Concacaf Gold Cup, Canada men’s national soccer team, United States men’s national soccer team Behind The Crest: USMNT Advances to Gold Cup Knockout Round

You know it’s. Definitely an important tournament for us, it’s it’s an opportunity to win a to win a trophy and to put a stamp on our legacy really and so for us. I think it’s extremely important to one start off on the right foot and to finish with a trophy, i thought that starts getting hurt from Music y’all Music. Looking at the squads, you know you look at haiti, you look at martinique and you look at canada and you know, although some people may you know first glance, think it’s not a tough squad. I mean you know that going into the competition it’s tournament mode. Anything can happen. We’Ve already talked about it within the group that these games are so much different than any type of friendly we’re all here to win and teams will do anything for that. So you know we’ve made that clear. The coaching staff has made that clear that you know it’s extremely important to start with intensity and let that be our lead point. Every game going out and being determined to to walk off the field with three points: no matter what Music, just in case, any more reminders were needed. Yes, the us historically has been dominant along with mexico, but no, the concacaf gold cup is not easy. Get a good reach, let’s, get it going baby, get it going early, okay, guys! This is the start of our journey right. Think about this. Look around baby look around.

This is the brotherhood man we play together. We fight together that’s. What we do man say: what do you got for us bud? I set the tone for the tournament tonight boys. We have an opportunity to show people that this is a group that compete. It starts tonight. Let’S. Do it, usa, one two three: it was a lot of adrenaline. First and foremost, it was first time playing in front of a crowd in like like two years. Maybe so i think that played into giving me a lot more energy into the game and then obviously i just wanted to take that positive energy and you know, put it into a solid performance, as the united states gets. The 20 21 concacaf gold cup underway and he’s in swinging corner this time you was in the back post off the bar from zimmerman Applause, Music Applause. To get to a final. In any tournament, i think it’s dealing with adversity there’s always going to be games that they go exactly as you plan and then there’s going to be other games that completely throw a curveball in and you have to adjust and is there another concern for paul ariola Ariola’S day is going to be done, that’s, something that we constantly talk about is facing adversity. How do we face challenges? How do we rise up when there’s a challenge against us or something doesn’t go our way for nicholas joe keaney, replacing areola here in the opening quarter hour on the far side levees, making the late run and cutting it back at the end? Get the outside netting there to hold it in the check right.

The lower turn shock more saved by brian sylvester legit get himself back on side. He did he’ll clip this up. A second todd zimmerman saved by sebastian Applause yeah. That was unreal. You know i mean anybody changing your name is pretty cool and special, and you know i try not to think too much about a you know, it’s my first game or anything. I tried to go in there with the mindset that uh, you know we have to win that’s. What you know subs are for is, to you know, help the team win and you know that’s what i think i i went in and did well to do just to keep the energy up and give them more energy. And you know, in the end, just come out with three points numbers running in finds the cross, not gon na find dk sylvester the same as it finishes in kansas city. The united states won haiti nil all right here. We here we go starting point. Fourth, thing is three pointers. The other thing is, i think, it’s clear. We all think we can play better and we will play better. We should be putting that game out of reach earlier than that right and that’s. The desire get the ball in front of goal. You see what happened today, you get the ball from goal when sandy scores, i think good things happen, we’ll keep going. This is the starting point and from here we go up all right and finally, a game ball.

We always give a game ball with a win, and this guy found out about five hours before the game that i was going to start and it came on and balled out right here. Thank you guys. It was a pleasure, big win. Let’S, keep it going. Let’S keep going let’s, keep it going. Applause every game in the storm is going to be tough. I think looking ahead to martinique they’re coming off a loss, so i know they’re going to want to bounce back and they’re just going to treat it as a final. Pretty much we can’t think they’re a weaker opponent or anything like that. We have to take it as this is a second game of your group and you know it’s going to be difficult and you know i think we’re prepared, but uh. You know they’re going to come out flying and we have to be ready for that. No matter what the side is, you know tackle’s going to be flying it’s going to be intense game and we have to match – or you know better, the other team’s intensity and we have to bring it there and the squad we have. You know with the dedication – and you know the the chip on our shoulder that we play with, i think we’ll, you know, bring the intensity there. We go sam, i don’t know what you did you fixed it. Okay, guys we talked about this. The ball does the work.

The ball does the work we wear down. Half time we come in and they’re dead, already huh they’re dead, already well in in front of the penalty box. Take chances. Take risks get the ball in front of goal, guys one two: three: it is concacaf gold cup after dark and can the united states with a win clips their spot in the next round? We are underway d.k. Does it again on his second start, his second goal and a great start for the us against martinique roll back for rolled on rolled on we’ll cross it in hoppy waiting for it try to bring it down able to recover it’s held in hoppy the back heel Off the bar d.k, the follow up it’s cleared up in the air who’s gon na climb it. Who cares two nil, united states bounces all the way through williamson there to get it williamson trying to resell the doorstep. Miles robinson is there and the us cashes in for their third goal early in the second half. Has it now playing it back in, for dk, got back to a dk Applause himself and scores Applause, all right. We talked about wanting to improve each game. We certainly did that this game now we’re looking forward to doing it in the next game right. We know what this next game is going to be about, so prepare right now, right, we’re in a race against canada who can recover quicker and get ready to play.

Really happy with the win and we’re in good position now it’s just about winning the next game.

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