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We just got back from mackinac island and today, i’m going to show you my top five tips for when you’re visiting mackinac island, Music. Okay, the number one tip i want to share with you today is about the ferry ride before you even get to the island there’s, two companies that give you a ferry to the island and one is shufflers and the other is starline now a tip for you Guys, if you’re going to visit the island between your peak season, which is may to september you’re, going to want to buy your tickets online and you want to get to the fairy dock at least an hour before you plan to go, there is a mighty mac. Tour that shufflers offers and i’ll show you those times above, and you want to get there because those book up fast, so you want to get there at least an hour early i’ll show you the footage of our line when we’re waiting just to get onto the Boat there’s also a wait in line for the shuttle when you park. There is a 15 minute walk to the boat dock and there are shuttles that run to the boat dock and those lines are pretty long as well, if you’re traveling may through september. So you either want to plan ahead for that um or you can do like we did. Instead of waiting for the shuttle, we walked. The 15 minute walk to the boat dock and got in line before those that waited for the shuttle.

So that is a a great tip book. Your tickets online get there early, prepare to even wait for the shuttle or walk the 15 minute walk to the boat dock number. Two. When you get to the island, there are a few ways that you can travel around. The island number one is a bike and number two is a horse drawn carriage. Now i preferred biking with my family. We did have our young grandson, so we rented a tandem which is really nice. If you think that those little ones will be too tired to bike around the island, i believe it’s 8.2 miles around the island, but it’s really easy to do to do. There’S not much elevation changes and you can stop along the way you can stop at british landing. You can stop at arch rock and you can cut through and go more of a trail ride through the center of the island as well. Make sure you stop along the way and put your feet in the water, it’s, cool and refreshing, and if you like, rock stacking there’s a thing on the island where people are stacking rocks and taking photos? My number three pick is visiting arch rock now there’s two ways you can get to arch rock. You can travel along the shoreline and stop and climb 207 steps to arch rock or, if you go by horse carriage, they let you off right at the top, so either way whatever you can handle.

We did do the 207 stairs to our track and the footage is there and it was a big climb, but i made it and the view is spectacular, so that would be my third tip is visiting art rack. My fourth tip is visiting the grand hotel. There is a 10 admission charge, but it’s worth it because you get to view uh the lake um, because the grand hotel sits up way high on the island and you’ll be able to view the lake lake huron and you’ll be able to walk some of the Grounds and see the esther williams pool, which is amazing. My number five tip is visiting fort mcnaught when you get up there and go up to the fort you’ll. Have a beautiful view of the lake and you’ll see some reenactments done right there at the fort and for a bonus, make sure you spend some time downtown. There’S shopping, there’s, restaurants, there’s the fudge, shops, all kinds of things to do, and don’t forget the side, streets, market street and some other streets. There are phenomenal shops. We visited mardix fudge and i’ll. Tell you what it’s some of the best fudge we’ve ever had make sure you visit magna island, michigan it’s a wonderful place to visit thanks for watching Music.

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Mackinac Bridge, Mackinac County Island Trip