Tadej Pogačar, 2020 Tour de France, Wout van Aert, Mark Cavendish : Week 2 Highlights

a pretty flat day of 190 kilometers, with just one minor climb on paper, one for the sprinters with mark cavendish targeting his third win of the Race, they’re, 500 meters, from the finish line, they drop bounty off on the wheel of jasper phillipson, but here goes. The sprint now is cavendish going to get number 33 segan is coming up on the wheel. Guani is there. They swing right, hander cavendish. In a perfect position, 290 meters to go more cow is ready to try and launch the max missile for win. Number 33 in his career. Luani is right on the wheel. Now the sprint opens up here goes cavendish aiming for win number 33, while van ars is coming alongside him. Cavendish 33 wins in the tour de france. Max’S record is on old school run in the middle, like you read in a cycling magazine, lead out textbook lead out and we knew if we took that last corner wide. You can keep the speed and uh actually it’s split in the wind, but we didn’t try. It split it, we weren’t really that bothered about it. We were. We were confident that we had the team for the sprint. I didn’t really do anything. I did 150 meters, it was a. It was the team. I have them to thank for everything: Music, Music, yeah, it’s, uh it’s likely. I don’t think many people are gon na want to control over 220 kilometers, but for a bunch, especially before the mountains – um Music – not like i’m here.

Would the record chasing mark cavendish, put the current quickstep on the front and ride for a bunch sprint, or would it be another one for the breakaway? That was the question another hot day in the south of france, but crucially not as windy as yesterday the gap down to under two minutes before a moment of drama in the bunch. Oh a huge crash: oh that’s, a terrible crash. The peloton there was going at very high speeds there. A lot of riders have crashed, some have gone into the ditch. The speed was 75 kilometers an hour at the time. An incredible crash tapping quite close to the back of the bunch, a lot of rides there going down the ditch that’s a terrible crash it’ll be very hard to come back from this. Here comes the team up to corning quickstep, but nasa guani has sneaked himself in cavendish trying to find his way out of the box and there’s an attack at the front and it’s ballerini ballerini goes clear for decoynic. Quickstep cavendish is about to get ready, but ballerini has a little bit of a gap on the rest of the riders who’s. Going to take this one more cal is getting set to lead out mark cavendish. Is this going to be the record of max phillips and goes on the left hand, side mark cavendish the max missile matches? Mercs 34 wins in a tour de france, Music, it’s horrible i couldn’t stand mike, was trying to get me up um.

I was dead, but it’s just sweet that you know he finished second there, and that was a hard day. It was hot yeah, it’s, quite fitting that it can make number 34 on it. You know a sprint like that with the team rides like that, and we have to work for you know, puts pressure on you yeah. I don’t, like you know. We made history Music. The second week was again a great weekend. We had the stay tuned of cafe. We had also a very good performance of uh matia. We came into the top ten uh. He lost it yesterday, but okay, he is he’s really performing well. Uh, of course, fortunately, we also had the craze of tim, which was actually quite a bad one. We recovered well. He had a bad day, the day after, but he’s still in the race.

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