Concacaf Gold Cup, Canada men’s national soccer team, United States men’s national soccer team Extended Highlights: Martinique 1-6 USA Gold Cup 2021

Well, once hope he got the ball. He had all sorts of time and space to be able to pick out his target and there’s no better target to pick out than daryl tk beautifully redirected. Header zeal is planted to his goal, line Applause and it’s a flying start for the americans. Dk, flag stays down rolled up looking for hopi awkward, first touch and martini comes away with it back for hopi cuts it back for busio dk on the follow up. He can’t get it to go and somehow it goes in well, it might have been scored by dk, but watch this hit from pusio Applause and that actually looked like it was going to be off the frame. Maybe after further review. They’Ll rule this as an own goal, but for the moment it stands as daryl d and what gays awkward bizarre sequence says: good, looking free kick and that’s turner fellow claims it bouzio now it’s jack moore lines up across and it ends up being a shot at The end and the save made by jill knocked off the ball, no call from the official, and here comes martinique. The other way trying to catch matt turner off for his line. Americans will go again zimmerman skips around the defender walker zimmerman. Has it saved by seal lucille well done, killed back rolled down on the first time and what a save that is for zeal. Lucio again williamson will track it down numbers still available, just lost it in and it’s miles, robinson it’s, a third for the americans.

Applause totally unmarked and once it recycled, martinique were really struggling to find bodies and match up and then miles robinson, the thumping header forward, thanks good to cook it here for martinique, johnny maracho elects to take it early turner with the save then gobbles it up before Shock more hold on kind of roll it through dk just muscling his way through it’s daryl dk again, that is most definitely his second goal tonight and while it wasn’t the cleanest, the first touches he made up for it for everything. After that, just raw power, technical ability and spatial awareness off defenders like they’re, not even there takes an awkward deflection, acrobatic attempt blocked by zimmerman and even further away by roll down but i’m, nearly out of danger back into the middle and martinique almost pulled one back. Riviere buries it Applause and he just totally looked off turner the wrong way and ends up going to his left that’s, an enticing ball for sardis. He could be in here. One defender to beat zardes goes for goal. What a clean finish that is: it’s what he does! He puts the ball into the back of the net and, while he might add a runner at the back post and joe akini here goes zardis again, not the cleanest. The first touches and joe bikini that close to making it half a dozen Applause young timon, putting the moves on he goes for the curler mule. He can hit him from distance squirts out cabuccio across and it’s an easy one for joakini Applause.

All it took was a redirected shot from nicholas joe bikini. It looked like it was offside, you can let vir go back and fix it.

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