Open Championship, Louis Oosthuizen, Collin Morikawa, Jordan Spieth Round 1 Full Highlights | The 149th Open

The grass is growing with him, so that’ll make it a little bit easier, still really thick and heavy wow. How about that that club just stopped dead into the thick grass, with still the power able to move it onto the green very nicely done from casey? I think it was the right club, lovely simple swing, turn back turn through. That was a gorgeous shot, absolutely gorgeous waving straight. That is huge. There was talk that they’re going to move the t4. They don’t think they have to there. We go from the speed zone 25 feet plus he’s, going on radar yeah that for his fourth birthday, yeah try and throw this to the front edge and andy sullivan, who uh graced the top of the leaderboard for quite a bit of the opening day. A nice way to finish what a way to shoot 67 birdie on the first birdie on the 18th post, the clubhouse lead. Okay, read that well a lot of movement for a short putt, three birdies in a row putting down wind, pretty good dry. How about in louie the flags behind you but then again great job? How good is that slight hands there? It goes about being a magician isn’t it at the first round lead in scotland last week. Oh, oh Applause, danny willett, second, at 18., good tee shot, gives him the opportunity just thinking. Maybe the upper lie. Helped him frank there to hoist it up a little bit over that ridge.

Second, shot for mackenzie hughes at 12., and what harmon looking like, dropping a shot, kenzie used, not just see himself in front by two, you always feel like louie’s game is suited for an open did drop just the one shot at the previous hulk Music. Oh, this is wonderful and he’s being tested in major championships, runner up to kaeper at aaron hills, shane larry in trouble again, i’m afraid awkward spot ball well below his feet. Out of the rough as he managed to muscle this one forward. Oh, he has how about that now: there’s your shot of the day, danny van tonder, who got his first european tour win in kenya. Earlier this season, you little beauty. Oh there you go he’s in the middle now that’s, just fantastic spieth takes the lead. Five on the part, well, i wasn’t sure salvatore wouldn’t hit any more shots. We reacted to his last one but that’s a beauty. Oh that’s perfection, almost Applause, i sounded bald and tough. Stuart sink finds another one, pretty easy, this Applause, so this is what’s left for birdie to go to six. Music Applause well done great round. Louise thousand for his power. Sorry, he was in the bunker. A great round of 65. already won twice out there hasn’t he yeah yes from 175 at six and beautifully controlled using the slope to get closer for sure, birdie coming up for fleetwood and that will get him back to even far Applause that’s, better way, better birdie, Pat orthodox pattern go on go on yes, beautiful, second to 18, nearly missed that bunker right behind him, as we look at him into a right to left wind, pretty much in the middle of the green wow.

What a shot is that a oh it’s going right at the hole coming in a couple of bowls almost on this screen, that is tracking, that is, poured in two birdies in the last four holes now for fleetwood, he’s back in the red, pure strength, getting the Club through there to be able to control the distance and mcilroy, does it brilliantly Applause trying to send this one down the middle through the bunkers, and that is as straight as they come? Was that frustration or just his game plan on this hole, can’t even get over the burn in front of him about 50 yards in front he’s, just gon na have to chip it down the fairway still reach. Oh look at that. I mean it’s just nothing when you go in that left rough it’s on a good line, Applause that is absolutely awesome, what a recovery shot. Well, we go out to the final game of the day, the teed of 16 minutes past four, and this is ryutarou nagano. On the 12th gosh, like you were fluent there, thomas, oh look out in the back edge, oh boy! This is a tough one for felipe paul sitting down just a little bit. Oh, i played that very well. That is absolutely superb. He really has been excellent. Today. Tommy fleetwood, what around the goal the best play on the golf course this afternoon, 67. very makable putt and the first punk. It means a lot great finish: louis stays in there proving that he can get things done at a place other than san andreas, where he won in 2010.

He was runner up in 2015.

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