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Please comment like and subscribe to the channel. All right. We just made it in to nationals park. We’Ve officially seen another park we’re in another park, we’re headed to the team store to get what babe our pin and hat every stadium all right. Here we go really cool here, artwork, the back of the scoreboard world champion 2019.. They beat the dodgers. This is cool place. What’D you get, babe show us what we got wait. Let me focus in whoa, so we got a washington and dodgers. If we can focus here there we go washington and dodgers. Pin what other pin did we get whoa and a national spin? There we go and then what hat did i get Music? We got the original watson nationals hat. I won’t wear today because they’re playing the dodgers that’s how it is mark thanks, mark alrighty, so we also have the nationals piece of metal Music, 2019 piece of metal. This is cool, this is a cool place Music. We just got our first game certificate and they give you a deck of cards. You excited to open these cards. Yeah i’m super excited i’m, like a kid in a candy store. I just so excited Music, Music and what you’ll see that’s on all the walls, and this is across most major league parks in baseball, but you’ll see all the important people who’ve come to the stadium here’s pope benedict xvi, we got john joel we’ve got a few Other things bruce springsteen just really cool that they pay homage to the people who have been around, but in the same breath we were going to get beer here and no pun intended, but we kept getting gnats in our beer.

We would pour the beer, they would hand them to us. We have two or three nats in our beer, so we thought that was iconic, but also maybe they don’t keep their beer lines clean. So here, you’re gon na see the dc sports hall of fame plaques, but i’ve noticed this across almost every stadium. Is they have these plaques up with names on them, and then they have this desk that is legitimately in the way of some of the names kind of disrespectful? Yes, wall of supporters. Look at all these balls! All these supporters that’s pretty cool nationals, washington, baseball club, griffith stadium. I remember seeing these pictures in books back in the day little walter johnson, one legged pitcher whoa presidential fans, women playing baseball. We got ta talk about that one. The new york female giants, presidential race. I can’t wait to watch that later today and you know it’s good when they sell mango cart in another stadium, just like philadelphia, oh so exciting. So i’ve never seen this at a baseball stadium. It’S almost like a just a like when you have a baby in a crate and a manger, and they have like a thing above them that spins around with all these really cool baseball things. What do they call that dude, the mobile mobile okay? So these are our seats. We didn’t realize this, but we are literally in the very last row way, not a bad place to watch a game.

We view pretty much everything except for that corner that right field corner. We will not be able to see they better. Not i say i say we do and just hit triples you’re right. You got christian yellich and that was it so yeah joey, botto christian yelits, you driver, said the cubs printed early and then ryan yarbrough. All right. You wan na do mine. I just opened mine, Music, Music, orlando arcia he’s, not playing with the brewers right now, and a miami marlins card and that’s it wow. What a letdown Music and what we noticed here was behind the stadium there’s a river that uh has all these really cool shops and restaurants and places to hang out a lot of really good food. It was just a really cool atmosphere outside the stadium, all right so now, we’re walking in the center field plaza in the second level. They have a stakes back here. You can see that pretty cool we’re now starting to get filled up because we came in a bit early, it’s, really cool Music, as you can see cool stuff here and they have the budweiser bar. I feel like they have a lot of budweiser stuff here. They must have uh had a pretty good deal looking at the world series trophy up here. This is what we were seeing earlier in the area now it’s cool. They have like this really cool little wood area, saying nationals i’ll go through the whole thing, but it’s cool, because it’s in center field, it’s kind of on the second level, second, deck it’s kind of cool, and then here we go right here.

Right onto the field see the whole thing from here right in center field. What do you think babe yeah it’s, all right, it’s, all right, just okay! I need a good place to watch the game yeah. I know the bars that we could go to the bar, but this is a pretty cool area, that’s cool. What do we got over here? Oh the? Oh. We got the budweiser bar let’s go check it out. Oh yeah, we have a president here there we go. We got a president here, what’s up dodger fans. There we go there, we go. We got a president there’s one. Oh we got ta see teddy, we got ta, go see teddy there’s abe. Look at teddy here. Look at abe. Look at him, go that’s great! Oh! We got ta go see, george there’s george. Did you want to get on one of them? Babe go let’s, get a picture with one of them. No, no! Okay! All right! I finally found the just the world series champion. Logo there all right so here we finally have actual uh district, the showings of their championships and the world champions uh. On the other hand, you’re good guys, you’re good, all right so we’re, taking the elevator down and we’ve sold across the fact that they’ve got a soccer match being played over here dc united is playing all right. How cool is that kind of like philadelphia where they have the stadiums in one place? What are we doing? Babe we’re, getting into places we’re not supposed to be broadcasting booth, let’s, go meet the broadcasters and we got one babe mango card.

The l.a delicacy from thorne cheers: oh yeah, Music, all right here we go. We had the field rained on we’re, getting the torque, the turf, the tarp on the turf tarp on the field. Rather, and at this point we went into a one hour and 44 minute rain delay. We used the mobile ordering service to order shake shack and we spent 55 dollars on food and drinks. They did not fulfill our order. So if you go to the national stadium do not order the mobile option just stand in line and wait it’s far so it’s far better all right, so we just finished. Let me get this right. Just finished the game: dot just win five to three what’d. You think of national park mediocre. It was an okay corner, it wasn’t too bad, but they did have mango curd. We like that. So one of the reasons it was kind of mediocre for us was at the end of the game. We had a really bad taste in our mouth because we ordered a whole bunch of food and drinks from shake shack and we used the mobile option and it was during the rain delay. It was an hour and 45 minutes and long story short. The rain delay was in the top of the fifth inning by the time the game ended. We had no idea what, where our food was, we we had to put our name down and get our order set up and uh, so they would refund us and it has been over a week and they have yet to refund us so nationals and shake shack.

We are not very happy with you long story short, but without the the the dark and gloomy of the gnats in the beer and then not having a meal order fulfilled, we did have a good time around. The stadium was a really great. There was a lot of restaurants and shops and things to go do and a lot of people were out. There was uh just a good experience, so that was really fun for us. But again we had a bad taste in our mouth because of the food and beer. But as you can see here, we had an employee, take our photos and he did a phenomenal job uh with us at the end of the game and and we had a good time with them. So the fans are great, the stadium was fun and just don’t order.

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