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We have a good one at the 149th open at royal saint george’s along the southeastern coast of england, louis eustace, again runner up the last two majors six times a runner up in all at the major championships, with a one shot lead on the young man who Won the 2020 pga championship in his debut there, kalamura murakawa debut at the open championship. Jordan spieth, who won the open in 2017, is three shots back championship leader louis ustasen, with cara banks, while louis eustison continues to lead at the open. Just talk to us a bit about that round today, louie you hung in there. How proud are you of what you managed to pull off and ultimately keep this lead heading into the final round? Yeah i mean i didn’t feel very comfortable out there in the middle of the middle of the round, with a few loose iron swings that i made, and i felt like i drove it’s still pretty good and i just needed to sort that out and um. You know i got to the 16th, i made a good swing there and i made good swings coming in, so i just need to try and get that out of my mind and go tomorrow. You said about the previous majors this year. You just got beaten by better golf down the stretch. How aware are you of what other people are doing down the stretch on this golf course? Yeah, i mean look, you have to to look at the scoreboard, i feel, and especially around this course.

You know you can, if you want to, if you need to be a little bit more aggressive at the end, i think you can you can pull it off, but you know otherwise. You’Re always going to go for the percentage play um so it’s all on on. Where you’re, at with about three four hours to go tomorrow, you’ve learned why to wire so far, how confident are you heading into tomorrow? Yeah, i feel comfortable. I just need to get that kink out of the swing on this on a few loose swings i made, but other than that you know, i feel very good best of luck. Thank you all right, louis, with a 54 hole, lead or share of the lead at the majors. Obviously, the only time he closed and he won by seven – was at the 2010 open at the saint andrews 11 years ago and shockingly that remains his only win on the pga tour tied for ninth all time, most runner up finishes at the majors. We mentioned six as many as hogan nelson player, vardanelles that’s, a list on which he does not want to move up. Meanwhile, kalamarikawa is only one behind kalamurakawa with kara. Well, kolamorokawa will start the final round. One back you will play in the final pairing tomorrow. Talk to me a bit about today, because you got off to a slow start, two over through five. How did you hang in there and ultimately put together a very good round of golf? You know just to remember that this is golf um there’s, so much more in the world, and i love what i’m doing um.

But i was hitting quality shots and you know sometimes that’s going to happen in a span of 72 holes, you’re going to hit good shots and they’re not going to work out. But thankfully we were able to get a few birdies coming in and just hopefully build. Some momentum into tomorrow, you are chasing louie by one. Is that an advantage in any way? Would you have rather been out in front which would have been your first 54 hole lead in a major championship, or do you feel comfortable chasing given what happened previously at the pga? Well, i wish i wish i shot a lower score. I wish i was leading um, i would say that’s, never that’s, never a bad position um, but you know being one back. Anything can happen, especially in these first handful of holes out here. So i feel comfortable with where i’m at and hopefully we can put a low number and um. You know make some birdies it’s been so impressive to watch so far well played. Thank you. He shot a low number found around and win the pga championship. Sunday, 64. coverage of the 149th open final round beginning at 4 a.m. Eastern time on golf channel, then 7 a.m, eastern on nbc, with brando chamblee and the 97 open champion, justin leonard what’s, your sense brandel as to what we’re in store for the final round. You know it’s amazing, what louis has done most recently. Second, second and now, with a 54 hole, lead in a major championship.

You watch that and it does harken you back to 2010 and you think, how is it that that guy’s only got one major championship uh? I think we saw a little glimpse of that in the middle. He alluded to it, some weird, looking iron shots that he wasn’t particularly pleased with. I know he’s got an amazing golf swing, but, as i’ve said throughout the week, it is not his golf swing. That is the larger part of this puzzle that is putting him in this position. It is his wedge play. It is his sand play, it is his putter. That is the larger part of the reason it doesn’t take much just a little bit off and i think carr was getting at that with her question to colin morikawa, would you rather be in the leader? Would you rather be chasing? You would rather be chasing from a psychological standpoint and from an arithmetic standpoint, you’d like to be one back that’s, as close as you can get and still have a chaser’s mentality, and that is right. Where colin murakawa is and look the odds will probably say. Louis tayson’s supposed to win, but those guys haven’t been paying attention in the last 11 years and it’s. I know we look at louie. I think he’s going to sleep well and all that i don’t think so. I think he’ll have a restless night. The difference between louise hayes and collimore cow is one shot between louise tays and jordan.

Spieth is three shots. The strokes, don’t matter as much to me, it’s more. The mindset i played my best chasing, i didn’t – i wasn’t, really comfortable, leading i wanted to go – have something to go: get um that’s the kind of mentality that colin markel is going to have that jordan’s beat’s, going to have the only person in that threesome that I mentioned that really has kind of has something to lose. Tomorrow is louise tayson and he’s kind of been through this? The last two major championships he’s had to spend. I would imagine a good bit of energy look there’s tons of positives in what he’s been doing, but there’s. Also energy spent saying you know what just just missed another opportunity. Uh to you know, cement myself a higher place in the game. Not only that but validate the sacrifice. You make to compete against the greatest players in the game and be one of those players. Um column or cow is not playing with anything to lose jordan spieth’s, not playing with any anything to lose and they’re the chasers. I would almost say you know: calamari cow is probably going to be the favorite tomorrow, at least he is in my mind, um. You know, i think, there’s a part of all of us that are rooting for louis, because because the disappointment that he’s had the last couple of majors and not really through much fault of his own, although we did hit it left off 17, it torey pines, the U.

S open, but those are the guys that will have possibly most likely a more aggressive mentality going into this final round tomorrow on a golf course that we’ve seen give up some scores now it was a little tougher today because of the whole locations tomorrow, they’re, not Quite as severe, and so i think there are going to be some good scores and let’s, not un, you know i don’t want to undermine. We talk about how difficult it is for players to to get their games to peak in major championships. The three players at the top of the leaderboard have outside of brooks kepca, have done that as well as anybody else. The last few years, um, you think of jordan spieth’s, run colin morikawa, very young in his career and then louie just this year and according to points bet louis eustace, and with that one shot. Lead is a slight favorite to win the 149th open and, by the way, speaking of chasing, you came from five back after 54 holes to win your open title at troon back in 1997, and for what it’s worth john rahm. Looking for two majors in a row is five back going to that final round. Again, it gets underway at four o’clock eastern time 4 a.m.

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