Concacaf Gold Cup, Canada men’s national soccer team, United States men’s national soccer team Busio's family cheers on USMNT

s roster features 19 year old sporting kc star jean lucabusio and overland park native nicholas joachini team usa’s debut match against haiti wrapped up just moments ago at children’s mercy park. Just on the run from zimmerman moore on the deck took a deflection. Zardoz helps it along sam vines. Is there seven minutes to get the us on the board of the gold cup? Well, the u.s needed less than seven minutes to send the casey crowd into an absolute frenzy. Sam vines finds the back of the net, which was the difference in a one nil. Victory busio did check in at the 62nd minute so for more on the match and why tonight is really significant for kansas, city’s future as a whole let’s send it out to neil jones. Who’S live at children’s mercy park neil. How was the scene out there? You know the fans were thrilled. We had a chance kenny, ellery, my photographer, and i had a chance to talk to about 25 to 30 fans as they were, leaving the stadium a few moments ago. Everybody had a good time. The only negative if there is a negative is that the stands were not filled and there were a number of fans who brought that up. There are only twelve thousand fans in a stadium that seats. Nineteen thousand the people here say it’s, because it is a holiday time. It is also was a match that was not seen as a huge match.

This. The the match next sunday against canada is a sellout thursday’s match is considered to be very close to a sellout, but that was the only negative on a night that was fabulous. Nice cool weather, nobody melted, but danny it’s, interesting, usually in a one nil match the biggest moment for the crowd is when they score the goal. In this case, the biggest moment came, as you said, in the 62nd minute, when john lucabuzzio kansas city went to school. Here grew up here from the time he was 14 on. He got to go into the match. That was big moments ago. I had a chance to talk about it with his mom dion boozio. What was it like when your son took off his warm up and entered the match? It was electric it was. We stood up. I was so excited. It was like everything came together in that moment, and it was so happy and the electricity from the crowd screaming his name and thinking about all the things he’s done to get there and what we went through to get him there. It was fantastic and then, of course not only does he get in the match, but he almost scores a goal: that’s what he does you’ve watched him, do it a million times but doing it on this stage i know unbelievable. Most people would not believe that i’m. Actually speechless because i talk all the time, but it was fabulous.

So what was your heart rate when he got in the match and then got that opportunity to score a goal? Oh gosh, probably close to heart attack, slash stroke range with the rate that it was going. It was just i couldn’t sit down. I was filming and talking and answering text all at the same time and trying to film him so you’ve got family in italy. You’Ve got family back in north carolina, were they able to watch the match or were you filling them in by a phone not in italy, wouldn’t play over there, but in north carolina and anywhere else in new york and phoenix everybody was watching. And finally, one last question: what do you do you meet him now you go out and have a steak with your son and have a great time what’s the reality. Yeah. The reality is he’s still in camp, so he can’t see us. We got a hug after the game, he got to take pictures with his friends and then he was gone. So speaking of friends, we have one of uh, john lucas, best friends from north carolina what’s, your name. My name is ronan martinez, jenny what’s it like seeing him: oh it’s, unbelievable, unbelievable it’s, so surreal um, i mean he’s. We he’s talked about he’s dreamed about this moment for his entire life, and i couldn’t be couldn’t, be happier for him making this making his uh. First appearance on the u.

s national team and it was unbelievable to see him and see him play tonight, so the mom and his best friend guess what they’re going to do tomorrow, danny they’re, going to go out and get them some barbecue the day after that, more Barbecue they’re going to compare north carolina barbecue to kansas city, barbecue they’re, going to go to art they’re, going to go to all the great places that is going to be their end of the week. Now we were talking a little bit about about the crowd. The reason we’re concerned about the crowd size out here is simple danny. As you know, kansas city is trying to impress usa soccer officials that they need to be a host city. When the world cup comes here in 2026., we got passed over beaten out by dallas. The last time the men’s world cup was in the united states. They don’t want that to happen again. In all other ways, everybody said: kansas city has been a great host so far, awesome neil. That sounds great and yes, we are making a big push for that.

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