Open Championship, Louis Oosthuizen, Collin Morikawa, Jordan Spieth Round 2 Full Highlights | The 149th Open

This could be tasty could be a two Applause, tony he’s gon na chip, it in for a three Applause, it’s, the only spot where you get a view uh through the dunes there to the green, oh and then you do that add some lofts. You got to go down and come back up. Oh, i know he’s in serious trouble after four shots, she’s still not on the green it’s, no fun is it that’s link’s goal now jane what an unknown i’m just going with jazz. Yes, well done to join the lead. He does there’s company stays in now. Applause coming in on the wind, we might have a new leader in a matter of minutes, al’s from mexico, plus seven that’s, what we’re used to seeing next to his name. Oh, look at that there’s a bit of sarcasm in that one wasn’t it that was 78. I thought he said, beautifully Applause and that’s uh back to back birdies at eight and nine back to back birdies now at 11 and 12. and maura cowa is uh. Six underpass seven under is the record 63. to be in the red stay in the red guaranteed to make the cut Applause. How about this from fleetwood? Yeah, hey, buster, three with him frank from actually the top of the hill half semi blind! Nothing blind about that! Second, eagle of the day at the far five seventh and justin thomas gets back to level five for the championship.

Applause now we’re on 59 watch. How about that there’s a bit of movement in that pad as well as you could see, read it well and look at this card from colin maracao, Music Applause Applause, though Applause? Oh almost Music! Well, if it didn’t go in ferrari back at 12., it didn’t go and for grillo 18 what’s a shot and within three of the lead in the time. For second, what a story is it gon na get there? It is yeah we’ve, seen that fist pump from seem in the years past, it’s back one under today, a nice three under 677 yesterday. Does he like it? They should so is it another stone dead, birdie see he’ll, take this on Applause, Music Applause. This would be a good time. Yes, yes, yes, portrait, nine lofting one in oh, yes, oh yes, how’s this up, how’s this for a puck! Finally, grace you need something going, and this is for eagle on seven come on come on come on there, you go shane for a break from the right for the defending champion, and he did when you start sliding down the hill you’re supposed to hold up your Glass and not spill anything, so he needs to work on the slide. He’S, just birded six and seven make that the hat trick at the 14th playing towards the out of bounds, a dangerous shot, and that is just brilliantly played from a four time major champion.

The eyes will be bright, you’ll fancy, this Applause, Applause and he’s, judged it perfectly dustin johnson, and he moves to four under part Applause, another chance for jordan’s pizza, birdie and another one right in the center perfect speed, perfect line. This is for three straight birdies. To finish off, and that is mightily impressive from the four times major champion it’s, a completely different angle for louis – probably an easy angle, but it’s only 80 yards difficult to create all the spin in the world wow to do with a good one here, couldn’t he Get close to landed it perfectly on the down slope: wow that’ll! Do it for you right there a huge grandstand circles, the right back and left, and they erupt and cheer now from cut line to one under farm. Does he like it? Yes, he does potentially the first man to get into double digits under par, great speed and great line. This is to go to 12 under power. Good line, good line, 12 underpowered fantastic, shot; Applause, three in a row for the world number one so he’s at seven. Underpass be nice to get a birdie or eagle out of this for the home stretch and Applause 64. Yesterday 65, today, just the one bogey in 36 holes.

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