Jermell Charlo, Brian Castaño, World Boxing Association, Jermall Charlo ERMELL CHARLO VS. BRIAN CASTANO: WHO WINS & HOW? – MY PREDICTION

Yours can be left down in the comments love to hear them all. So we got charla versus castano here and it has the ring magazine as well as the wba wbc and ibf titles from charlo and the wbo title from castano all on the line here in a massive unification bout which will be airing on showtime emanating from the At t center in san antonio texas, of course, on saturday, this is such a good fight. Thankfully, a good fight that doesn’t cost any more than whatever a showtime subscription is running you these days and considering the talent and what’s at stake. It’S worth the price, regardless rare, that we get these total unification bouts, even more rare, is when it’s a genuine pickum fight like charla versus castano is, in my opinion, it’s a really good fight. And, of course, you know you, there are so many different sort of implications that come in they’ve shown vulnerabilities in previous fights, they’ve shown excellence in other fights, it’s a really good one. So without getting too giddy about this 154 pound clash, let’s get into the breakdown starting with charlo for charlotte wynn, he needs to look to land. Those hooks to the body, castano carries a fairly high guard and, as a result, will be open to the body. Charlo. Also throws very well to the body, so it makes sense to make it a target. This will also help in a couple other ways. Firstly, naturally, it will lower castano’s guard over time and leave the harder hitting charlo with a target upstairs that could help his case for winning the fight later on.

Also, it will potentially set the trap of a left hook, in particular if he is throwing it to the body suggesting it will go to the body every time he can finally sneak it upstairs when he turns it a little bit and catch castano off guard. I would also say the left hook will be key in general, which leads to that shot. We were just talking about there. Of course, it’s one of the most important in his tool box for charlo, both charlo and castano, actually have solid left hooks. The difference charlo hits a little bit harder with his and he tends to put a little more into that shot, especially when he’s planted and allowing himself the chance to get full rotation full, just full power into it and again, throwing that left hook to the body. Either as a dummy shot or as a means to lowering castano’s guard will serve charlo well when he finally unleashes the left hook up top. Finally, don’t allow him to push you back all the time: it’s, okay, if you’re going to back up sometimes, but when castano really gets going, he’s, putting together punches and pressing forward he’s, not looking to box he’s trying to bulldoze, naturally charlie, will want to make sure He’S pushing estanio back and taking the fight away from him at least most or some of the times that can be with something as simple as a jab or a well placed power shot that kind of gives brian a reason for some pause.

In any event, jermel will benefit from making castano take more steps back than he’s happy to take switching to castanya for cassano to win stay busy, but make your work count and there’s a distinction between just staying busy for the sake of it and actually making it Count castano likes to let his hands go and that will work in this fight. When charlo is pressed back, he tends to get defensive quickly and that could allow brian to stay active and pick up what could otherwise be close rounds. However, throwing shots for the sake of it, doesn’t benefit brian, make your shots count by pushing charlo back and then resetting and allow yourself some time to put thought into your work again pace yourself and let your momentum naturally build and let those rounds, progress and kind Of bank them a little bit as opposed to just forcing the action and giving your opponent more chances to land something big and meaningful on you, i would also say the lead left hook could do some damage. Personally, i wouldn’t advise lasagna to trade left hands with charlo, as i suspect jamel is the harder puncher of the two and has a decent left hook of his own. However, personally i wouldn’t advise castanya to trade left hands with charlo, as i suspect your mello is. The harder puncher of the two and has a decent left hook of his own as i’ve mentioned. However, a spot where kassanya could sneak in his own left hook is when charlo is stepping back and being more defensive, charlotte doesn’t employ a check left hook.

All that often so, stepping in with the longer left hook from a little bit more range as charlo steps away, could find a home for castano and finally, for castano i’d say allow your combination punching to flow when inside, while cassano doesn’t want to simply be busy For the sake of it, as i mentioned, that doesn’t mean he should abandon his combination punching, which is one of his strengths. It just means he needs to set it up properly and let those moments naturally occur, set him up with jabs get charlow out of position. Use a few angles: push him back, get him on his heels, all things that castano can do to find room for his combinations again, let them flow but make sure you’re using them with intelligence and not reckless abandon. Now, when it comes to my pick here, i really think castano has a chance, especially if he gets going early and starts building momentum. However, for me personally it’s a difficult pick: both are going to get hit both have their flaws they’re. You know in some ways not similar in terms of style but similar in terms of the position they’re in where they’re guys that can get hit. They do have what i i would consider noticeable flaws. The difference is that i think jermel has the ultimate bailout, which is, of course he has the power edge in this fight. Now, it’ll remain to be seen if castano can withstand that power.

However, it’s very difficult to bet against that power when you both know or when you know, rather that they’re both going to be hit with clean shots because they both don’t have impervious defenses, i don’t think either man dominates the other, so it’s, just a matter of You know finding that thing that will separate them and i think it’s that power, possibly even down on the cards. I expect charlo to land some solid left hooks during exchanges and he will manage to hurt castano in the process, possibly stopping him. However, i also think more than likely, it probably just turns the tide in the fight and allows charlotte to win a close split decision or majority decision down the stretch. Charlo be a close decision, the betting odds for this fight somewhat reflective of my decision here. I suppose you do have charlo as a favorite at a minus 260 with castano at a plus 190, so they’re wider odds than maybe even i would suspect. I mean i do give castano a little more credit. I suppose, than a lot of people do either way. I do think it’ll be a little more competitive than than some are suggesting um. In any event, though, i do agree with the odds for the most part, and i do think charlo is the correct favorite. You could lay money on either of those two, depending on the exact kind of bankroll you have, and it would sort of make sense.

I mean charlo is again probably the favorite of the two fighters, probably gon na get the most favor out of any kind of close decision calls and is a talented fighter in his own right. So putting a heftier bet on that. If you’re kind of a you know, strong believer in the charlotte twins makes total sense at the same time, you know castano, basically at a two to one is not a bad look. If you do think that he has, you know the capacity to kind of turn. This fight around in his favor and potentially get the win here so decent uh betting odds there either way the over under actually is around 10 and a half rounds. So, basically, you know an expected decision, which i’m kind of going with as well, but you do as you move down if you’re willing to buy some rounds, you get much better odds for the underpick. If you do decide to do that, you can see some really attractive odds depending on the sports book, so could be something to look into if you do suspect a stoppage going in either direction. My prediction record going into the weekend, is 23, 6 and 2, with 9 exact, so i’m getting them, but not exactly correct, but that’s fine having a decent little run here. Let me know what you guys are doing, how you guys running and what are your predictions for this fight, any bet you’re laying down so on and so forth.

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Jermell Charlo, Brian Castaño, World Boxing Association, Jermall Charlo (PREDICTION!) Jermell Charlo v Brian Castano battle for undisputed junior middleweight supremacy!