What does that mean to you and what would it mean to you? It’S, a dream come true. You know i i wanted to be on the security check when i was a child, because you know that’s always the highest it can get in boxing, and so you know to have this opportunity to see these moments. You know i look back and i just you know want to say thank you to all my team and everybody that’s pushed forward for this uh. Thank you dominique for rocking with me. When i was young, he bought me shoes and i was a young man watching him training running shields and watching uh. You know other champions in the gym, at van olivier, juan diaz, rocky juarez and my whole texas native fighters, and i just said you know now is the time that me and my brother finally get the opportunity to show the world um more than what we work In um, samson and honor for a lot of his fighters, you know i see you in the crowd. I just. I just think that like now is the time you know, showtime has done a terrific job with us. Someone has thoughts off but i’m saying showtime, because i’ve been fighting on showtime lately um, but you know this. Is that moment this is the time you know, opportunities don’t come too often, and if a boxer wants that you know you got ta, go and get it.

This is my moment, you know these are the kind of fights where for a fighter, you’re, undisputed, um, you’re, usually powerful, pound and generally, these are kind of fights that put you in the hall of fame. You think these this fight is what does it for jermel charlo pound for pound hall of fame man. I feel, like i’m, not old enough to think about hall of fame. You know like mentally so i’m, just like fighting like just this is the time of now. So it’s, like a hall of fame, is like okay, yeah that’s later you know like right now: it’s accomplishing a goal that you know that’s going to take 36 minutes, possibly or earlier, but depending on what what could sustain so um, you know: i’ll, look into the Hall of fame i’ll look into all of that other bs that they’d be talking about after after saturday night brian same question for you. What would it mean to you because you come from a fighting family? What would it mean to you to be the undisputed champion, and what would it mean to argentina that loves this sport so much for argentina? A is for me for my team. For my family, this is yet another opportunity to leave argentinian boxing way up there and put another star in that legacy that’s my goal. This is the opportunity that i crave that i want and i’m enjoying this moment. So i promise you on saturday july 17th, i’m.

Gon na leave it all out there for everybody. Now you feeling the pressure nah that’s funny. I don’t have no pressure on me. Man i’ve been here so many times in my life. You know i’ve been boxing since i was eight years old. If i was if, if i didn’t, if i had pressure, i wouldn’t be in this moment like this moment, is a dream come true moment, so why would i want to be under pressure? The state of texas seen me fight a lot of times. They watch me on tv, millions around the world and i’m excited to be in the ring. Uh. The pressure is on him and it will show you know like you’re gon na have to come and do his thing. You have to come and show me and and put the pressure and all that other good stuff and and avoid you know you know bombs. You know i’m not worried about i’m, not folk i’m, not focused on the crowds and all of that stuff. We know they come back, we know they rock with us. We know they support us through the wins, the losses, the draws we still we getting loved, no matter what so that doesn’t change anything i’m gon na be i’m i’ve been training like my my system is not me to tell you about, is for me to show You on saturday, brian uh, one of the things you said this week was: if charlo wants to bang, then i’m willing to bang the power is going to make a difference in this fight.

Explain to the people what you meant by that Music is Music Music. If i have to lower my punch up to you know to put more power into things, i will i really don’t like to you know to talk about. You know fast fights by itself too much because everybody has their game plan. I have my game plan. Jeremiah has his, but in the end i’m gon na do what i have to do to try to come out victorious on saturday night and i have like i said before i have no pressure. I feel no pressure and i’m ready to go. Lastly, did you tell the people – and i loved – i love asking this question: what can you guarantee the people of san antonio um when they tune in on showtime championship boxing or for those who are spending their money to come into the att center? What can you guarantee them that they’re going to see and get when you step in the ring with ryan? Mr don’t blink attitude, i think you might want to stay there and be tuned in because you never know what happened at any moment from the third round. To eight rounds and seven rounds to the fourth round and any round took 11 rounds and then knocked people off from all around those rings, so that was around my bad. I didn’t knock the people out from all around that time, so um, my condition, is good.

I know he’s in good condition, so uh we shall see. You know start this mug like i ended. It ended like i started, and what can you guarantee the people of san antonio that they will get on saturday when you step in the ring with mel that i’m not going to disappoint you? Our guarantee is going to enjoy this fight and i guarantee they’re going to see a full award on saturday night we’re going to do whatever it takes to come out victorious and in the end, we want fans to enjoy the fight here in san antonio both and Show them champion boxing as well. You bring as much intensity uh into the ring there’s an anger you’ve got an edge when you come into the boxing ring. Where does that come from? Why is that jeremiah? I put my life on the line i forgot to feed my family. I got a large family. I got a lot of things that i need to to to get understood in this boxing world before it’s over and i i wanted to fight the best fighters. I’Ve. Never wanted to be a guy looking around trying to make my my name and my record up. If you go back over my box record career, you can see that i’ve always faced tough opponents. Even when i was with golden boy promotions, they always put me in there with guys. That was tough and i guess they wanted to see.

If i could pull it off, you know like um, you know my mindset was always stay down, so you don’t get cut. You know like an nfl, they got ta, they got ta work harder than the next person because they got somebody trying to take their position and that’s kind of what this is always about for me, and i kept that mental when i keep that drop going and Um now i’m here, but i got a lot more to prove you know. Um, you know in the world of boxing before it’s over man, you’ll be facing chat is a lefty and you’ve had a tendency uh to stop these guys, especially in a one round. If you look at your record um, i think it’s been three of them. You’Ve stopped in the first round. Well, we see number four on saturday. Of course, the first journey you’re calling it just like that cause san antonio yeah, just like donald mccauley, i’m. Confident of what i said, what do you know uh about anthony? What have you seen um and what does he pose that you say i need to be cognizant of that on saturday. Well, i mean he’s a lefty. You know i just always like fighting lefties. You know so i mean i’ll prepare for a lefty. Austin delay was the left. You know, and i mean i mean this camp’s been amazing. I can’t even say all these times. I’Ll stop people this camp so i’m, looking good, i’m.

Looking really good! This is a fabulous fight town. They love action. What can you guarantee the people of san antonio they’re going to get when they watch you step into the ring uh with anthony? Well sure, like every single time i ever fight? Everyone loves you. When i fight everybody always show up so don’t show up there. You’Ll miss knockout, anthony final word here: uh you’re, taking on the guy who hasn’t he has a belt and he says he’s stopping you in the first round uh, which can you tell people san antonio to expect? Well, i mean they can expect and get ready to dig it. I think i’m gon na come in and make a you know great fight, and you know i’m gon na get to win that’s. Why i’m here so? But you know i am, i see what he’s uh, why he’s uh so confident and he should be. I mean he’s here to win i’m here to win so and that’s what the people want to see.

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