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He likes san fran pitching doesn’t. He well the right hander coming out of lsu fastball to have a homecoming as he’s going to the all star game. Best defensive team in the league ball mike go to the crew chief marvin. Hudson we’ll see if the disappearing again, who in new york and the opponent’s batting average third grade at bat again by juan soto, who keeps taking his walk six for 19, with a homer and six batted in okay, yeah yeah. That splitter is wild and sodared. A second and no chance for kosali to block that one and keep it in front of and the splitter for the strikeout justin still lead the major leagues and homers with 131. The giants so lamont waite junior righties, then he’ll. Throw that sinker and cutter to left handed friday night is on deck and fetty misses that’s turner escobar the constance up the middle, as well as the corner. Mrs dremski drew the lead off walk on friday, so no ways to go so when i’m a little surprised. This trumps, he didn’t make it to second well with runners in scoring position against righties fetty likes. This belly made the tag and immediately looked up to see under at somebody instead it’s there under it, and then escobar clears it and a ball ripped and there’s. Another way to turn it by the way it’s draft day in major league baseball dan koko personnel in the front office, while the ball game’s being ripped shortstop crawford let’s see if wade’s able to keep that cleat on the bag.

It was about 50 years ago, that’s nasty since the one at washington, but he’s pitched well in both of those basketball up. This guy has some kind of arsenal. This was the first strikeout via the fastball 97 ball in the mix. They got him that time. Turning off the field like they got him for now, we’re in a he just keeps on hitting it’s crazy. What he’s doing todd when a guy who doesn’t steal bases gets picked off yeah that’s, a strikeout entire baseball. Next up the escobar crawford that’s a base hit. All the way, good call by the scorer a lot higher with runners on scoring position all the way back, he’s done it again, Applause. What is up with that and a walk to the pitcher to be a great player strike, call strike three call little tweener escobar on the run. Ball had a chance here and he’s, just not seeing that ball away from eric fetty, who does ted williams, all star game got hurt, still was a hero in this series, haven’t hit a home run, trying for the punt base, hit Applause, victor, just a half step Too slow and kevin is one for one, with a walk first timer on the order, the national 34 pitch second inning, i home camera, and then it would just follow the ball wherever it went, which, in the efforts of home, brought to you by pnc bank helping To make this series they’ve already won and they’re looking for the sweet bar first time up catchable that line, drive and soto was playing strike.

Three call a beauty at the bottom of the zone. Yeah barrera framed it up a bit, but it caught the bottom of the zoo. Well that happened so quick osman wasn’t even ready for this. Thus the guard on the right arm. There got him to swing it, one out there eric fetty to cal schwarber and then yesterday, while pitching cal mcgowan john gomes, the entire starting catching course sideline 2019 and then trey can’t react to the fastball. Well, juan worked the walk to lead off or back in the soto rips, one off the glove of weight of the series he’s on for the fourth time had a good beat on it, but it just squirted outside and he went away and a bouncer crawford had To kind of wait back for there was kind of no reason for, but then with two outs he was picked off first and castro gets a pitch up, it’s a double play ball and that yeah, that’s, what’s fun runs and some excitement that ball carrying every new Pitcher that game’s going to take four hours to check the jersey to obliterate the letter g and not a base hit for yostremski this time. There’S a kid back in 0809 in the mets and victor robles is waiting for it. Night thing for max was so unusual. I got a credit dave and there’s just pereira swinging into a strikeout number, four, nine for goss grip from gossman. Look at that tumbling rotation on that robles gets jammed and that’s flores.

You never want to see this happen to a talented young guy ronald’s, a technology called strike. Two singles in the home run to curt casalli. All right tell me: do it he’s gone down? The third base beat today and here’s donovan solano, great, breaking ball down and away strikeout side, part of the plate just breaking down in a way to get him to swing in a minute. Row. Blaze and harrison looks like yadiel hernandez and then escobar with turner. On a pitch up, duggar yep, dickerson, Music, cut off bloomer flourish, Applause strike him out and he’ll lead off here. Bottom of the sixth austin vote, very good against right. Handers he’s got that big and just missing away with the cutter walking a strikeout today for got a good pitch to punt and there could be more today. 350 thought could be the case, but then you get to see him it’s a good battle here and both with the left side. As i guess, this team was okay, some of his teammates jammed him harrison and we do have three bettors who’ve all hit safely. Today. Every one way back in the second that’s insane, juan soto on for the third time friday after the break brought to you by sandy – and i know max – will be rearing forward. So number 96 is outside the national chance to get right back in this ball game. Right here, two on field, juan soto held along gabe kepler, goes with his starter.

Only 17 innings this year, 2 0 count to a very good fastball, hitter, harrison, slow roller and then and beld to third, with one out not two to a first baseman here and he should be charged with. That means. Jackson, reitz will be coming into a second big league game, trying to keep it all right, but it’s going to be an rbi for harrison i’m, not seeing an error down and away for the strikeout and through an inning on thursday night in san diego gave up Crawford now that is out of a hitter’s hands. You could even hear well that’s what you call seeing not a happy hit a walk. Two strikeouts two for soda nets got to see him on friday, night field for dickerson, seven years ago, gap and slater. Just now. The nats need somebody on base at the top of the order and that one off the side of the mound and two usually means heater and that one had a little brick away at the end. Keep that away from the fuel tanks, solano duggar and casalli against california. In the last couple of weeks, there’s a running fastball, that’ll, lock up solano and he goes up and away for his second straight game. Both be right back on the bench when buster comes back, then they should be walnut. Creek, california and that’ll sit down on all american it’s. Only blown two saves bret hand by the way knight so on soto with that base on balls Music.

Oh, my that’s paint wackless hitless relief, the middle playing up that way, solano for nearest drake, so try to locate it. Applause off the paddock that’s have life and a castro two for five, a homer harrison and this one losing streak.

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