Formula 1, British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull Racing, Silverstone Circuit, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team 2020 No. 63 Mercedes Petronas F1 W11 EQ Performance Sakhir GP 1:43 Scale Model Review

Today, today’s review will be on george russell’s mercedes ride from the sakia grand prix. This is a beautiful spark model i picked up from replicas. I will put in the description below the order links for the spark version and the mini champs version. There is a mini champs version going to be made sometime down the road, but for now we have the resin cast model version from spark. This was the one i pre ordered first from replicars before i ordered the mini chance version to go along with it. Now, when we get the mini chance version, we’ll probably do some sort of comparison between the two of them, but for now we’re just going to stick with the spark model version, because i truly believe that this is going to be one of the absolute hottest models To get not only here in the united states, but also in europe and throughout the world uh, this is a great model to have. I pre ordered this not too long ago. Actually, i went for a long time without pre ordering it unfortunately – and i was very lucky to have a copy of this model, and let me tell you something: i think george russell is an incredible talent. The two top guys in f1 to me are pierre gasly and george russell, not only for their talents but for also their personalities. I truly believe george russell has the absolute fire in him to go after lewis, hamilton and the fact that he takes a williams car and qualifies in the q in the q3 and q2 on a regular basis for q2 and regular basis, but q3 as it recently.

This guy truly has deserved the merit to drive a mercedes car. I think that if he does drive a mercedes car, it is going to be a close competition between him and lewis hamilton and, quite frankly, i think in raw talent, wise. I think george russell can beat lewis hamilton in his own game and i think that this will be a great competition. But we don’t know what’s going to happen i’m hearing things out of silverstone going to come up i’m, not too big, not to really into following into what’s going on over there. But i’ve been hearing some rumors. That george might be going to mercedes, and i hope for a lot of people’s personal sake that that does indeed happen, because i think george’s, incredible talent. And i think that the fact that reviewing his first mercedes model – and i say first for a lot of different reasons – is truly a remarkable milestone here for this channel and not only that. But for the collectors for george russell as well. But anyways let’s see here. Let’S go over the box of this car here, the box comes in the 2020 version of the mercedes uh spark models and, of course, this this box was produced before the covert lockdown happened and before the covert lockdown. I believe that the mercedes colors were the traditional silver colors and that’s. Why the box has the traditional silver colors on it, because that’s what the cart that’s? What the design was before covet hit and the back of the box is about his back – is a silver black and teal green and there’s the front of the car there and there’s all the copyright stuff at the bottom.

This is the black. This is raw it’s. All black down here and um that’s pretty much it right there. So let’s slide this thing out of here and if you’re just saying all in this beauty right here, let me tell you something: you know at first i had to get used to the black livery on the uh mercedes cars. Now i absolutely freaking love them. It looks beautiful, i love the silver arrows here on the by the engine cover and towards the back back towards the rear of the car overall, fantastic livery and i’m, so glad they made a russell version of this. When george was announced to drive for mercedes for the secure grand prix, the first thing i said was: please: god get a spark model, this car and i’m so freaking glad that they actually did so and they actually made it. Because this thing is an absolute, be beauty, beauty of a car and i’m. Sorry guys, i don’t take my spark models out of the casing anymore. I like to keep the mint, so i do apologize for the lack of display here, but you can definitely see what well and clear what this model looks like and all in its beauty right here. This is a beautiful, beautiful spark model here by uh spark here. Great fantastic job by them, so let’s go over some key components of this car. We’Re gon na go over the sponsors of this car let’s see here we got some guys got mercedes.

Patronus synotum got a pirelli tommy hi flick, ifighter uh. We got number get the uh petronas logo got, number 63 got patronus. Syntium there we go got mercedes, got some logos on the mirrors. I can’t read those let’s see: oh it’s petronas logos that’s what they are. The patronus logos number 63 right there and you got the petronas logos on the halo screen ineos and you got george russell, sending the cockpit with his fire suit and, of course, his signature helmet uh let’s, see here. Let’S put this let’s put this over to the driver’s side here iwc got the pirelli soft compound tires, got the i like the inner lining, how it’s petronas green right there that’s pretty cool, got the uh. Some got some antennas sticking out here. That’S one thing i really like about spark right there and racism that’s their campaign for re races, one, and i fully agree with that. Please for the love of god. That is a thing that should be in the history books. Let’S see here we got the patronus logos, got amd patronus ineos patronus premax got number 63 got the pirelli p0 tires again epson crouch strike. I love crouch strike because of the sponsorship for uh gt ball challenge their big partner. With that series see, ineos got the rear of the car with the rear caution, light the rear, diffuser got the onboard starter and everything looks, of course, the hydraulic jacks. Or am i thinking something else here that that’s the indy car with the hydraulic jacks, but um? Very cool, very cool with the uh overall detail.

This car here that’s really awesome and this side the same as the left overall guys, fantastic, looking model, and this is one of the ones where, if you had to get one formula one model from last year, this was probably the one to get, and it is Still available to my knowledge from replica, so you could definitely pick one of these up and and it’s strongly recommended that you do because you don’t want to wait too long on these cars, because if you do they’re gon na be sold out and good luck. Finding these from here on out but um, the main colors are black, teal and white, and with the original colors they were silver. They faded to black now it’s, just all black with these cars, and you got the little silver arrows on the engine cover and towards the side pods, but that’s about it, and you got a teal stripe that goes right wraps around the patronus logo and goes right Towards the nose in the front of the car kind of thins out by the nose here but the rest of the car and is all black, but with the teal mirrors and teal uh rear wings. And they got a teal stripe right towards the front of the car here, but that’s about it as far as um delivery goes and of course you got a little red stripe here where the tv pod is and everything else along with that, and you got a Bunch of red stripes here on the rear wing and that’s about it.

But overall, i think that this is a great car to have great model, and i would recommend this to anybody who’s. Anybody who wants to collect these very nicely done job by spark here, and i really think that uh this is one to have in your personal collection. Let’S do 360 view of this car here’s left side, here’s the front here’s the right side, there’s, the back here’s, the top of the car there’s the base. You got the little screws here and that’s about it. There we go comment like and subscribe. This is race. H1N reminding you to join a fight to stop bullying it does get better.

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