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Giannis we talk about the back to back 40.10. You know board games the that kind of double double has only been done once before in finals, history and that’s by shaq right, but how about this game and it didn’t even seem like a monster game for honest you. You talked about the stats molly, but think of how many ways he contributed. The defensive play right so he’s, one of the greatest of all time: 26 14 boards eight assists he’s getting his teammates involved, three steals and two blocks, and one of them was among the greatest of all time giants daily they’re a good twitter follow. Okay, had this on jana since game, two of the net series: okay, 41 and 13, 42 and 12, 33, 9 and 11, 25, 9 and 6, 34 and 12, 40 and 13, 30 and 17, 34, 12, 34 and 12, 33 and 14.. This is what he does yeah, so he showed up as giannis and he had to then what kind of help did he get middleton? We just went over that. I don’t need to regurgitate it. It was amazing, drew holiday, struggled offensively, you know what he didn’t struggle doing defending chris paul. I mentioned it guys larger guards can torch, drew holiday, they’ve done it before, but you put drew holiday on a smaller guard. You can’t do better than that. You know and drew holliday’s, not just the guy there to play defense. He can help your team offensively in a lot of ways, though he wasn’t hitting shots last night, so holidays playing defense on chris paul middleton’s going bananas when you need him ending with 40 points.

Giannis is doing his thing. Brook lopez was getting in on it, stephen a that was a team effort. They held down the fort when they had to well i’m, not gon na, say that that uh, you know, milwaukee didn’t win it i’m. Just gon na focus on the phoenix centers i’m gon na focus on the phoenix suns for a couple of reasons. Number one devin booker showed up last night in a very big way, but he’s. The first person that i’ve ever seen in the history of the nba finals they should have found out, fell four times get fouled out four times diplomatic community, i mean diplomatic, i mean come on, i made it, he mugged through holiday. That was a foul. You know that that that that layup by middleton should have been an air one. At least two other plays he’s uh he’s, the first dude in nba history that i thought should have found out for even on the last play of the game, kept him in the game. I mean. Definitely so, and i didn’t mind it it’s like listen, go ahead and take it away because listen if devin booker hadn’t found himself if he hadn’t picked up that fifth foul. I believe the phoenix suns go home go up, go home three up 3, 1 and they’re about to close this out on friday. Devin booker was absolutely unstoppable. Last night, except he picked up that fifth foul and when he picked up that fifth foul and had to go to the bench, i forgot how much time was remaining but there’s around six over in around six minutes or whatever that’s, when they made their comeback, because They couldn’t stop them, they had no answer for them and inexplicably mike boone holds it yet again.

I don’t understand why he would not double just to get the ball out of devin book his hands. He wouldn’t do it. He would not do it. So i was. I was just i was just shocked by that that’s number one number two, this kid right here: cameron johnson, got 28 points. Last night, monty williams, my coach of the year libido was number two. You got to get cam johnson, more shots. You got six shots. This brother can play y’all and he can. He has there’s no nervousness whatsoever. This brother can shoot the rock get him in the game. I say give him more than 28 minutes i’d say make sure you get him more than six shots. In 28 minutes camp john sticker ball asked mike wilbon we’re up there sitting together watching the games with max all series long. I was like cam johnson cam johnson cam johnson, get him the ball, this bro he’s athletic and he can shoot and ain’t scared and once the ball he got to shoot more number two and number three chris paul he’s not well something’s, not right, 15 turnovers and Three good, ladies and gentlemen, for anybody that thinks i’m giving chris paul a pass. I am not. Let me be very, very clear. Just use your common basketball sense chris paul with 15 turnovers in three games yeah over like a week ago, i’m, just saying chris paul with 15 turnovers. It does not happen.

It does not happen. Something is wrong with chris paul now, we’ll say this to chris paul. You got to suck it up baby, you got to summon whatever is in you, because chris paul that pivotal turnover for 32 seconds last night sealed the deal i mean we get. All of that. The point is again: if you see p3, you might have lobbed it to deandre instead of devin booker, doing that, but then again knowing personnel. The way that you do, you might have made a different decision. The point that i’m making is cp3. You don’t have to go out there and drop 40. The way that you did against the clippers in the closeout game. Six, you don’t even have to drop 30, like you did in game. One all you have to do is be a floor. General control, the offense and minimize the turnovers, the last couple of games in milwaukee cp3, has hurt the phoenix suns he hasn’t helped him he’s, hurt him and, i believe, it’s, because he’s hurting, but this is the nba finals. This is it 36 years of age. This is it for you bro. This is the time you got to summon up whatever is inside of you to be that floor general, that, because, if, if chris paul’s the floor general that he’s supposed to be max and devin booker plays the way that they that he played last night phoenix wins. This series he will, but you need both.

He will need both that’s, not normal game type performance. You need both against, because i want to respond to those two one. Two three let’s start with chris paul against denver. He played the best basketball of his career and he’s a first ballot hall of famer that’s, saying something. Then he gets coveted. Then he comes back and he’s, clearly not the same right, and if that series would have ended if kawhi would have played and that would have ended, i don’t know in game five or six. We would have said chris paul choked or he was dealing with something, but when it mattered most, he came through. I anticipate we’re gon na see the same thing here, that’s what i’m anticipating but time will tell that’s one, but i can’t use covert as an excuse max when you came back after covet and you still closed the clippers out yeah and you dropped 30 plus in Game one i can’t, i imagine that takes everything in him to do it. Okay, you know, and then you’ve got to go to the we’ve, seen what happened with canada. The next thing is cam. Speaking of cam cam, johnson, okay, kim johnson, was a starter you’re supposed to be the starter. He and mikhail bridges were like perfect three and d guys apparently, and i wasn’t watching his defense. This closely, though, i watched a lot of sons this year. His defense was so bad. They felt like they.

Couldn’T stop start him. I agree with you again, though, he’s so athletic and and shoots so well and isn’t scared of the moment. You got to give him some burn and they’re giving him some burn like he is getting a minute, but i’m talking shots. Yeah yeah give him something on the ball. I’M talking shot. One of the things i love about him in bridges is they can get their points in the flow of the game. Right now need the ball, but to be, let me interject real, quick with cam johnson max the reason why i keep emphasizing it is because you’re not even really calling plays for him other than sporadically every now and then and he’s still making shots. Imagine if he was allowed to catch a rhythm and he got more opportunities – i mean he can light it up. I believe in cam johnson. They better get him in. He needs to thanks for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.

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