Kris Wu, EXO Bro Why? Just Why? Disgusting

I hope everybody’s doing all right. I hope your weekend was um wonderful and this week is going to be even better. Okay, yeah pray. Keep your head up. Stay positive, send good vibes to your people out there, okay um, i usually don’t, be making videos on sunday but honey. What i just what i just read: huh um before i start this video disclaimer. There has been some rumors that chris former member of exo allegedly has been doing some low down dirty stuff, but bruh. These receipts right here is just whoo, um, okay, so i’m gon na put the links to the twitters below and there are trigger warnings. So um there’s enough evidence to put woohee fan behind bars for at least 10 years and gives him 24 hours to hold a pre press conference announcing his withdrawal from the industry apologize to all he previously worked with and leave china bro. I already i reread what he did so for cause for him to leave china yeah you gots to go um in her posts. She mentioned that one of the girls had to get it. Oh i’m, gon na put it right here and um as she was found out that wooy fan had a but right here, the ages of his victims kept getting younger and even participated in i wan na i wan na his kneecaps. I want them destroyed just just. I i don’t like any of this i’m this. This is making me sick, i’m pissed, but let’s go on there’s, more i’m gon na just um Music wow i’m.

Just gon na put the article and everything up. Um um i’ll put the rest of it in discord with the trigger warnings and things, but um yes, um, he said i’ll, be she said, i’ll be the the one of the victims like i’ll, be down for having a um relationship with will yi fan, but i Can’T, let the lives of all the other young women be ruined. Oh my goodness, um bruh that’s, just gross and okay. All right. Here we go so we’re gon na go to the twitter post. You can um actually pause it to read it. Um i’ll read off one of the things: um 500 yuan from wuifan is being returned. Now, 180 000 yuan has been returned. The remaining will be returned after trans at transfer restrictions, um whoa i’m. Just just reading. This again makes me mad um, yeah. So and then, oh, oh, oh there’s, more there’s, more there’s, more there’s, more there’s, more there’s, more Music, um there’s, actually, a video of the transaction too, and his name right. There me personally, his legal defense, they’re gon na deny this to the end, either way. It’S disgusting i’m gon na, let you guys read um the text. You can pause and read it and i’ll put the rest in the um. The discord for y’all disgusting right disgusting disgusting, disgust disgusting. I i i’m trying to figure out a man of power. Has these needs that no one else has and they go out there to get them and then, when they mess up they’re, just like whoa ill out of everything in the world, you can have younger people.

Children, what is going on in your head, that’s gross that’s nasty, and i hate the legal system around the world – they’ll, basically just pound the risk probation. No, no, no! You got to go. You got to go, i believe the victims first and the fact that this young lady that’s, like talking about this, is traumatized big time bro, what the entire chris. What is wrong with you, like all this stuff, that’s stacking up, i don’t, need come on man. You have way too much money to be doing like dumb. Like this, i don’t understand why all these people have all this money and they go out and they do the dumbest. What is going on up here get some therapy. Man talk to somebody. This is disgusting. Are you kidding me and no telling how long this has been going on? Oh, it just makes my skin crawl. Oh my goodness, uh bruh, you messed up. You messed up. If this true and looking at it, i think it’s, true and also um disclaimer, allegedly if this is true, bro that’s that’s, it that’s it that’s it because a lot of fans out here entrusted so much into you and loved you and all this stuff. And now look what you’re doing i i’m i’m y’all. I know how y’all love y’all faves, but y’all some of them are the most creepiest. The most disgusting, vile creatures that have ever just walked this earth and it’s.

I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. I really don’t – i really don’t, because this right here is disrespectful, it’s low down and dirty it’s it’s it’s messed up. I hate this, like these billionaires out here, just getting away with so much crap. These rich heads out here doing the most i’m just sick bro. Oh, my goodness, pray pray for these victims, pray for these young girls, please they are traumatized. They are living in fear because this man is probably waving around money talking about well, i can do this and that that’s unfair bro. Oh my goodness, this is just ugh. Y’All leave y’all thoughts in the comments. Tell me what’s up, i don’t even know bro i’m just sitting here, like damn.

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