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He’S been stellar just a model of consistency, 124 strikeouts and 27 walks. 108 innings that’s dominant just underway first inning turner strikes out swinging. That is a great split here’s. The one two pitch swing and a miss. He struck him out with a splitter. He threw a great splitter to strike out josh bell, but he has a sinker cutter. Curveball changeup mix majority sinkers to righties, then he’ll, throw that sinker and cutter to left handed hitters that one is lined to right field and it’s going to get down for a hit wade will hustle his way to third base. Soto will keep yastremski at first first and third. Nobody out for the giants. Nats will take a double play, shot and concede a run if they get a grounder at somebody. Instead, it’s a pop up betty was there under it and then escobar clears everybody out. So one away in the bottom of the first inning and a ball ripped and there’s another way to turn a double play as ustremski can’t get back and the inning is over. Just like that. A line drive double play, gets betty out of the inning that ball ripped shortstop, crawford safe is the call wade, did everything he could to stay on the bag and a tremendous effort by brandon crawford to at least make it close. 0 2 got him swinging foul tip right into the middle of casalli strikeout number three for gaussman one two offering swinging to miss.

He struck it out with a high fastball. He’S got the really good fastball going today that was 97 miles an hour here’s a guy who could hit one into the cove brandon crawford instead will just line the first pitch into right center field for a lead off hit, as he used to say in old Rock and roll radio, when i was a kid and the hits just keep on coming, yeah that’s, a strikeout entire baseball and then some in the box and for eric fetty strikeout number. One duggar hits one hard on one hop and it kicks right over escobar into shallow right field. Crawford, never hesitated and he’ll go around to third that’s a hit for steven duggar. Now here is casalli for the second inning in a row. The giants have runners at first and third, they had first and third, nobody out in the first inning casalli to deep center field. Victor robles, going back all the way back, kurt casale man, what a hot streak his fourth home run of the year 420 to center field, to make it three nothing giants, strike call strike three call lamont wade took and he walked his first time, but eric fetty Pinpointed that one that’s neat somebody to be a hammer, the eighth place, hitter and bunts third base side. Wilmer tough play bear hand throws to first got him nicely done, so you want to be a big league. Third baseman huh, all right.

Well, the deal is you have to be able to make this play. Wilmer has worked so hard to get better over there and it’s paid off 0 2 pitch swinging to miss. He struck him out on a slider that time fifth strikeout for kevin gausman. Three and two pitch anthony’s strike three called a 96 mile, an hour fastball six strikeouts in three innings, three, nothing giants bases loaded, two down guardsmen five hits 29 at bats. For the year got, ta walk his first time. The one two swing and a miss got him on a change up down and outside. So fetty does work out of trouble in the third ready to go against turner struck out swinging back in the first inning strikes. Recall seventh strikeout for guardsmen, so the nationals have a chance here and here’s starlin castro who extended his hitting streak with the infield hit in the second inning and then was picked off here’s the pitch castro ground ball to short to his right. Crawford has it to second one solano to first got him double play nicely turned by the giants: middle infield, crawford to solano to wade. Gausman gets the ground ball couple of hits no runs gausman pitches through it middle of the fourth josh harrison for the nationals. Inning number five here’s his pitch harrison strikes out swinging. That splitter was up, but it worked. Eight strikeouts for gaussman now, one or two and another strikeout number nine in four and two third innings for guardsmen cannot throw a split any better than that it’s impossible swinging.

A broken bat roller toward third coming into field, flores he’s got it throws to first in time to get robless for out number three. Another strong inning for grossman kevin gausman against the 9 1 2 spots. Here, here’s a swing, a fly ball left center field dickerson over alex dickerson will reach up and make the catch. So escobar is retired. Two down three. Nothing giants two out spaces empty for turner: 2, 2 turner, bounces it to the left side over to his left grabbing it flores spins around throws to first he got him what a play wilmer flores throws out one of the fastest players in the big leagues. On a tough play, he gets trey turner sally to second with one out and brings up lamont wade, junior here’s, the one two swinging it’s poked in the air third base side battling the sun. Is castro he’ll make the catch in fair territory on the dirt? For the second out, the one two, a little looper into shallow left could fall, harrison comes in reaches down and makes a shoestring catch caught that one basically in the heel of the glove kevin gausman, has been stellar through six solid innings, and so the nationals have Drawn back to back walks on a pitch up basement left field, juan soto, held at third by bob henley bases, are loaded with nobody out. Gabe kepler’s coming out. Dominic leone is going to inherit a tight spot here, and the fans with a standing ovation for kevin gausman sets kicks, throws swinging a ground ball up.

The middle could be two crawford to second for one solano to first low wade cannot dig it out. He drops the ball on the scoop attempt in the dirt, so harrison is safe, a run will score and it’s. Now three to one fires swing at the best. He struck it out with a slider in the dirt blocked by a casale who then gets up and tags out robles. Closer jake, mcgee 18 saves in 20 chances looking for save number 19.. The 1 1 harrison the liner right to solano for round number three and that’s how the giants head into the all star break with a win and a three game sweep of the washington nationals. 3. 1.

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