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Why would they? It is an ideal circumstance for what could be an ideal game. Everybody has been attracted to spend the talk of the town and uh. The buses have been packed. Double decker. Buses lining up outside coaches have carried thousands of away supporters here too, and to all of it adds up to make a terrific traffic atmosphere a match, i think, will be quite respectable. One dance – and you know where we are. It is one of the most recognizable arenas for the beautiful game in the world and boy does it add to the Applause occasion, there’s the whistle and here we go jim you’ve played in games of this nature, who can make the difference yeah edinson cavani he’s, a Top class finisher peter there’s – no doubt about that, but it’s his clever movement off the ball. That gives him the chances to get his finishes away in the first place. He’S, a big physical presence too so i’d expect him to make a big attacking contribution, no matter what his team’s tactics are today, yeah, the easiest way to make a difference is to score so no argument there it’s over the line and that’ll be a gold Applause. Kick Applause maguire tries to get it forward quickly. Applause manchester united have pushed both fullbacks into quite advanced positions here, yeah that’s that’s interesting. So what are they attempting to do? Well, it’s it’s, a bold attempt, in my opinion, to occupy the opposition in a way they’re.

Not expecting now it’s cavani, rashford, cavani Applause and here’s the chance to counter deftly done needed to be better than that, and he knows it, but it’s rashford and here’s cavani yeah that’s top defending in preventing him turning which can open up many possibilities forward. It goes well that’s where he wants it: Applause cooks through there, Applause he’s got options in the box if he gets his head up. Applause it’s, a decent, looking cross Applause, hoist it forward and he’s away bruno fernandez, oh good ball, fred cavani and the shorts goal. Manchester, united, even some of the opposing fans, are clapping that you just have to appreciate it. You know i’m not going to be hard on the goalkeeper, because that moved all over the place on its journey Applause. So we have our breakthrough. Well, just listen to the reaction. I think you can hear the approval from the support all around the stadium and it’s played forward, hoists it forward. Paul’S gone out of play fred fernandez, Applause, rashford, cavani Applause. All too easy. They are in danger of disappearing out of sight. Manchester united are looking strong on the break. Winning the ball in midfield is one thing but it’s the clever use of counter attacking that’s. The real highlight yes, things, starting to look very comfortable well, it’s been an absolutely fabulous spell for them and they’re starting to look unstoppable. There could be more on the way great strength too strong for his opponent plays it out to the flank bruno fernandez.

Rashford that’ll go straight through to the keeper Applause good idea, just poorly executed Applause and it’s cavani bruno fernandez Applause and the second half gets on the way. Well, this half might require them to produce a plan, a b and c leveling. The score is easier said than done, but that would be the target get back on terms and then use that momentum to go Applause again. Looking crossfield changing the point of attack, oh sweet feet played out to the right, lovely feat into the area and that’s been leave it clear Applause, Applause, fred. They must set the right tone now and give themselves a foothold to get back into this. The next goal is key and they’ve got to show the hunger and desire to score it forward. It goes across the field. It goes as he found his man fred now, it’s pogba, pogba pogba hits that long looks to play him in, but a minor communications breakdown. There’S, a long ball and he’s there to clear it, Applause greatly, a wonderful delivery and all it needed was a touch. Oh look: it’s it’s, often the timing of the jump that dictates what you can do with any header and if you get it slightly wrong and your struggle, but that was beautifully met with this is threatening to become a really good game. Listen goals, change games and that has changed the whole complexion of this one. They have the momentum there with the crossfield ball Applause, fred Applause.

This is quite a run and he’s not done yet Applause bruno fernandez. It has got through to him. This is good. Ball retention – and it should be enough from here, but they want to double their advantage – tries to get it forward quickly place it over to the other flank, Applause hoist, it high tries to get it clear Applause, and that has been cleared Applause peter. They have to fight the onset of desperation and keep enough cool heads to still deliver and it’s played forward and it’s hoisted clear, yeah, it’s safe to say that they just need to manage this to secure the win. Now. Applause rashford rashford goes looking sure. Applause and it’s, pogba and here’s cavani has a hit. Oh nearly nearly, and that is that derby moves by the odd goal. It could have gone either way, but that is no consolation now.

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