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Obviously, but you know there’s nights like that, and you know the most important part to me is winning the game and we didn’t do that. So you know i’m more frustrated about that um. But we have a few days off here: we’re gon na get back right, we’re gon na go over film and and be ready wednesday, kellen right here in the second row: hey book uh, you guys have had off shooting nights before, but losing the 50 50 battle, Which, which jay said you guys did to that extent it’s just really, unlike you guys, what’s been the key to your guys’s success there all year and how to get back to that. Uh. Just regroup refocus go over film and respond um we’re on the road, and you know we have to come in with with the energy and effort um, like you said, the 50 50 balls offensive, rebounds um protect the paint. You know just the details that details that we talked about come on three details that we talked about um. You know that’s what that’s, what the playoffs is that’s. Why it’s a series – and you know we have some room for improvement, critical demarc in the second row of head mark the first row: hey devin and chris? What do you guys take away from your track record this postseason responding well to adversity? You know, after trailing against the lakers, not closing out right away against the clippers.

How can that apply to this series moving forward say just like, i said, it’s a series and understanding that, and you know, understanding, it’s the nba finals, and you know i said after last game. You know this team’s not going to give in they’re going to keep playing all the way through you know, so we have to bring that that same effort. You know that we had in the first two games and i think we’ll be in good shape. The second row on the left to go uh. This question is for for both of you. This was the first time this postseason that deandre had five fouls in a game. I’M curious. How did his absence in the second half impact you guys with their points? In the paint and offensive rebounds uh, i don’t know, i think we got to go back and look at the film. Obviously they were home, they were very aggressive. Music got to the line a lot more than we did much like game two. You know so we uh we got to try to build a wall somehow some way and try to limit. You know the guys from scoring second row in the middle to gina. Go ahead. Please hey book! I know it’s, not it’s, not just making shots that’s. Also, the shot quality is something that you guys paid so much attention to. Did you, like the quality of, looks that you feel you were getting tonight um, i think uh.

I can get better ones um and you know we’ll we’ll make that happen, but um. You know the point of the point in the game is to win it and you know i think there was other things that went on throughout the game. You can say it’s a make, miss game, but you know at the end of the day you have to make the other team miss and get easy opportunities for for your team, and you know we didn’t do that tonight back round the middle go ahead, dave chris! You spoke to us uh right right in front of you. You spoke to us in the conference finals about the importance of closing out quarters in the third tonight. You had it down to four and then it ends uh. I think a 24 6 run. What do you think was missing an execution to end the third i don’t know i got to go back and watch it. Man jay was just talking about that in the locker room um during the game, so much going on substitutions and stuff. So i don’t remember much, but that was big for us and even the second quarter. Second quarter uh, we didn’t close that quarter out well and that’s. Something we’ve been talking about all playoffs. So, especially when we’re on the road you’re on the road you got to manage the game, you got to manage those uh those end of quarters third row on the left to load it good at this chris um, you know talk about deandre hayden and his his Foul trouble, but you know, started out really well and then got into foul trouble.

How do you? What do you say to him when that happens? I know you’ve been kind of put your arm around him this season. What do you say to him? A young guy in a game like this after that keep playing keep playing. You know sometimes you’re gon na get a good whistle, sometimes you’re gon na get a bad whistle with uh he’s playing hard. You know what i mean: that’s, a talent in itself and then uh it’s, tough man giannis coming at you full speed like a running back. You know what i mean so he’s trying to put his hands up, but uh it’s it’s. Tough. Do you feel sometimes like not by officials, but when he is in foul trouble players do target him to get him off the floor. Do you see that happening in this game? I mean he’s, a big part of our team, especially he’s, the anchor of our defense. You know i mean i feel, like any team would love for him not to be on the court offensively and defensively, so um yeah. We we got to protect him better. You know make sure that we’re showing that wall front rotor dwayne, yeah devin, miss omani, put his arm around you at the end of the third quarter. What was the message that he was trying to tell you? How were you you know feeling at that? At that point i mean that’s, you know we mean to be like that, but that’s between me and coach um and we have that relationship.

So we keep that in house eyeballing the box score what’s sticking out the most to you. What are you looking at um? I was looking at my turnovers um. Looking at free throws uh yeah, you know we it’s a lot it’s a lot to uh to take in, but you know you got ta look at the game as a whole, maybe more collections in the room.

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