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But without any further ado, let’s hop into talking about some completed deals, starting out with the chelsea left back joanne castillo he’s completed a season long low move to birmingham. Birmingham already had a couple of options in the area, obviously steve seddon who’s coming through and christian pedersen as well, but he comes in as another option on that side can also play in midfield as well and take tron comes on loan from manchester united for this Season adds a little bit more flowing dynamism to that birmingham forward line. I think that quite a few championship, clubs will be going quite hard on the low market this summer, especially with how the pandemic’s going to impact clubs, finances and things like that. So uh yeah a decent little deal for birmingham there, jordan notcher joins qpr on a free transfer after his contract had expired at middlesbrough. This comes after the departures of the likes of liam kelly and joe lundley, so you’d expect archer to come in as that sort of backup option to send yang ryan longman has joined hall for the season. He comes on loan from brighton. This comes after an impressive season last time around in ligue 1 with afc wimbledon. He can play pretty much anywhere across midfield or up front. He was quite good for goal scoring actually he’s got eight goals in league. One liam walsh completed his move to swansea city. This comes after his contract head, expired at bristol city and they couldn’t come to an agreement with a new deal if he manages to keep himself fit.

This could turn out to be one of the bargain buyers of the summer, with the 23 year old, still having plenty of potential, victor gerkiros has completed a permanent move to coventry. Obviously the swedish striker spent the second half of last season on loan at coventry and he has now penned a three year deal with them. He scored three goals in 19: appearances for coventry in the second half of the season. The fee, i think, is believed to be around about the one million mark commentary fans. What do you make of this? One qpr have completed the low move for norwich fullback sam mckellen. I thought he was quite impressive, actually last season in the championship, as he was loaned out to coventry he’s comfortable playing either as a left back or a little bit further forward as a left wing back so we’ll suit, qps or flexibility at the back defensively. I think he’s quite assured, jimmy dean who’s also completely moved to qpr the 23 year old defender turned down the new deal at burnley in the search of first team football, and he adds another option to qpr at the back next season. The defense has previously been linked to likes of pressure north end and swansea, but qpr have managed to get this deal over. The line. Stoke city midfielder peter esteban, has completed a season. Long loan deal to watford uh, decent player, peter beau, just that he’s one of the higher earners there at stoke.

So they were looking to get him off the wage bill. Once again, he’s had two previous loan spells out to guitar fee and then galatasaray. Shame that we didn’t get to see all too much of that bow in a stoked shirt. West brom have completed the deal for the portuguese midfielder kreven moses. The teenager comes in after previously having trials with arsenal and spending some time with the chelsea under 23s. Well, of course, the big deal comes from michael elise, who has completed a move to crystal palace, with the fee believed to be only around 8 million pounds. I think that crystal palace have got an absolute bargain with that deal there elisa last season was named as the championship young player of the year after the 19 year old, absolutely ripped things up in the championship. He got 19 goal contributions that season. He was one of the most creative players in the league, absolutely wicked, on the ball and superb from dead ball situations as well. You know imagining him linking up with like zahara and essay next season at palace. That could be an absolute dream, but yeah running have lost a massive player there, but it was probably to be expected wasn’t there, but guys those are some of the complete deals that we’ve seen go through in the championship over the past week or so now. Without any further ado, let’s hop into some rumors, starting out with a bit of a nice story, really that’s sol bamba, who is currently training with middlesbrough, linking up with his former manager, neil warnock, who he’s previously worked with at both cardiff and leeds now.

Obviously, seoul bamberg had a really tough time. You know uh recently with the diagnosis and then his recovery last season. He’S now got the chance to train at middlesbrough to sort of build his fitness up, whether he will actually be off the contract with bro going into next season is yet to be seen, but it was worth mentioning that he is currently training with them. Both middlesbrough and swansea have been linked with the move for the former bristol city striker family, who is available on a free transfer this summer. Now you imagine that there would be quite a bit to pay in terms of wages and things like that. But to pick him up on the free transfer, someone who you know love more hate him does score goals at this level. He averaged a goal for bristol city in the championship, every three or so matches which, given they weren’t exactly the most creative side in the league over the last couple of seasons, the fact that he got into double figures with them and every season he was there In all, competitions was impressive in itself and, of course, it’s still to be expected that swansea middlesbrough are in the market for a striker. I know that swansea got a few there at the moment, but they’re all still fairly unproven, so uh yeah that’s one to certainly keep your eye on ryan giles is being linked with a move to cardiff on loan.

Four. This season he had a couple of loan spells out to the championship last time around where he did pretty well at rotherham, especially he had a low move prior to that with coventry he’s, really quite a useful player. Actually, on that left hand, side can play absolutely anywhere, whether it’s as a left, back a left wing back or into midfield he’s, 21 years old, and so still has plenty of room to grow and he’s. Absolutely rapid isn’t. He matt clark looks as if he’s on his way to west brom. He had previously been linked to sheffield united, the brighton defender, who spent the last two seasons out on loan at derby, where he’s probably been one of their best defenders during those two seasons. Last season in the premier league west brom considered 76 goals, the most of any premier league club, and so the fact that they are looking to strengthen in this area is probably sensible. John hugo has been lit with a move to nottingham forest. Now it remains to be seen whether or not norwich would be willing to let hugo go this summer with the majority of his minutes last season in the championship coming off the bench. His game time may be a little bit more limited next season in the premier league, but obviously north would have to line up a replacement beforehand. Hugo was sort of pookie’s understood last season. He also had a couple of injuries uh during that time, as well, but uh following the disappointing seasons that both lyle taylor and lewis grabbin have had now.

They only scored 10 goals between them last season, it’s, no surprise to see that forest potentially are going after a striker in this window, sam fleming has been linked with a move to nottingham forest. At the moment, this would be quite an exciting deal if forrest were able to pull this one off. As sin napoli also mentioned in the conversation for the dutch youngster he’s, just coming off the back of a terrific season in the era, division where he’s got 12 goals and got seven assists forrest really struggled with creativity last season, and so for them to be going Into this area makes sense, although it may take a seven figure sum for for us to get this deal over the line. It also begs the question what’s the future regarding joe carvalho, looking like he spent the last season out on loan there, but whether or not he’ll be reintegrated into the squad heading into next season or forrest are just looking to sell him right now. You know we’ll have to wait and see that’ll be an exciting deal, though, if they did get that one done. Adam armstrong has been heavily linked with a move to southampton at the moment. You know fresh off the back of a 28 goal season. He’S, probably one of the most sourced after strikers in the efl at the moment. So this speculation comes at no surprise and also he’s now heading into his final year at blackburn.

So they’re gon na need to make a decision on him pretty much this summer, whether they want to cash in or keep him for the season now, with the rumor to southampton it’s a little bit more interesting because a potential swap deal could be happening plus cash. Michael obafemi who’s at southampton, who blackburn had been a fan of previously, could potentially be used as part of this deal as sort of a player plus cash exchange. Border yeah that’ll certainly be an interesting one. Now. Last time we spoke about wolves’s interest in fulham fallback, anthony robinson and now manchester city are also in the race for signing the fulham fullback. I don’t think it would be the worst cell in the world for fulham, i quite like robinson, but if they were able to get a decent figure for him, then bring joe bryan back into the squad. It’S, not a bad situation. Barnsley are after burnley, midfielder josh benson, following departure of alex barnsley are obviously looking into their midfield as an area to strengthen he’s 21 years old. Very much takes a lot of boxes for what barnsley are looking for and fits into their sort of recruitment strategy. Last season, benson featured in six premier league matches for burnley, but they’re, yet to come to any sort of agreement with the club. Kyle edwards is currently on trial. With reading, i believe he featured in their most recent pre season, friendly after being let go by west brom this summer.

He is now available on a free transfer. 23 year old winger still has a bit to prove i’d. Imagine that he get a move somewhere to the championship. Uh this season, it’s just a question of whether reading wants to take up the option of giving him a contract. Bristol city have been linked to michael smith. The rotherham united striker has attracted plenty of interest. So far, i think we’ve spoken previously about middlesbrough’s interest in smith, he’s coming off the back of a 10 goal season with rotherham last time round and there’s a real handful for defenders. At this level, he won seven aerial duels per 90 with rotherham last season, which makes him one of the most effective sort of target men in the league after the departure of jeju this summer from bristol city. Their strike is what they’re, after next up then let’s get into the derby county section of today’s video, because they’ve got a lot of people who are on trial at the moment, and derby are sort of going to be forced to go into the free agents market. Because of the current situation, they’re in the first place, they’ve been linked to under is on trial with them at the moment, or at least training with them is ravel morrison the 28 year old, once again, he’s looking to relaunch his career in england, now he’s, not Particularly played a lot of football over the past three or so seasons.

The most amount of matches, he’s managed in the last three seasons – are nine it’s, a gamble, but, as darby aren’t really left with much else, it may be a gamble worth taking. So the aluko is also training with derby at the moment. After being, let go by reading his time, reading really fizzled out and towards the end of it didn’t they. It was a move that at the time, there was quite a bit of hype about with the amount of money that reading put down for him, but yeah a move that didn’t work out at all he’s 32 years old now and he’s. Looking for another chance in the championship and sam bolduc is also training with derby at the moment, after being, let go by reading the 32 year old didn’t score for running last season. The majority of his appearances did come off the bench. He made 16 appearances off the bench for running last season, but was another player similar to a luca where things didn’t really click for him at redding, phil jackielka is also with that derby squad. At the moment, the defender who’s set to turn ‘ years old. In august i mean he certainly adds experience to what he’s already a fairly youthful derby squad. Richard stearman is also training with derby county. At the moment, the 33 year old played 21 matches for huddersfield. In the championship last season, certainly a lot of experience would be about that backline, but definitely not a lot of pace in there and goalkeeper ryan alsop is also training with the squad.

At the moment i mean also had his moments, certainly for wickham last season, considering he only made 29 starts to them. Only nine other championship, goalkeepers made more saves last season than also did which showed you just how busy he was between the stakes. Middlesbrough are said to be confident of completing a deal for argentinian midfielder martin pereiro. Now this one would be subject to the play, getting a work permit in england, as obviously he’d be coming over from argentina, but would be a really exciting deal. Nonetheless, middlesbrough, probably in need of a little bit of craft and invention into that midfield, scott dan could be on his way to the championship after bournemouth have registered an interest in the defender following on from his release from crystal palace this summer, after not featuring for Liverpool in the second half of last season, ben davis could be made available for a season long loan, with both celtic and bournemouth reigniting their interest in the defender now, i’ve, obviously already seen ben pacer made that move from preston to bournemouth ben davis could do the Same with liverpool in between but yeah bulma fans, trust me when we told you that ben payton was good. I think that ben davis could even be a step up of him he’s absolute class it’s, a shame that he’s not been given the chance at liverpool. So far, but yeah for either bournemouth or celtic he’d be an absolute wonder.

Sheffield united want to get a move over the line for the wolves defender, dion sanderson. Now already in this transfer window, he’s been linked around to several clubs. He’S had a few decent loan spells out to sunderland and to cardiff. Newcastle and sunderland have both been linked to the defender, but sheffield united are looking to fend off any interest and get this deal done. Last time we spoke about harry wilson’s links back to the championship and their potential low moves to swansea that could have been on the cards, but new boys brentford could be in the market for wilson this summer, as they prepare a reported 10 million pound bid for The wing gear – obviously, if this was to come through then wilson, wouldn’t be made available to for another loan spell in the championship, so that move to brentford could have quite the knock on effects for other clubs in the market. I will finish this day off with a bit of matthias pereira. News now, west brom have reportedly received a bid for him only in the region of around about six or seven million pounds, though that comes from the saudi arabian team. Al hilal, it’s already been reported by other journalists, and things like that that west brom would be looking for a feed. You know in the region of around about 25 million pounds at tula pereira ago. This summer pereira also has his admirers in the premier league, but it’s interesting to see that that first, like concrete offer has come in three, might expect it to be the first of many, but guys that will wrap it up for today’s video.

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