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Transfer news of the last week, so let’s get straight into this before we get into this video guys. If you haven’t already do leave a big thumbs up on this video let’s get up to 60 likes on this one. Let’S get 4k subscribers as well guys subscribe to the channel. If you haven’t already, our target is 4k by the time the season starts and make sure to look out for our league, one league two and national league predictions which will all be coming out in the next week. We’Ll start at andrews where birmingham city have signed young manchester, united winger tahith chong on a season long loan. Now this guy is a 21 year old winger and he is a very promising product for manchester united. This guy is going to be good in the future. He’S only made five appearances for manchester united, so he hasn’t made his breakthrough just yet, but he’s been on a few loans and this season he’s going to birmingham city in the championship – and this is going to be some good experience for tahith chong, i’m still undecided. As to how much game time is probably going to get for birmingham city as lee bo, is the manager how much game time will he give to chong? Is he going to be a rotation player, or will he bring him straight into that starting 11. it’s going to depend on what kind of formation he goes with for the season, but this guy is good and it’s a good signing for birmingham.

Next then, norwich city left back sam mccallum is going on a season long loan to queen’s park rangers now this player, i know very well as he played for my team coventry city through the last couple of years. He was on a season long loan for us last year and he made 41 appearances in the championship, so that’s really good championship experience for him as he moves to another championship. Team now in queens park rangers and i’ve said before queensford rangers they’re building an exciting team for the championship next year, they’re one of my favorites to get into the playoffs and sam mccann is a really good left back. I didn’t think he would get much game time for norwich as they’re now in the premier league, but for qpr. This guy could be pretty good next, then, to oak well, where barnes have let their youngster luke thomas go on a season long loan to bristol rovers. Now, once again, i know this player quite well. He played for coventry when we were in league one. One thing people did criticize him for was. He was really good at getting past players, but then sometimes lacks the end product, but i think this guy’s pretty faultless. To be honest, he scored some big goals for us. He got some big assists and i think for league two. This is a very good signing for bristol rovers, who are gon na, be one of my favorites to go up from league two, this guy’s very good and, to be honest, i’m surprised bristol rover’s got him in league two.

This guy’s gon na be very good. Next, then, we go to newly promoted, peterborough united, who have made yet another addition to their squad as they build for a championship return. They have signed emmanuel fernandez from ramsgate. Now this guy’s, a young defender, he’s 19 years old, but he’s promising they’ve, signed this guy. On a two year deal and i think, they’re going to see what he’s, like maybe a squad player, maybe one for the future. Next up to the ricoh arena, then, where coventry city have signed victor yachares from brighton and hove albion, now he’s returned to coventry. After a loan spell last season, i thought it was quite decent. It took a few games to adapt, but he got a couple of goals towards the end of the season and there was criticisms when he came in that he had a loan spent at swansea city. Where he didn’t do so well, i think he scored one goal in about 16 games, but first he scored three goals in probably about the same amount of games, and he was a pretty useful player. We’Ve signed him on an undisclosed feed deal he’s a 23 year old, striker we’ve signed it for three years. So now i think obviously you’ve got four decent strikers. We’Ve got martin waghorn we’ve got victor jocarez, matty, gordon and tyler walker, that’s, not bad. For the championship. Coventry next then swansea’s easy defender, kieran freeman has signed for portsmouth football club in ligue 1 on a free.

Now this one’s on a two year deal. He was released from swansea city the 29 year old defender and portsmouth have gobbled him up for their squad and, as you can see, swansea clearing some players out, so they can bring it. Some more young, luton town defender, cory panter, has gone to newly promoted dundee in the scottish premiership on a season long loan. Now this guy is only 20 years old, but it’ll be interesting to see how much game time he gets in the scottish premiership luton town will be hoping he picks up some experience there. Next then huddersfield town, where they’ve seen a few players go over last week. We’Ll start with kieran phillips who’s gone on a season, long loan to warsaw, this guy’s a 21 year old striker, maybe too young to get into huddersfield’s team. So maybe he’ll pick up some experience in league two for warsaw. Huddersfield i’ve also seen alex pritchard sign a two year deal for league one sunderland football club. Now, if i was a sunderland fan, i’d be pretty happy with this one. This guy’s really experienced. He played huddersfield over the last three years, making about 80 or so appearances scoring a couple of goals. He also played for norwich a couple years before that picked up some more appearances and goals and he’s really experienced in the championship. So i think alex pritchard who’s. Only 28 will be a good player for league one sunderland.

So then guys that wraps up the latest championship transfer news. Let me know your thoughts on those signings down in the comments make sure you’ve left a like on the video subscribe. If you are new and we’ll see you in the next one peace out, thank you for watching today’s video. If you want to see more my sp content, please go over to instagram facebook and tick tock, where you can find me mysp more content coming your way.

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Derby County Football Club, Manchester United F.C., Wayne Rooney, Manchester, Ravel Morrison, EFL Championship The Championship Transfer Rumour Round-Up! ft. Matheus Pereira, Ben Davies & Ravel Morrison!

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