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So our vision, our focus, maybe isn’t crystal clear. You know monty’s going to go back and look at the tape, but, as i ask you right now about a 33 to 21 fourth quarter, where a sun six point lead turns into a six point loss, and i ask you michael what happened? What would your answer be? The same thing that happened all game scott? We have talked about the suns, almost never beating themselves right the whole season. They just don’t beat themselves that’s one of the themes coming in to the finals, because it was true in every series they beat themselves tonight and the fourth quarter is no different from the rest of the game. You look at those two 17 to five margins. 17. To five offensive rebounding milwaukee over phoenix okay, you can you can understand that the suns are small and without saurage they’re, smaller and that’s going to happen. They’Re going to get beat on the boards, particularly by a team with the strength and size of milwaukee but 17 turnovers to five turnovers, the bucks protected the ball and the sun just gave it away these turnovers. You heard monty refer to it, they weren’t forced. This is like tennis, with unforced errors, right, unforced, stepping on the baseline, a couple of times stepping on the sideline a couple of times. Chris paul had five turnovers to only seven assists and they just seemed weak with the ball. They seemed tired, again monty addressed that and said we don’t have time for tired, but they played that way, and so as great as middleton was that he was great and as great as giannis’s block was.

I just got a text. I probably shouldn’t mention this because i don’t know if it’s on the record or off the record, but it’s complimentary, it’s, to be on the record it’s from a coach, who’s jersey hangs in the rafters here. So you can sort of figure that out yeah. Who just is one of the greatest blocks i’ve ever seen, is one of the greatest blocks. Anybody’S ever seen you just you start screaming. I was sitting here with richard jefferson and perk and you just you’re breathless, because you can’t believe what he’s gone up and done to ayton, not some six, seven dude. He did this against deandre hayden who’s, having a great playoffs himself, though not scoring tonight, but those turnovers and that offensive rebounding to me. If you’re in milwaukee you’ve got to feel you have an advantage, you found something the rebounding can can stay because it’s size involved, but those turnovers i mean the suns – have got a real problem. If they can’t protect the ball any better than that, they should be going home scott to play for an nba championship and they somewhere between. Let it slip and hand it over, and i guess we’re going to talk about that for the next two days. As we figure out, you know before game five can the suns, you know rally themselves it’s going to be a really disappointing loss, and i think monty knows that, which is why he made the comments he made to his team immediately in that locker room, and i Want to follow with that, michael because you’ve seen so many of these, and i smile as i ask this question, because through the years that i’ve been doing, this show you – and i have talked about these moments where there is this there is this tendency to want To take what has happened most recently and apply it to what’s about to happen next and that’s, often a fool’s errand, because things change from day to day and game to game.

That said, do you feel like having watched these four games that have all been won by the home team? You have any sense of clarity about what will happen next. No! No, if you tell me that milwaukee is going to get that kind of, i mean that’s from the bill. Russell archives that that block right of ayton’s dunk. If you tell me there’s going to be that kind of game changing play in the final, whatever it was minute and change. Okay, i can tell you that milwaukee has momentum, but we don’t know we’re going to see that you can tell me. I mean i don’t know what happened, but chris paul wasn’t himself tonight he didn’t have it now. Anybody gets a game, even a future hall of famer who’s played like he has played this whole post. He said i don’t care who you are. You can get one where you just don’t. Have it that night? I thought chris was so con, so determined to set up his teammates in the first half that he never got into a rhythm and by the time he needed to was probably late in the game, and he had done that. He knew he knew he had to get booked help book get going to where he was going to have one of those great devin, booker knights, and he did. But if you can tell me that you’re going to have a similar script, sure you can read it and say: oh yeah here’s what’s going to happen.

I don’t believe that i don’t believe chris paul has come this far to simply not have it in game. Five. At home in phoenix i don’t know the booker can have 42 again, but he may not need to other sons players because they they didn’t, really help booker out the entire game. Didn’T help him out early tonight. Um jay crowder hit three threes, but i think he was three for nine, so the sons are going to have to really go back and examine just just one quick thing: scott that you know watching you mentioned watching all these games. I’Ve watched and covered all these games, winning a championship requires suffering unless you’re irvin johnson everybody else, maybe not tim duncan. Okay, so there’s, two guys in the history of the game who haven’t suffered in route to winning a championship. That means lebron, who you know who had that that that series, where he got just stuffed by san antonio, it means michael jordan, who lost the pistons three times in route to. Finally, you know slaying the dragon that tormented him, and i one thing i thought about. I picked the sons to win this game and i i said to perk you know during the late in the game. I just said the sun’s going to give this away and it requires suffering winning a championship in this sport more than any other it’s, not like pro football, where people go from last to first it just isn’t in this sport, the greatest players in the game.

How many times jerry west lose in the finals to one team? No less, it requires suffering. The sons are feeling that tonight i don’t care what brave face they put on the next, whatever 72 hours between now and game, five, they suffer tonight because they know they should be playing at home for a championship, but that’s the way this sport is – and i Think that’s the glory of it, the greatness of it, the drama of it. Richard jefferson, is standing right here. Next to me he knows, he’s been through that and then got to the other side of it and that’s suffering man. I mean if you’re, the sons and you had that lead and you got closers, you got. You got devin, booker and cp3, probably in a reverse order. Um. What are you going to do? How are you going to? How are you going to rally that yourselves between now and then suffering is the truth, and so is this anything worth having is on the other side of something difficult? Winning championships is hard and it will be hard for either of these teams to win two of the remaining three games and become nba champions in 21.. Michael, thank you for your time. We appreciate you, thanks for watching espn, on youtube for live streaming.

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