be able to compete against pakistan, but you know i’m, not i’d, be a lie to Say that i’m surprised with how easily we’ve managed to do it but um? You know, i think that’s just credit to everyone, who’s managed to turn up here and do that. You know that’s um. I think um, a reflection on the mindset that um you know. England has, when it comes to whiteboard cricket and just the modern day way of playing, is just to go out and express yourself. Don’T worry about the occasion and just be fearless and um. You know, i think that’s such a great thing to come out of the series as having um.

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