Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, The NBA Finals, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul vs Phoenix Suns Full GAME 4 Highlights | 2021 NBA Finals

Meanwhile, pj tucker drew holiday giannis time they’ve been defeated in this postseason Applause. First shot of the night and that’s got his leg on them. Didn’T make any excuses for his poor play. Turnover holiday goes back to middleton middleton inside lays it up, and in one of the premier defensive teams in these playoffs and fedorkupo somehow manages to come up with it gets it inside and lopez. Milwaukee scored 120 points in game. Three as booker’s floater is good that’s. The that has gotten swept under the rug media, wise nice pass from jake, crowder and ayton with the doc can be destructive, he’s one of the all time greats in terms of assisted turnover ratio, booker second chance back up and in to start the game ball poked Away bj tucker comes up with it. Middleton steps back fires, a three that’s good did on that possession is met, giannis bought half court, so they gave himself a chance to build a wall. Bridges turns into much more activity on defense, Music, shot clock winding down; middleton thrills, it Applause a pretty good pace of this guys. As these two teams, they’re, huffing and puffing out there portis that’s a three Applause. Next thursdays, athena koopa, throws up an air ball poorness. The rebound gathers picking it to go, but for that shot when he’s lived at the paint alley, a bit side for eight listen and it doesn’t put as much pressure all to johnson cam johnson right off the bat knocks down middleton on the drive gets inside left Handed fiona from federal the rebound giannis to spin move inside scoot lamp is good shot clock at eight chris paul against portis drives kicks it out to crowder and crowder rattles in a three rider back up top middleton off the dribble to portis extra pass to teague Inside athena, cupo crowder fell down paul beautiful pass, just waited for the right back up top holiday holiday, struggling with his dribble booker good, aggressive defense, but holiday takes no for an answer, count it and one i’m connoting.

The rebound Applause middleton throws it up. Lopez lays it up, and in meanwhile 8 0 run by milwaukee they’ve got a four point. Lead booker, knocks it down is directed at booker, trying to get him some space middleton again. Seven boards for eight Applause, booker left handed holiday now on booker, but a challenge for everyone, including referees cameron, payne hooker, one on one Music, spins falling away in the baseline it’s got a tough shot from devin booker 20 points here in the first he’s already doubles. His output from game, three Music holiday, the drive off the glass, the nba scouts, used to come to the kentucky practices there’s, not much more than the games as mikel bridges knocks down the three pointer through holiday short tucker, offensive rebound middleton throws it up, and antenna Puts it, Applause, middleton, fires away, gets afraid and ties the game, but for some reason, crowder catches, fires, jake, crowder, another three ratter. Now three booker, oh it’s, such a soft touch defensive boards has 10 defensive rebounds. That was such a key in game three for milwaukee. Getting all those offensive rebounds as they poke it away and hari just so strong hooker with four to shoot, drives getting inside spins falling away, it’s good, what a beautiful shot middleton the drive got it poked out of his hands and put a couple down low. A couple of fakes, blocked from behind bridges, got a piece of it and then fouled by lopez, crowder crowder, a three pointer in and out and thompson grabs it ahead to antenna down the lane and an easy.

No is everything he does reeks of professionalism and winning – and this is where chris paul is going to have – to carry the offense holiday spins on ball inside antenna goofball. What a gorgeous Music chris paul Applause, first field goal of the night for pat connaughton cameron, payne, finds some room draws: the foul banks at home and one drive to the cup poker back in playing with the four fouls one on one with conaton. Oh another tough shot from five to shoot, booker steps back. Hence the three hope they say a two one on one against booker, pass inside holiday, shot blocked by johnson nation and blocked booker double team finds tory craig frank, kicks it out. Payne puts up a three puts it in cameron. Payne is with two bigs portis and lopez hard to cover to the three point line. Middleton answers back. I thought he was fouled. Littleton blocked, crowder rejects it and at last touched middleton, so it’s gon na be phoenix. There’S, a lot of tough shots, he’s a great player, um we’re gon na talk about it. Now thanks so much. Thank you mike back to you malika. Thank you. Meanwhile, a couple of threes time to trust them with five fouls right now. Cam johnson turns and shoots. Cam johnson, showing nope right to chris paul paul, gets inside short jumper. That time gets the bounce middleton back out. The holiday repost goes right at cameron. Payne shot is good again, another dynamic on the steal he scores and scores on the offensive end.

His ninth 30 point game of these playoffs he’s got 38 pass inside the teneco underneath he’s, the one guy outside of chris ball that can make a play on the offensive end for himself or others middleton and off the glass with ayton trying to we’re midway through The fourth cameron payne drives layout blocked by portis, rejected out of bounds, payne that’s, a football back out. Middleton fakes, dribble fires in and out commented on the follow back out, middleton up top portis mortis on the drive blocked by ayton, rejected out of bounds. I thought chris middleton turns first ball on the drive paul kicks it back out, pass deflected and stolen three on one for the box holiday fouled by they didn’t call it and ted back. Koopa was right. There have you got numbers giannis, kicks it out, cunnington for three Music Applause in that situation, hooker the drive booker the pull up and he banks it home to tithe against middleton fakes. Now dribbles foul line, jumper shot that’s good middleton now booker with tucker on him, throws it up for ayton, shot blocked by him. Chris paul falls down and lost the ball and you’ve got numbers right now via the box holiday middleton inside he banks it home, timeout phoenix this building on drives to the rim. Booker drives scoop, layup, no good, be honest. The rebound an eight old chris middleton run. Six point lead: booker, the drive gets inside, backs it home with 14.

7 remaining. But how exciting is this series, though free throw is good final seconds? Paul will bring it up, paul lays it up, and in with 2.

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Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, The NBA Finals, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul "Chris Paul & Suns will beat Giannis & Bucks in Game 5 & 6 of the NBA Finals" – Broussard tells Nick