Jermell Charlo, Brian Castaño, World Boxing Association, Jermall Charlo (PREDICTION!) Jermell Charlo v Brian Castano battle for undisputed junior middleweight supremacy!

So i was like you know what it’s fight week it’s a big ass fight. It might not be on the magnitude of a wilder theory, pacquiao spits, but you know what this is a big ass fight and it deserves this respect. We got jermail iron man, charlotte a unified junior middleweight champion taking on brian costano, who holds that wbo strep, and this is an undisputed title fight and whenever you got an undisputed title fight going on it’s a big fight, no matter what you think about these fighters. No matter what their records are, etc, etc, but let’s get into this is the prediction: video man. This is the breakdown prediction, more more prediction than breakdown, but look we all know: jamel charlo is one of the best boxers going right. Now people clown him. You know he too emotional. He didn’t see that look man. This guy has that fighters mentality that you like and want to see um in the fighters you watch. He took his l, which is still debatable to this day back in 2019 to tony harrison. But you know what he did: he didn’t he didn’t complain. He went back in the gym and he sharpened his skills and now he’s the champion again and to follow up that win. He he beat jc on rosario, the guy who up ended julian j rock williams. In his first title, defense and what was supposed to be a homecoming tune up bout.

He knocked him out in four or five rounds. He went on to face jameel jermail folded that man with a body shot a jab took the breath out of him knocked him out, took his belt and now he’s one step closer to becoming undisputed junior middleweight champion and would be the first man to do it. Since the great runner, winky wright defeated the great sugar shane mosley in 2004 to do that same exact feat that jamil and brian castano are attempting to do, but let’s talk about the man from argentina he’s not to be disrespected overlooked. People feel that this is going to be easy win for jameel charlo, and it very very well could be that he is the better fighter. But if you watch castano fight, you know he is no chump he’s, no walk over et cetera, et cetera. The guy fought lure in like 2018 should have won that fight. You know he brings pressure he’s a two handed fighter with some good pop. You know he’s aggressive and we know since making the switch from running shields to derrick. James jamil trullo has fused his style, but pre dear james. He was more boxer, boxer, boxer, boxer now, post ronald shields, he’s boxer, puncher, derrick james, has brought that aggressiveness out of jameel charlo and he’s shown he’s capable of knocking guys out, maybe not on the level of his big brother. The wbc middleweight champion jamal charlo, but he got power and he can get you out of there.

He stopped tony harrison in their rematch. He stopped jason on rosario. He iced erickson lubin who’s the hell of a fighter in the first round in that mandatory defense, so that lets you know he got the power, but he also got the box of skills. He got a good jab. He got good reflexes, quick, fast hands, not the fastest, but they fast enough to get the respect, and we know castano is not the most technically or fundamentally sound fighter, but he’s not horrible, but we know he’s going to come in applying pressure. He loves to go to the body just axe, ours, landing, laura and patrick’s teacher. He beat patrick patrick to share his body up all night long, all night long, all night that’s what he was doing. He beat his ass. He hurt him at one point. I thought he was gon na stop him at some points in that fight, but to share his credit. You know he stood and withstood that body punishment, which i know he pissed out blood. I know he pissed out blood. You know what i’m saying to uh see all 12 rounds, but with all that being said, man well, i think it’s gon na be a very good fighter. Action fight. I think both guys are gon na have their moments. I think um jamil trello has the right mind set said: he’s been training for a war. I think that it’s going to be action, there’s going to be some moments where jamel controls the um it’s controlling the fight and there’s going to be moments where oh gets done on land or something on them.

But at the end of the day, man i feel like jamil charlotte is too much for uh castano. I think he’s going to outbox him. I’Ll fight him uh in this fight, but i’m, not sleeping on castano, but i see uh jamil charlotte, taking this fight um by way of a unanimous decision, a clear but competitive, unanimous decision. If y’all like this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up, drop those comments in the comment section down below.

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Jermell Charlo, Brian Castaño, World Boxing Association, Jermall Charlo ERMELL CHARLO VS. BRIAN CASTANO: WHO WINS & HOW? – MY PREDICTION

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