Mackinac Bridge, Mackinac County A Trip to Mackinac Island!!!!

I should have took a picture of it, but we we’re going to proceed on and kind of like sonic but different. They come out. Take your your order and then um. They go back and prepare this stuff. You’Ve seen your card the whole time and then just pick out of you. It’S kyle’s over there, cows hey out here, we’re on a trip together, we’re on a trip our five year anniversary, yes, we’re, the most beautiful girl in the world, the best man in the world. I love you. I love you now we’re going to the mystery spot. There’S some cute little things. I think we could bite on this, or this would be the dangerous part to buy headed to the mystery spot Music. Are we doing the fort maze they got helmets? Can we bike? Is that a trail? How much it whoa is this? You got mini golf mini golf. You got a fort maze, we’re going look at this. What in the world? This is crazy. Oh i get it. They said guard inside, give them your ticket there ain’t no guard yeah! I see we got turned around a little bit. Let’S, keep on going just keep going right. This way terrifies me terrifying. You get ready for someone. You just got ta keep going, explore every possibility. As you keep touching the right, you can never stretch a new wall Music. It doesn’t look like he’s up that high, but i promise you he is he’s up really high whoa whoa.

This is way bigger than the first one, my i’m a little tricky. I have to sit and let it take me: okay. Okay, you want to walk down a little bit, though, because you’re going to scrape yourself on the way down. If you sit right here, oh a little lower. Okay! Oh all! If i stand up straight up, i go backwards, which way? Does it look like she should fall forward, and you said you feel like you’re gon na fall backwards. Oh for sure, all right now moisture is actually agree with her saying if they fall backwards instead of forwards, as you guys can see, there’s even a mark on the wall, where some people have gone, i had a blast. You know um definitely not for tay, so he won’t do it again, but we rode the little ship all the way here. Um yeah he was not. He was not liking, it Music. All right guys. We only have two more miles and we’re biking. The whole mackinaw island – we just did what eight miles. Now we got a few more miles to go: oh yeah baby, just nothing but water, Music, we’re going under the bridge Music, Music Music. So i just tried to feed this deer and he didn’t want my apple, but definitely wants tay’s apples, yeah yeah, really good. It felt he felt the vibes he’s. Like i love you hi dear bee, oh it’s, a dear baby, you’re, so cute yeah.

We got some hungry ones over here.

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Mackinac Bridge, Mackinac County Island Trip

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