Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, The NBA Finals, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul d The Phoenix Suns Fear The Deer? (FT. Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul)

One chris paul showed the world. Why he’s? The point god devin booker wanted to be legendary and honor. His idol, the late great kobe, bryant and deandre ayton, wanted to show the world that traditional centers are still really relevant in today’s game. The suns won 118 to 105 and the nba twitter world went crazy in game. Two. The phoenix suns showed the world how great of a jump shooting team. They are going 20 for 40 from downtown. The sun sealed the game at 118 108 and at this point the phoenix suns were tasting that larry o’brien trophy going into game. Three. Everyone thought the series was over chris paul and the sons had a chance to take a commanding three to nothing lead but then, but then, but then scott foster arrived on the scene. Looked at the situation and said hold my beer. Chris paul was o for 11 against foster in his last 11 playoff games and game. Three was no different, foster winked at the bucks and said giannis might be able to dunk like superman, but watch what i can do. Applause, yes, guys that was a defensive foul on jay crowder against giannis anyways. Chris paul is now 0 for 12 against scott foster. In his last 12 playoff games, when foster was part of the officiating crew on to game 4, scott foster was nowhere to be seen, and the refs were now on the sun’s side. What i mean by that was they refused to let devin booker foul out of the game stolen three on one for the box holidays booker had five fouls at that point and intentionally fouled drew holiday.

There were at least two or three more situations similar to this, and this was the first time i saw someone stay in the game with like eight fouls anyway. I also got ta give chris middleton credit for the game. Four win. He sometimes plays jordan esque and he really had an mj kind of game in game. Four, going for 40 points, getting the w for the bucks and tying the series at two apiece. This final series is truly exciting. I got my beers cold and ready to go and i’ll say it again. The phoenix suns really have to fear the deer. In particular, they got ta fear, yana santa tecumpo, besides taking forever to shoot from the free throw line and shooting like 18 from beyond the ark. Giannis is a beast, and i can see why shaquille o’neal handed off his superman cape to the greek freak Music. He soars and scores lopez way short on the three tucker grabs it back to attack him for the series so far, he’s averaging 32.3 points, 14 rebounds, 5.5 assists 1.8 steals and 1.5 blocks. He really does live up to that slogan. Fear the deer after game. Three on july 11, where he scored 41 points in the finals, giannis actually now has more 40 point games than kevin durant, steph, curry, kobe bryant, tim duncan larry bird cara, malone, kareem, abdul jabbar and wilt chamberlain. That is pretty crazy. If you ask me, but anyway, as the series goes on, giannis and the bucks are only going to get better and better, as they figure out how to deal with that wall, that the suns are putting up against the greek freak and part of the answer on That wall is this next dude chris middleton on a bad day, chris middleton can shoot five from 16 from the field and go one from six from the three point line and give you 11 points aka game, two on a bad day.

You wonder why chris middleton is, even in the game, shoots over colin switches off to middleton on a good day. However, chris middleton can give you about 40 points. He can give you game winning shots and everything you need from a star shooting guard middleton five seconds left in overtime middleton with two middleton. His only problem is consistency. Otherwise his game is jordan, esque chris middleton’s, the type of player who gets better as the series goes on and now that we’re going to go at least six games in this series. The phoenix suns have really got to fear the different weapons. The bucks have, i mean a greek freak and michael jordan’s shadow man. I’D include drew holiday into the mix of weapons but he’s having a dismal series so far. Shooting 33 from the field and 27 from distance anyway. Let’S move on to how the suns can turn up the heat against the bucks and take back their lead, it’s going to start with devin booker and his quest to be legendary. To be perfectly honest, i love booker’s game, but i think he’s a bit of a dirty player. Let me show you what i mean Music, where they were up against the lakers. That was a really dangerous non basketball play and could have easily resulted in an injury and then next up as giannis, was getting up. He pushed him back down. Man, booker you’re, a great player. You could even be legendary, but you don’t need to do these types of things on the court anyway.

I’Ll leave it at that. Aside from those things, booker’s game really is legendary, offensively he’s. Actually, the closest thing currently to kobe, bryant and i’m sure kobe be proud of him. He can shoot the three ball. He can pull up for mid range jumpers, he can get to the rim and then, on top of that he can make his free throws. So far, this series booker’s averaging 27.5 points per game. This series is going to hinge a lot on the young 24 year old and his ability to knock down shot after shot after shot aside from booker. The suns really need chris paul to be the point, god that showed up in game one in the last three games, chris paul’s had 15 turnovers and each turnovers leading to something like this Applause, costly turnovers, leading to easy transition points in late game situations is gon Na make chris paul go into the same category as carl malone and john stockton, one of the best players to never win a ring. Cp3 has got to take better care of the ball and do his mid range thing. If he can do those two things at an elite level, the suns are going to be too hot for the deer Applause, Music Applause now, let’s zoom out a bit of individual players and take a look at the team basketball situation. One thing the suns have to fear is the tenacity of the bucks and their will to get rebounds.

The bucks are playing big boy, basketball and just out muscling and out hustling the suns in game. Three, the bucks won the rebounding battle, 47, 36 and in game four. The bucks had 17 offensive rebounds to the sun’s 5. next off. Here, let me show you four numbers: 9, 12, 14 and 17.. What do you think these represent? If you guessed turnovers, you got it. These are the phoenix suns turnovers from game, one to game, four they’re increasing by three every game, and that is not good. If you’re going to turn the ball over like 17 times and get out rebounded like 17 to 5. On the offensive boards, it doesn’t matter if you can shoot 20 from 40. From the three point line, you are going to lose that game. All the momentum is now with the milwaukee bucks as they look to take their first lead in the series. The phoenix suns have to continue to shoot well because if they go cold in these next few games, this series is gon na be over. They really do have to take the buck seriously now and fear the deer anyway, the phoenix suns aren’t, the only team that has to fear the opponent team usa has to as well.

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