Open Championship, Louis Oosthuizen, Collin Morikawa, Jordan Spieth Round 3 Full Highlights | The 149th Open

What a shock seriously aaron rye, very little green to work with kidding me justin harding, i like to lift kenny. Can he? Yes, he can get. It kick right, somehow, that’s, absolutely amazing! Six holes off beautiful, short par three by today’s standard 164 yards today and a really subtly difficult whole location. Amy has a history of playing well on tough courses in big tournaments and wow. How about a little eagle two at the tent sit sit hit short nine feet, so never anywhere else. Third birdie today for jordan’s speed Applause. This just takes strength and creativity, a little athleticism there as well falling down into the bunker. Oh that’s, out of bounds over there, that is a wide and that he’ll be doing good to make five from that position to get to ten under just broke off on the low side at the very end, like spieth tap in birdie four for telly two. In a row for the south african born in johannesburg on the up float here, that’s always a bit tricky with the fairway wood Music looks like he’s got a good one here, oh yeah excellent. What the cold shot is take something off of this shot. You’Re right! Someone likes it and another chance for corey connors three in a row. Applause, conservative off the tee couldn’t see the putting surface from where he was but he’s going to like it when he gets up there beautiful shot so controlled, i’ve got to test this left side and just try and hold the face go.

That is a fantastic shot. I think wish putt. Is he gon na get it there? He did get it there with plenty of speed, colin morikawa, smooth wedge Music again, Music doesn’t seem to fear very much these days. It’S frightening. Absolutely frightening! Don’T! You dare oh, no higher, flooded ball with the hybrid club. Oh landed, a perfectly taken. The slope in brilliant shot from morocco got a carrot: a good 85 yards or wizard down the left; Applause, Music Applause, it’s kind of a bit hot that’s. Okay, there tony yeah it’s a good play. Wow he’s done well nasty thick tears. This is a slow one. The one we know breaks pretty hard right to left. Finally, john rom, three birdies starting at 12.. This is for birdie he’s. Six under i feel like this goes in right in there with a chance Applause, awful eight. On the 14th. There you go now getting going, get the crowds going creeping in there. Third birdie today for morocco, what a great recovery as well sublime, really is just an exhibition of iron shots. At times with this, guy and colin morocco climbs alongside jordan’s speed and low use, taste Applause, what a wonderful place to be late evening, open championship playing the last and how about this? One from marcel? Yes, sir andy solomon playing with marcel c, i saw myself, seem headed right up next to the hole straight into the song, how these two play: how to entertain the crowd from the last Applause in birdie territory, one of the better shots we’ve seen all day at 15.

he’s found the fairway at 18.. It hasn’t been a great day for the big american nearly finishes in style Applause, all out attack here for scotty shefflick straight over that bunker Applause is for birdie over the green, the easiest of birdies on the last that moves into eight on the part, Applause taste That i’m afraid is a bogey bogey finish for jordan, speed par also for colin maurico and a 68 for the american debutants will go into the final round of the 149th open one behind that man, south africa’s louis usthasen. It promises to be another fascinating day.

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