Kris Wu, EXO Girlfriends Allegations Scandal Explained + His Response

This is the chris wu scandal. There’S been a lot of allegations towards chris wu for the past year or the past half of the year now, but this is by far the most serious one. If you’re interested in other chinese celebrity scandals and news make sure to subscribe. I’Ll leave a playlist down below to the previous scandals, explained videos as well as my playlist, to the chinese news and updates, which is where i originally talked about part of the scandal before, as usual, i’m going to start from the top we’re going to backtrack and Talk about all the other mini scandals as well, leading up to this big one and how his team is responding, how she decides to respond as well and fans reactions. If you didn’t know this year, chris wu has been entangled in a lot of allegations online with many of his alleged exes, who went online and said that he was terrible to them and he basically ghosted a lot of them. He’S a serial cheater and he has an interest in dating younger girls personally, i’m, not one to judge. We have celebrities like drake leo dicaprio, who were dating people like 20 years younger, but it’s definitely wrong to be dating a minor who is underage, and this is predatory behavior. This really started months ago when he was caught on a date with a mystery girl. However, his legal team did settle down that situation, saying that he was there with a couple other people as well, and it was just a meet up with friends, but this triggered many other girls who claim that they were dating him.

At the same time, this was released, which is how a bunch of them got to know each other online that he was basically cheating and seeing multiple people on the same week and there were multiple, similar allegations. However, the biggest one is by a woman named dumasu who decided to collect evidence on him, saying that he was making moves on underage girls and now she’s working with a local policeman. She said that she’s been collecting evidence and she’s been meeting with other victims to pursue him legally. On july 9th she posted a very lengthy post on the topic. I’Ll link, the english translation. If you want to read the entire thing word to word, but for the most part i’ll paraphrase and summarize she started off saying after experiencing cyberbullying death threats after learning the truth, i still have a hard time accepting it. You loved a lot of girls at the same time, but i do meizu was just one of them. She then states a little bit about herself saying that she is not someone who’s, very confident and after her relationship with chris, allegedly, she has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety due to her lack of security in relationships, she said that her condition really worsened afterwards because Of cyber bullying and people kept on telling her to go, die or very horrible, mean things which led her to seriously think about doing it, taking away her own life, and she said she’s really afraid.

Now her mental state is quite fragile and she called him out saying that he has a specific wechat account to add girls who are underage. She says he has a whole team behind this, a middle man who connects him with these women and lures them in she said when she met him in person. He would look so innocent and her heart would soften and he would blame it on the middleman saying that he had no idea would happen and she felt like she was toyed around. She said that she wouldn’t name the underage girls, but she knows them and from a lot of videos and audio messages that she received, she realized that his requirements or a similarity between all of the girls he goes for is that they’re, zero, zero, liners and younger, Who are basically prepping for a gal cow at the end of high school, like grade 11 grade 12., she said, allegedly, they used the same method, casting a female lead for one of his mv’s, a new face signed to his studio or invite girls to play games With them get them drunk and sleeping with them, and then promising that he’ll take responsibility and date her. She said that she’s, one of the only people that decided to step up and put herself publicly while a lot of girls are still young and they’re afraid there were a lot of accusations that her photos. Her messages are fake, the so called evidence by fans, and she said that she has no reason to do illegal things or fabricate screenshots or videos.

After all, the bullying she got. There was a point where she had a choice to just face anew and just delete everything just forget about it, but she decided to stand up to it. She ends her long statement, saying hope everyone can wipe your eyes clean to not be deceived by the perfect facade. You see in front of you to see the truth. After a day, chris wu’s team came out officially and said that he denies the allocations and he will deal with this legally. This is when she posted another post saying that we just want a simple apology: why is it so difficult after experiencing so much this month? I don’t want to make this a bigger deal. I’Ve held back time and time again, not wanting to list the victims names and try to ignore or never respond to the hate comments. I understand those who don’t believe me, but i want to say it’s already gotten to this point. If it was fake, why would i still stand my ground? Justice is in my heart, so i’m, someone who will say the truth and use facts to speak if you’ve done something, you need to take responsibility since you’ve done something like this. No matter how well protected you are, there will always be a shred of evidence to find since it’s gotten. To this point, i no longer have anything else to consider. I will file this case hand it all to the police.

We will work with the police to investigate all the messages: location tracking for your weibo, your wechat registered accounts and the identity behind the accounts. The next couple days. The witnesses will all gather together and talk to the police as well. So what is the public’s views on this? There are two sides. Of course, a lot of people are flooding him with support and believes that she’s just one of the many other girls that he shut down before and is stirring up trouble for money or attention, and on the other side we have a lot of skeptical people who Are actually believing what she’s saying they noticed that if you go back to a lot of his mvs or films, he did cast younger girls to play his love interests. Another netizen points out that, yes, this has been a past issues with girls before but there’s been dozens of girls who said the same thing again and again so maybe there is some truth to it and then of course, there’s the neutral people who said that they’re Gon na believe, in truth, and even though they really like him, they can’t bring themselves to be biased towards him. If he does something so terrible. But of course we have to wait until the legal proceedings even start. These usually take a while up to a year or even two years, in some cases, if none of the parties decide to back down, but if there’s new updates on this situation, i’ll, definitely let you guys know so make sure to subscribe and turn notification bell onto All i also will leave my cofi page, which i just made in the description box as well, and let me know your thoughts on this personally for me, i’m in the neutral zone.

I guess i really like him he’s, actually my favorite exo member and then after he left, i kind of stopped listening to exo i’m interested to see your thoughts and comments down in the description box below make sure to be nice to each other. I don’t want to start a fan.

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