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Helping to raise the level of sound by more than a few decibels. Shirt sleeve order very much. The dress code, one glance and you know where we are – it – is one of the most recognizable arenas for the beautiful game in the world and boy. Does it add to the occasion? Well, as you can see, we’ve already started here. Referees just said play on lobs. It in gently jones lotero there’s the delivery pretty cagey early on from both sides, lotero gorgeous control there, so who’s, he picking out that’s great strength on the ball, chooses to go back, he’s gone for it place it over to the other flank. So a third of the match or thereabouts gone, and we still await the first goal place it out to the wing tries to stroke it through cleared away out to the left. It goes well red. He sorted that out and he’s there to hoof it away, hoist it forward forward. It goes good challenge. He just stood firm questions were asked, but he’s, given the answers deftly done, tries to get it forward quickly over to the left, plays it long and he’s away. Montero, this could oh real danger here, a reprieve, albeit perhaps momentary that’s, a pop good. Stop that wasn’t easy well. What can i say? Truly wonderful. Goalkeeping gets wrestled off the ball and it’s paid forward. I’Ll, try as they might they just couldn’t get into an attacking area. Can’T get the better of his opposite number and the first half is done so another team has broken through, but certainly not for the want of trying.

It’S been an interesting game up to now, but still goalless. How would you review the first half well, they look lost for ideas and and lacking in talent, which all contributes to a chronic case of impotence, an intriguing half lacking only in goals. The score nil, nil and the game has already resumed here. So deadlock still, as the second half begins well, i’m. Not quite sure he needed to hold up play quite as much as he did. Then a couple of his teammates were very annoyed jones lotero jones that’s, a promising run he’s making on the right tries to get some whip on it yeah. It looks like uh a change of approach and it may just freshen things up well positioned to make that interception goes long. That’S gone for a throw in paul’s gon na play. He’S looked long. This time and it’s got through hold hitch one. He scores well from right in front of goal. There was no way he was going to miss yeah. I really can’t say enough as to how good the final ball was. It took the defense out of the equation for that split moment, and the damage was all done so now we’re going to get those changes, we have been expecting deadlock, broken it’s, one nil. The perfect display and the old saying comes to mind when the going gets. Tough etc has he found his man forward? It goes jones. Well, the defense got the better of him this time, but i’m sure he’ll go again, it’s being played forward uh well played.

He saw that coming freddie, montero plays it out to the wing. Ah, no question that’s a foul, well it’s, good stuff. This is better well jim there’s, not too much subtlety or sophistication about this. It really is a question that’s a foul free kick’s been given. He knew what was coming: that’s, a yellow card, Music, Music. Hardly anything between the sides and it’s one nil, yeah it’s been intercepted, and that will come to nothing. He’S left his man shoots, oh, and that should have been two yeah. You knew only too well that to conceive, then, would have been tough to recover from that. Could prove a big moment in this game gets good distance on it, there’s a real appetite from them to finally put this game to bed, but will they back into the middle montero? Look with time running out? They have to get the ball in the penalty box and if it means a long punt, then so be it. They’Ve got to give themselves a chance. Cooks through there swept in. I think it’s time for them to concentrate on closing this one out jones just brushed off the ball there, two minutes to be added on. It is just a question of running down the clock. Now it really is now or never. They need a goal. However, it comes, and time is up, terrific contest it really might have tipped either way. The margins were tiny, just a goal in it, but that was enough yeah.

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