Vancouver Whitecaps FC, LA Galaxy, MLS, Cristian Dájome HIGHLIGHTS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC vs. LA Galaxy | July 17, 2021

Is there going down low to kevin cabral now? Can you believe it? The galaxy have struck first, and it is the new cover ryan revoluszone, who gets them on the board. One nil galaxy and gives the galaxy this early lead not tight enough from tybert on that one. The switch of play brown is too slow to close, and it gives vasquez who can just stand still the time to pick out ravi lasso and just like that. The galaxy had the lead that the white cavs so cherish and can’t seem to find hassa no chance on the header from in close, and that is goals in two straight games for revolution. These openings on the right side, deputy pinches up arajo feeds that in for grand seer gets through him and a chance for zuback zubac testing. Her saw but whistles wide of the far post. The angle got worse and worse, here’s gadoy attracted to the ball not getting there. It goes between his legs from grand sear and then it lands on the foot of zubac rossir collects, has some room darts into the middle? Now we’ll swing it to cabral on the left side marked by brown, slid to grass here spans and a tap in for zuback, but is the flag up the white caps appealing for it? Well, as it stands, the linesman’s kept the flag down and it might have been brown himself on the opposite side of having the ball on the right side, from grand sear, getting it over on the opposite side for cabral, and now they will have a look.

The referee, but this is all going to come down to what angle does he have? He is clearly offside. The top of the goal area is pretty indicative of where everybody is and the fact that the var has called the referee over to have a look. He believes the same thing, but the next point is whether he’s behind the ball that’s, not a very long stint at the screen and no goal and a big result for vancouver Applause. His feet from godoy to kaiseto gutierrez swings that into the middle dahomey is there and has one on goal, but just wide to the near side, post and Music Applause and the pass seemingly blind right onto the feet of grasseer in flight. Just outside the box. Working on gadoi grand sierra still in a dangerous position here for the galaxy he’ll try the goal. Hassall able to collect sends grunts here in alone, picks gadoy. Right then, on to his left and off the crossbar, i think vancouver again very slow to close down, not particularly on that one to me, it’s it’s about the players on the field being accountable for the way they’re playing, and they need to show more desire here And and more more intelligence as well, when they’re on the ball, no call in the play and brown will push forward, has dahomey with him on the right, finds him swung into the middle. Looking for white instead it’s to brown brown from an angle, puts it on net and now casino diver kaiseto levels, the match.

It won in the 48th minute and there’s life in the white castle of the finishing ability of diver caico in recent games, but doesn’t. He take that one well right back into the danger area. Here’S the ball in from brown, with lots of space and it’s got enough sting on it. That bond can only push it as far as kaiseto and then the technique from kaiseto outstanding lots of time, but he waits for it to drop onto the right foot measures it up and swings through confidently excellent goal from the white caps at a critical time when They needed it most. A nice pocket pick from question because up for quesado white going into the box, tycedo pulls back tug of the shirt and a yellow card comes up. The first booking of the day here from isp vazquez, all over them, timer to baldissimo decimo challenged, and it will be his second effort that earns him a yellow, that’s, a tough touch there from baldesimo, something he’s generally so good with he’s got lots of room there. If he wants, it sends that ahead for white white in the corner, hoping white caps arrive in the box. He’Ll wait for them redirects to brown into the box. Dehomey. Does he have room in the middle white? Gets a foot on it it’s still loose in the box now brown challenge is still alive for the white cast speak held as well to get around his man now he’ll give a go but it’s easily handled by bond kaiseto speed to the left side for white White to dahomey can’t get the shot away, still hesitating white.

Now back to dahomey. Christian de homay puts the white caps on top 2 1. Just brilliant well done from dahomey to hold it up, wait for the opportunity and then white delivers it back and have a deserved lead held up there by white, and you thought the chance might be gone here is the homeland for sure would look to shoot. But he doesn’t does the right thing to give and go back from white and when he receives the ball back, all the black jerseys drawn to white leaves him wide, open jonathan bond guesses and goes down and leaves a gaping cage for the homemade to just square. It past him to make it 2 1 white counts great replays they’re, showing the three galaxy players all going towards brian white. I mean i. I really thought that they were at risk of passing that into a blip what they do off the ball, what they do with the ball. They’Ve both been integral in another turnover guy, stated a white white around his man from the box and nearly able to pick the corner corner. It looked as white able to put it through the legs. I think there yeah of williams, and then he just loses the ability to get power behind it.

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