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Look at that yorker beautifully bold Music. The old saying, when you slash slash hard one this time much better in front of square on the off side, finishes the over with the boundaries 46 for one he’s got the outside edge, but he’s also seeing that that’s why the hands are up on the head. No ball again and that’s smash for four doesn’t time. This one edged and taken by sangakkara goes back for nine india 62 for two chipped in the air and should be taken simple catch. So, while she’s keeping runs he’s taking wickets and the dangerous savage. This time has to depart goes back for 47. India loses a third at 71. nice timing from dhoni, just easing it through the offside for his first boundary. Let’S drive him square and that’s got in four rounds at last. Has uh found the meat of the bat and that’ll take a lot of the pressure off of raj, in fact, between third man and uh that deep cover position more than two runs there, two men square has been beaten the map bit of work for the man To do in the deep, but the ball will easily beat him put away in style. Applause that’s well struck goes again full toss partnership as well he’s got it he’s done it here with that catch himself, so the bowling change has done the trick. So sarah striking straight away, indian captain gone for 37 174. Well struck no half measures that’s good shot.

This will pierce the offside field, Applause that’s, the carriage sangakkara, i think so simon toefl has given him out. Suresh ryan has to go Applause, still wondering what’s happening plenty of drama out in the center. This is an important moment in this match definite edge as it carried at least. There is an element of doubt if we caught it cleanly Applause fielder getting underneath it it’s gon na, be touch and go. He takes it in the end. I think who has to take the long walk back for 74. India 198 for 5. let’s clear the man at point, we’ll get a boundary this time he makes contact and good enough for her boundary. He’S going down the ground madoff is inside the ring that’s. What happens when you give a little bit of room even fractionally, outside the off stamp and rhino good enough? To put it away? Applause goes again. This is even better got the opportunity to freeze arms and time this beautifully up in the air. Did it bounce before the rope or headed on the phone Applause and again sneaking in under the bat and rattling the middle stump good reward for a good delivery in a similar fashion? He picked up tushar that’s in the softest vessel yeah. He just went a little bit too early to the right side and the baller watching it just a bold, a foot of length that’s in the air. This could be another wicket, no it’s put down Applause golden this time, that’s what happens when he bolts down to stop hold straight? If you miss i’m gon na hit and that’s exactly what it happened straight missing it and on to the stumps wicket number five for wala gadara zaikan goes back for two india 268 for eight, so another one goes down so that’s it after 50 overs india, 279.

For nine and jadeja in the air, but in the gap taranga gets all the mark with that four Applause that’s way off target, maybe five more it’s going through the fielder will be four more Applause. That’S up in the air should be taken top edge. Gon na be making no mistakes lovely shot, that is a beautiful shot Music, not such a bad sound, not such a bad child. I think the angle would have probably taken it down the leg side that’s it officially, but just over the head of the infield, not the most confident looking shot, but it has resulted and straight back to him, he’s got the wicket. That is what india needed. Just a check shot and straight back in the hands of harvard, and so sri lanka have lost their second wicket for 77.. Music that’s chipped on the onside and into the gap picked a spot beautifully there, sangakkara taking on the and he’s placed it quite beautifully to pick up a boundary, superb shot. What an end to the over expensive one 16 runs of it 163 for two also brings up the 50 for telan. Sam ravira takes the aerial route and that goes through harbhajan Music out he’s hit it up in the air that was tossed up back in the pavilion for 60 sri lanka, 199 for three that’s up in the air srishan coming underneath it takes it run out opportunity Nara should get back in time.

Yes, he does hits it really hard. We’Ll stay hit and get to the boundary. Eleven runs of the over Applause. Once a single directed no doesn’t happen. He’S, given up halfway down the pitch and it’s gone, it’s disappeared, it’s out of here maximum 20 over and that’s a hundred for summer beer. What a well played innings, what a very well compiled innings. This has been his second one day: international 100 Applause Music. Another boundary to run out those are the winning runs climbing from the back of pereira. We simply took the game away from india.

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