Mackinac Bridge, Mackinac County Island Trip

So this is the this is free from okay. This is the premium good morning. It’S a nice view Music. I know where’s the elevator bay huh. I thought that’s a little, so we will go to the elevator, so we are from fourth room portland Music. So we will go now to my canal: macanal island, babe, yep, smacknack, island hi, guys welcome to my channel. So you guys we have three days off, so we spend our three days off but i’m about saturday um labor day. I think i’ve written this with a motorcycle, and this is a weird feeling because it kind of steers your motorcycle around makes you feel good. Baby is Music Music. Maybe we should have brought the boat up here – huh, okay, Music, Music, Music. How do you think of that Music, so Music, that is the longest suspension Music in the western hemisphere, so so Music uh this is. There is a lighthouse over that’s a there is: oh he’s lots there’s a lot of horses over here Music. This is a different kind of is a pudge okay, yeah let’s see how you’ve got it up like that. Now yeah and that’s getting ready to cool there. You go the that’s, the fort. I was telling you about oh yeah, one yeah, okay, guys um Music. So this is the boat that we are going to Music the vessel. So please keep it ahead and we appreciate your cooperation with this.

I am going to not one first. It should take me 16 minutes to get there if you are not disembarking so hey amazing, hi guys.

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Mackinac Bridge, Mackinac County ACKINAC ISLAND, MICHIGAN | MY 5 TOP TIPS

Mackinac Bridge, Mackinac County A Trip to Mackinac Island!!!!